Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 Feeder Review

In a highly competitive market for cat and animal feeders, designers and manufacturers are always faced with the challenge of providing the market with highly responsive and helpful products.

The Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 is considered a flexible and intelligent unit since it allows pet owners to supply their cats with both kibbles and food at the same time.

This unit can work for both the cats and dogs, and features a 4.4 lbs capacity.

If you are out of your home for a few days, this unit will allow you to record a personal message so the pets can remain motivated.

This unit is user-friendly, and you don’t need advanced tools and equipment just to set up the feeder, or even the unit’s water dispensing system.

Use this Crown Majestic feeder to feed both your cats and dogs and program up to 4 meals in a day.

You can also choose the intervals of the meals, from 4 hours to a maximum interval of 12 hours.

When it comes to the number of dry kibbles, you can customize the amount of food by 1/4 cup increments, which means that the minimum amount of kibbles that can be put in the unit is 1/4 cup.

The unit is more accurate if you use rounded kibbles with 1/4-inch in diameter.

Prescription diets, especially the ones that are flat disc-shaped are not recommended when using this V3 Majestic feeder.

If you want to reduce the 1/4 cup or increase it a bit, then it’s suggested that you adjust the portions manually, and this can be done by lifting the slider of the unit.

You can do a trial and error approach when it comes to measuring the right portions for your cats or dogs.

Note on the product: You will also find the VR2, a regular feeder, which can dispense in an increment of 1/8 cup at a time.

This new version is only available for a limited time.

Crown-Majestic reviewFeatures of the Crown Majestic:

  • Made using a high-quality and non-poisonous material
  • Schedule up to 4 meals every time
  • Designed with an easy-to-use LCD screen that will display the number of cups and time
  • Offers a protective guard that will prevent your adventurous pets from stealing a few kibbles ahead of the mealtime
  • This unit can be programmed in different intervals to suit your needs and the diet of your cats
  • LCD screen will also show a low battery level on the LCD screen
  • Unit will stay in position, thanks to an anti-tipping mechanism
  • Replaceable dispenser and impeller which can be purchased separately
  • Food portions can be customized, from a small 1/4 cup to 2 cups
  • Spill-proof water dispenser
  • Water bottle is detachable so you can easily clean this part

Crown Majestic automatic feeder reviewSuggestions and Tips on How to Use:

  • This unit is not fool-proof when it comes to measuring food portions, so we suggest that you try the unit multiple times, and set the right food portions through trial and error. The Majestic feeder comes with a one-button test that can help you manually measure the food portions. Also, you can unlock the unit’s cup size adjuster so you can customize their food portions.
  • You may need to pay attention to the shapes of the kibbles to be used with this unit. You can expect smooth sailing if you will only use round or spherical kibbles, but some problems can be encountered if you will use triangular or other odd-shaped kibbles.
  • The water bottle that comes with the unit is removable, and this should be cleaned on a regular basis so it will not develop molds. Make sure you follow the installation steps so that the water bottle will operate efficiently.
  • If you want to remove the previously recorded message for your pet and you want to mute the voice function, you can simply press ‘REC’, and wait until the LCD screen will show the feature, and press the same button for the second time.
  • This unit will work best using batteries. You can also find an AC adapter, and can be used together with the batteries.
  • Do not use the transparent glove lid when you want to keep your pets at bay. Your pets can easily check out the contents of the unit, and they will become creative in snatching some kibbles. And if your pets are truly persistent, you can always call the manufacturer to request a protective cover for the unit.


  • The unit comes with a great-looking design, and easy to set-up
  • This unit allows you to manually adjust the meal portions
  • Allows you to record personal messages for your pets, and these messages can be deleted or even muted
  • The unit comes with an AC adapter, but should also work with batteries
  • This should be helpful if you have two cats in the household
  • Comes with a protective guard which will prevent your cats from accessing this unit
  • Features a button that allows you to monitor the food portions, or if you have decided that your pets deserve another meal on top of the cheduled ones
  • Features a water bottle station that’s connected to the unit
  • Users can expect helpful customer support in case the unit requires repair, or defective
  • The unit can accommodate up to 4.4 lbs of dry cat and dog food


  • The unit comes with pre-programmed intervals, thus you will only choose the interval between meals. The minimum waiting time is 6 hours, and the maximum waiting time for the next meal is 24 hours
  • Programming will be erased when you turn off the unit
  • You will notice noises when the unit is at work
  • Don’t expect flexible food portions; you will only work with pre-programmed portions
  • A water bottle is made from low-quality material and often does not fit correctly
  • The food bowl is permanently attached to the unit, thus you cannot remove this for clean up and maintenance
  • The unit will not work with all types and brands of cat and dog food. You cannot count on this food dispenser if you expect to feed your cats or dogs with triangular or star-shaped kibbles. And if you push the unit to accommodate and process these irregularly-shaped food items, then there’s a big chance that the feeder will malfunction

A small demo On how this food and water dispenser works

Summary of the Diamond v3 Feeder

This latest version of the Crown Majestic features a number of improvements that can help make the life of pet owners comfortable and more convenient.

For example, this latest version now comes with an AC adapter, which can work with the supplied batteries.

Also, there’s a voice recording feature, and the unit allows you to remove or deactivate the recorded messages.

To understand the full potential of this feeder, it’s best to understand the operations of the dispensing system and how it facilitates the feeding schedules.

  • Keep in mind that the food that can be dispensed by the unit will eventually depend on the kibble sizes. You can manually adjust the portions by moving the sliding plastic component that can be found in front of the unit.
  • The operations of the unit will be affected if irregular-shaped kibbles are used.
  • You can customize the rotation of the hopper, and the number of times it will dispense food. In every rotation, the unit will dispense one-quarter of a cup of dry kibbles, and this works as the minimum food portion that it can offer at a time.
  • There are intervals that you can choose from, and you cannot decide at what specific times your cat or dogs will eat.

My Final Words

The Crown Majestic dispenser is a cost-effective addition to your home and can work like a charm if you are planning to feed your cats with rounded or spherical kibbles.

We also suggest this unit if:

1.Your pet requires half a cup or 1 cup of dry kibbles daily.

The unit will allow you to feed your cat with this food portion at different intervals.

You can give the cat one complete meal every 12 hours, or offer 1/2 cup at a time.

2.Your pet requires feeding thrice a day.

Use the Crown Majestic to program three meals in a day, each meal comes at an 8-hour interval.

3.Your pet requires four feeding times daily- If this is a requirement of the diet, then you can program the feeding time every 6 hours.

Note: According to experts and many pet owners, the normal food requirement of an active adult cat is pegged at 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food, and often this will depend on the quality of kibbles.

If the brand is packed with protein, your cat may need less.

Of course, the Crown Majestic has some limitations too.

This unit is not a good buy if:

  • Your pets and their dietary requirements will not fit in the schedule listed above.
  • You are looking for a more customized approach to feeding cats
  • You are looking to feed your cats with irregularly-shaped kibbles.
  • You want to feed your pets much earlier than the usual 6-hour intervals.

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