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The Cuddle Clones Review – The Best Custom Stuffed Pet

Are you looking for a service that can take any picture of your pet and turn it into a custom stuffed replica of your pet?

Then this Cuddle Clones review is for you which includes a Special One-Time Coupon Deal — More on that below.

Cuddle Clones is an American company whose mission is to create one of a kind replicas of your pet in the form of plush toys, figurines, ornaments, and more.

Whether you want to honor the memory of a late pet, giving a special gift to someone, or just have another version of your pet around and is a perfect gift for any kind of animal lover.
Cuddle Clones toy company is the place where they specialize in stuffed animals that look like your pet.

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cuddle clones promo codeFounder Jennifer Graham started Cuddle Clones in 2009 when her beloved Great Dane Rufus became sick.

She had been toying with the idea of creating a stuffed animal version of Rufus before but hadn’t committed to the idea and business until a while later.

Graham created a completely custom plush version of Rufus and realized how much realer and better it was than having a generic stuffed Great Dane plush toy.

Graham created a completely custom plush version of Rufus and realized how much realer and better it was than having a generic stuffed Great Dane plush toy.

Cuddle Clones’ goal is to capture and bring out the emotional connection between people and their pets by creating almost identical versions pet owners can own and cherish forever.

In addition to their amazing products and services, This unique toy company is dedicated to helping the animal community by donating a portion of the profit from each Cuddle Clone sold to pet-related causes in hope that all pets will be able to receive the love they deserve.

custom stuffed pets dog and catsHow to Order Your Own Cuddle Clones Pet?

Ordering your own Cuddle Clone is easy: just upload some info and photos of your pet or someone else’s pet, choose your options for customizing and submit!
They have even expanded to not only create replicas of your dogs or cats, but also of your horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more!
Cuddle Clones are perfect for pet owners who want a one-of-a-kind, nearly identical replica of their pet.
Some people want a Cuddle Clone for a number of reasons; you may want to have one created for your son or daughter so they don’t feel sad when they’re away at college or on a trip, for example…

  • They make a great gift for anyone who has ever owned and dearly loved a pet, as well as for yourself if you yourself have owned one. Cuddle Clones are also for people who, while getting a 100% custom, carefully made product, want to help other animals as a portion of the sale gets donated to animal and pet-related charities.
  • If your furry friend has passed away then you can get a replica version of your pet as a memorial piece to preserve the fond memories you shared together with your pet.

The Cost to Own a Cuddle Clone

While the prices of each product may seem expensive to some, Cuddle Clones boasts price point that is 30-60% less than their competitors who produce the same or a similar product; it is also important to remember that you’re purchasing a custom made-from-scratch replica which has been crafted to your specification.
Anything that has been customized to you is NEVER cheap however These Highly detailed custom recreations are worth it, based on our own experience and the experiences we have shared with other customers it’s worth every penny.

But there are cheaper options available…

Cuddle Clones’ prices vary depending on the product type, and they offer quite a few options to fit your desires.
There are a number of plush products and services available ranging between $160 to $400, including the original Cuddle Clones themselves ($179 to $249), golf club head covers ($199), drawing-to-plush (where they turn your illustration of your pet into a 3D plush toy, $399), slippers ($199), and plush toy repair ($349).

Aside from their iconic custom plush pets which they create from the pictures you send in, Cuddle Clones also offers figurines ($99), ornaments ($99), necklaces ($89), and earrings ($89) as less expensive, yet still 100% custom made alternatives.
Additionally, Cuddle Clones offers memorials to honor your pet’s memory forever.

These come in the forms of granite slabs that are customizable with text and images ($79), brass urns available in 4 sizes and 3 colors (between $79 to $109), and finally, wood memorials that are also customizable with images and text ($79 to $89).


stuffed animal of your pet

Cuddle Clones are famous for custom stuffed animals, but If you’re not quite looking for to get a replica of your pet created at the moment, but still want to keep within the customizable trend, collars ($20 to $30), t-shirts ($25 to $35), and hoodies ($30 to $40) for your pet are also available; you can choose the colour of each item, as well as personalize it.
Lastly, if you don’t quite know what to get, gift cards are a great choice to give someone.

They hold anywhere between $25 to $300.
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A heartwarming Review of the Cuddle Clones service

I, along with other customers who purchased our very own custom made stuffed pet absolutely love Cuddle Clones and the service they provided and the customers testimonials speak for themselves.


My Final Thoughts

These make a great gift to yourself or someone else dear to you because they are much more personal than a generic plush toy of a random animal; Cuddle Clones pays incredible attention to detail and is always sure to include as many little markings and nuances as possible because that gives the plush toy personality and life, as if it were the real thing! Many also agree that the customer service provided by Cuddle Clones was top notch and made the production process smooth and problem-free.

Customers across the board get a heartwarming feeling when they receive their Cuddle Clone because, like their mission states, it captures the pet’s essence in the way that they look and the details (such as markings, coloration, and the particular way the ear folds, for example) that are considered and added.

Many people are genuinely surprised and overjoyed at how identical the replica, and some have even shared stories of how their pet became either curious or startled upon seeing their plush counterpart because they recognized that it looked exactly like them!

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Getting a replica of your pet made, especially one that is so identical gives you a tangible memory of the time you spent with them, and many customers’ reviews state the overwhelming emotion they felt when they opened their package because they had a flood of memories of their pet.

For owners whose pets have passed away, receiving a Cuddle Clone helps to comfort them, as well as deal with the loss.

Having a replica gives you something physical to hold which helps comfort many people during times of sadness and stress.

Cuddle Clones help fill empty spaces in a pet owner’s heart, especially if they are not ready or they’re not planning to get another pet yet.

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