Choosing between Litter Robot, CatGenie, ScoopFree – What is the Best Litter Box?

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If you are on this page then you are probably tossing up your options between these 3 very famous automatic litter boxes. – We also have a Limited Time special offer on the Litter Robot Open Air at the end of the page.

I wrote this article to help you along with many other cat owners around the world to help them make the decision easy.

There are many great litter boxes on the market ranging from different price ranges and features. I have picked 3 AWESOME litters boxes that I think offer the most value for money can buy, and that don’t break down. 😉

The units listed in this round up are the following with the links to the full reviews

  1. Litter Robot II – Read More
  2. Litter Robot 3  – Read More
  3. Catgenie – Read More
  4. Scoopfree Ultra – Read More

So If you want to make an informed decision I suggest that you focus on the elements that are important for you and your cat and your living conditions. The comparison that we will provide below will give you solid ground to make a decision based on the practicality and money worth.

  1. I have reviewed all 3 units listed on this page help you understand these products better with my experience along with the experience of other users so you can get a clear unbiased view as to what best suits you.
  2. We will review the Top 3 automatic litter boxes based on a few factors and concerns that you’re likely to encounter when looking to buy for the best self-cleaning litter box for your kitties.
  3. I will be taking notes on the basic information, supplies, cleaning cycles, maintenance and even troubleshooting concerns asked by many cat owners from around the internet and who have emailed me.

What Should You Keep In Mind When Shopping for Your Next Electric Litter Box?

It is important that you should know what you are looking for, there are a number of options that these brands give you. If you want to pick the best, you should focus on at least 4 critical elements:

  1. Do you own just one cat, or do you own a number of cats? — Are you looking for a litter box for multiple cats?
  2. What is the personality profile and age of your cats? — Are they shy/timid or are they social and outgoing?
  3. What is the health profile of your cats? — Have they had a history of medical issues?
  4. How much are you willing to spend for your cats? — It all comes down to the budget which is directly correlated to the convenience of these cat litter boxes.


1. Do you own just one cat, or the household maintains a number of cats?

This is a critical issue since the work that comes with maintaining the litter box can be inconvenient, annoying or even stressful, even though you only have one cat. Now, just imagine the kind of work that you need to complete if you have multiple cats in the household. This is a critical concern especially if you are always out of your home, or you are always traveling for days for business and etc. If you are always out, you need to focus on the following requirements when picking a litter box that is suitable for your home:

  • The litter box should have a high waste storage capacity
  • Cat fecal matter is should be 100% automated
  • Looking for a cheap unit that will not hurt your budget


catgenie 120 dome attachment
Cat Genie 120

Litter Robot 3 Vs CatGenie Vs ScoopFree

If your household maintains a number of cats as pets, expect the following results when using the listed products:

LITTER ROBOT 3 Open Air. If you have more than 2 felines in the household, then you need to replace the waste bag regularly. If you have 3 pets in your house, you will need to replace the bag at least 3 times a week, instead of 5 to 10 days. But if you will be concerned with just one cat, then you can replace the bag after 10 days.

CATGENIE 120. For multiple cats in the household, you need to schedule a 10-minute delay when scheduling the clean-up cycle. At least by setting a 10-minute delay, you can be sure that the machine will clean the unit faster, instead of allowing the waste to remain for a longer period of time. Based on the experiences shared by some owners, the units may get clogged after months’ of use due to their hair and other particles.
But all these can be avoided depending on the rate of clean-up. If you want to avoid clogs, you need to clean the unit many times in a week.

SCOOPFREE ULTRA. for managing multiple cats, you need to spend more on litter trays. According to some owners of this unit, on average, they replaced the tray 7 to 10 days, for one cat. Again, this will depend on amount of waste that can be produced by the cats.


litter robot 3
Litter Robot 3

What is the personality profile and age of your cats?

It is also important that your kitties know how to adapt to the unit, and this will ultimately depend on the age and personality of the cats. For example, kittens and younger adults can easily adjust to the unit, but senior cats will find it much difficult to use the automatic litter box. Here are some of the things to expect when you use these units:

LITTER ROBOT OPEN AIR. Cats will find the previous version of this product problematic, especially those with claustrophobia issues. But the good news is that the Litter Robot has been improved, and offers the cats with a wide entrance.

CATGENIE 120. There’s a big chance that shy pets will not like the unit’s cleaning cycle.

SCOOPFREE ULTRA. There are some cats that will have no problems with the crystals.


What is the health profile of your cats?

You can pick the CatGenie 120 if you notice that your cats have urinary tract problems. But if your pets suffer from digestive problems, you will discover that your options are not enough. You may need to take a look at other units available in the market.

But if your cats has healthy solid stools and is generally healthy throughout the year, then you will not encounter issues with these automatic cat litter boxes.


Scoopfree Litter box review
Scoopfree Ultra

How much are you willing to spend for your cats?

The amount that you are willing to pay for the unit matters as well.

LITTER ROBOT OPEN AIR. This is a pricey unit (but we are offering a $150 OFF + 25 OFF savings to our readers), but at least you no longer have to worry about subsequent supplies that other litter boxes have.

CATGENIE 120. This requires a mid-range investment, and you may need to purchase a few supplies to make this work.

SCOOPFREE. This unit is a by far the cheapest option among the others talked about in this article, but you will need to purchase pre-filled branded replaceable trays, and replace these regularly to make the unit run smoothly.
If you are looking for a reliable product that will take care of all your litter issues then you will see that there are many choices online that will ‘solve’ the problem, however based on the last few years in reviewing these products I would recommend focusing your attention on these 3 litter boxes.


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Litter Robot 2
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2 thoughts on “Choosing between Litter Robot, CatGenie, ScoopFree – What is the Best Litter Box?”

  1. For the ScoopFree litter boxes, you can purchase a permanent tray off of Amazon right now, from $39 to around $50 (depending on maker), which then allows you to choose the brand of crystal litter you want to use. I use a generic that is HALF the price of what they want you to use. And even more considering I don’t have to purchase the disposable trays. Saving you tremendously. Doing so considerable changes the affordability situation. As someone that used a Litter-Robot for about 4 years, this is MUCH easier on me. It’s easier to clean, easier to deal with if you have any physical issues. So keep that in mind to, when you’re trying to clean the giant bowling ball. lol

  2. Cleaning my Litter robot was a big mistake. After I did that my 2nd cat stopped peeing in it and instead has opted to peeing all over everything else. It’s really infuriating after spending 500$ on the thing. She used it fine for about a year and then just STOPPED. Now here I am considering getting a scoop free just for her to pee in. (she still poops in the robot just fine but refuses to pee in it.

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