Automatic Cat Feeder CSF-3 Super Feeder

CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder With Digital Timer Full Review

So you are looking for an automatic feeder to help you worry-free about your pet?

the CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder earns its name by allowing up to 8 feeding times which is powered by a digital timer that boast great accuracy minus the fluff you see with other feeders with 3-minute intervals perfect if you have more than one pet needing to eat at the same time.

Although this feeder is Super in easy to use and offers a lot of feeding times backed up with its 1.5 gallon hopper for plenty of volume for dry food, but it only accepts round spherical shaped kibbles and will jam if the kibble size is not right.

2 cats can eat from the same machine with the expense of a few accessories and the times when your unit is set the feeder to feed.

This, of course, can be hard to work with if you have greedy cats who eat your other pets food.

If your cats an outside cat then the super feeder is what you are looking for, according to the manufacturer’s page that boasts that the unit is outdoor durable and can withstand outdoor elements along with pests and rodents like bugs, ants and racoons.

Although I have never seen this unit outside its worth a test to see if this would be able to work outside.


  • Solid construction Polycarbonate
  • Prevents thieving cats and other animals from accessing the chute
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be operated using a web-based system
  • 1.5 gallon food hopper
  • 8 eating cycles in a day
  • Helps prevent weight gain in pets by portion feeding (depends on kibble size)
  • Backup battery if the lights going out

Setting up:

Setting up the unit is pretty simple and all the instructions tell you how to do it however you are going to need a Phillips head screwdriver to assemble the unit and it doesn’t come with the box.

The digital timer makes it super easy for planning out your cat’s meal feeding times along with the portions for the morning, noon and night dinner times and even late-night snacks and in addition, you can schedule up to 8 feeding cycles and you can assign a minimal 3-minute interval or more.

If you need to override the system by manually feeding your cat then you can push the manual button and food will fall into the tray like normal.

If the power goes out you won’t lose your feeding schedule, everything will be back up on the system and the system will run on a backup battery system.


  • 2 cats can use it at the same time
  • 8 feeding times
  • Can be used to customize the cat’s feeding schedules
  • Back up memory
  • Small-sized Kibbles and
  • Can be wall-mounted using appropriate accessories
  • Made from tough materials, and tested to last for years
  • Can be set for slow and small portions
  • Compact construction, and allows the unit to be placed on the wall. If you need to place the unit on the wall, make sure to follow the user guidelines. A piece of lumber may be used to position the unit on the wall.



  • Does not feature a back-up power supply, which can be a problem in case someone unplugs the unit accidentally
  • No easy to assemble
  • Expensive unit

Check out the cat feeder infomercial —
WARNING it might make you laugh 🙂 but don’t let you deter you from the overall quality of this feeder


The CSF-3 is a good unit and does come with plenty of value for users who are away from home a lot who need an automated solution to help them manage their cats feeding ways.

It’s not all set and forget as there are issues with jams if the kibbles are not the right size as well as there is not a great support network for this particular unit and might be a cause for concern.

I cannot comment on its outdoor abilities however I have heard people have had success with it but in some instances, raccoons have damaged by knocking the unit over if it’s not on completely flat ground.

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