Choosing The Right Litter Box For Your Cat

Felines by nature are known to be very fussy animals and us as cat owners must make the right decision to cater to our beloved pets so they are happy, and we are happy living in a clean environment where accidents don’t occur. Many readers email me every week asking me what would be the most suitable automatic litter system solution for their pet, I would first advise to all people to pay close attention to their furry friend when they go to the toilet.

Unfortunately I cannot meet every cat to study your pet’s behavioral activities and Identify their needs, however, felines have a great way of signifying how they feel and will give you a good indication of their behavior if you pay close attention.

Litter Box FAQ

  • Does your pet like their privacy? Solution: Look into a litter pan with a hooded design and attachment capabilities.
  • Is your kitty a clean freak and will choose not to go to the cat box if they think its too dirty? Solution: Look into a litter tray solution which has a good cleaning performance rating such as the CatGenie, Litter Robot 3, Petsafe Simply Clean
  • Is he/she prone to kicking a litter of the box? Solution: High walled designed sandbox or attachments i.e LitterMaid, Catgenie and etc
  • Is he/she afraid of mechanical noise from appliances i.e washing machines? Solution: finding a suitable litter box with the least about of mechanical sound as possible, i.e Catgenie and Petsafe Simply Clean
  • History of illnesses or diabetes Solutionif they have been sick, cats tend to go to their tray much more frequently, and if they would show regular signs of soft feces, most litter containers cannot handle soft feces unlike the Open Air system
  • Do you have multiple cats? SolutionIt’s always a great idea to keep at least 2 waste boxes in the house, many people still keep one manual litter box for good measure, however, most self-cleaning cat trays have the ability to cater to multiple cats.
  • Pet owners looking for the convenience of a non-scooping, unmanned
    solution. SolutionCat owners who are too busy or trying to distance themselves from being in direct contact with cat waste should look into the following litter pans solutions – Read the CatGenie, Scoopfree, and Litter Robot 3 Open Air shootout (Read more)


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