Catit Design Pet Drinking Fountain Review

The Catit Design fountain continuously circulates water exposing it to more oxygen.

It gives your pet a continuous supply of fresh, clean and cool aerated drinking water thereby keeping them happier and healthier.

The multi-surface drinking area gives your pet the option of drinking from the bowl or from the dome.

The water gently cascades out of the dome which makes it a great-looking water feature in your home and provides a curious attraction to inquisitive animals luring them to drink water.

The increased water intake will greatly reduce the chances of your pet succumbing to any urinary diseases and increase their kidney function.

The fountain holds 100 ounces (i.e.

3 liters) of water so that you don’t have to refill drinking bowls daily.

It runs on electricity but at a very low voltage, which is safe and cost-effective.

The design of the CatIt Fountain makes it suitable for more than one pet to use at a time.

It comes with a free detachable food bowl.

The replacement filters and a matching place mat have to be purchased separately.

The entire unit is made of plastic which is great for preventing cat chin acne.
The power cord is covered by plastic material to prevent contact with water and also prevents your pet from chewing at the cord.

This is a nice safety feature which not all pet water fountains have.

The bubble design of the unit is attractive and fun and will not look out of place in your home.

Catit Design Pet Drinking Fountain Features

  • Encourages your pet to drink more water ensuring that it stays healthy and well-hydrated
  • Multiple-pet water fountain
  • Provides constant flow of fresh cool and clean aerated water to your pet(s)
  • Replaceable filter catches dust, hair, debris and other foreign contaminants while improving taste and smell of tap water
  • Power cord has protective plastic covering making it safer
  • Comes with a detachable AC adaptor and dome handle
  • Comes with a free feeding bowl
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 16 x 8 inches

How it works

The CatIt Fountain is easy to set up.

Simply insert the filter into the base water bowl where the motor is housed and fill the dome with water.

Do this by inverting the dome, filling with water and then turning it the right way up and placing it on top of the water bowl.

A plug on the underside of the dome contains the water.

Switch on the fountain and watch as the water flows freely over the entire dome.

If the water flows unevenly make sure that the surface underneath is even.

An uneven surface will affect the water flow as well as increase the noise of the fountain.


  • Easy to setup
  • Cats will love it
  • Great for pets with urinary problems
  • Has a low center of gravity making it hard to knock over
  • Open reservoir design means power cuts won’t affect your pet’s water access
  • Well-made durable exterior components
  • Attractive and fun bubble design


  • Sometimes the water doesn’t trickle out smoothly and evenly and the dome has to be massaged which gets tiring.
  • Interior components are not so durable, namely the motor.
  • Can be time-consuming and hard to clean.
  • Can become noisy, particularly if placed on an uneven surface without a mat
  • When the food bowl is attached to the fountain is sits too close to the fountain meaning that either dry food gets wet or the food ends up in the fountain which clogs the pump.
  • If it runs dry it will stop working.
  • A replacement pump could cost more than the fountain itself.
  • Takes up more space than other types of pet drinking fountains


catit reviewMy Tips

  • Make sure the fountain is on a level surface to ensure that the water comes out of the dome quietly and smoothly.
  • Do not put it in a hot sunny room as algae builds up inside the dome.
  • There are reports of uneven water flow and the water not flowing smoothly over the dome. One customer suggests that when you first start using the fountain and after refilling you should try to “massage” the dome which will help water flow smoothly.

My Final Thoughts

The CatIt Fresh and Clear Drinking Fountain for Cats and Puppies is a great way to provide your pet(s) with a continuous source of fresh, pure great-tasting water.

The fun bubble design is fun, cute and playful.

The free bowl is an added bonus but I would recommend detaching it from the unit and distancing it from the water to prevent wetting dry food and also to prevent food from falling into the fountain, which will block the filter and dirty the water.

The build-up of limescale, the placement of the fountain on an uneven surface and a build-up of saliva due to the constant licking of the dome are all things that can affect the way water cascades out of the dome.

Therefore, you will want to clean this fountain regularly, not only for cleanliness and health concerns, but also for the aesthetic appeal of the unit.

All electric pet fountains require regular cleaning and this one’s no different.

If you don’t mind the occasional massage to get the water flow going then this is definitely one to consider.

I would recommend the CatIt Fountain for:

  • playful pets who like to splash their water and chew power cords;
  • pet owners who want a fun and interesting-looking water fountain;
  • multiple-cat households;
  • cats, puppies and small dogs;
  • people who don’t want to refill water bowls daily.

I would not recommend the CatIt Fountain for:

  • people who live in hard water areas;
  • pets on a dry food diet as the proximity of the free bowl (when attached) is too close to the water;
  • impatient people who won’t be willing to “massage'” the unit when static affects the water flow or very busy pet owners who won’t have the time to stop and do this.


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