Controlling the Litter Box’s Stinky Odor – Best Tips to Follow

There’s nothing more embarrassing than smelling your cat inside your house when you know your friends are coming over.

With this problem you can always opt to use air freshener, however, the bad smell still stinks up the house even after the effect of air freshener vanishes.

To help manage this, we recommend that you try the following our suggestions.

Clean and clear the litter box regularly

Allowing the old urine and cat waste to remain in the litter box can complicate your problem.

Eradicate this problem by scooping the problematic litter on a regular basis.

Your litter box should also be replaced at least twice a week unless you have an automatic litter system.

However, even if you scoop the litter box there is probably a bad odor that won’t leave.

Even a little bit of waste can worsen your problem.

You can prevent this from happening by dumping out the litter, cleaning it using warm water and soap, and drying it up.

When cleaning the litter box, remember not to use cleaners containing ammonia since it would only make the smell worse.

Choose the best brand

Once you’ve decided to change your litter box brand, there are factors that need to be considered.

When considering your options, it’s best if you compare the previous brand used over your present brand of the litter box.

Think about the preference of your cats and if it really helps you in controlling odor.

If you prefer to have maximum ventilation for your pet cats and their litter box, try using open litter pans.

An open aired litter box allows better visibility of waste, giving you hassle-free scooping.

There are also litter boxes which are designed to be automated or self-cleaning.

On this type of litter box, emptying the box is automatically done.

Instead of using air freshener to cover up the unwanted smell in your house, opt for litter deodorizer or simply use baking soda when cleaning the litter.

However, litter boxes which are heavily-scented will not always be the choice of some cats.

After changing the box, you can donate used litter boxes to animal rescue groups which will benefit, especially those cats rescued from the streets.

Ventilation is critical

Keeping litter boxes in a well-ventilated location in your home can be advantageous to you and your cat as it helps in odor control.

Most cat owners are mistaken in placing their cat’s litter box in a hidden or dark space with no air flow.

This will only guide your cat to go to some other parts of your house.

You might not like it if you see your cat lying on your bed.

Let your cats move around comfortably in their environment, and let there be sufficient room and space and lighting for them.

when they go to the toilet.

Proper cleaning, changing of brands, trying out deodorizers and repositioning the litter box for proper ventilation are just some of the ways to control odor.

It may be the toughest responsibility of cat owners to ensure that their house is not dominated by the stinky smell of cat waste.

However, if properly done, you will surely enjoy bonding with and take care of your cats without the unpleasant smell.

On a lighter note, you might get a good laugh out of this.

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