Deductibles with Pet Insurance Policies

Just like in any other insurance policy, deductibles play a significant role in pet insurances. A deductible is an amount one has to shell out for expenses before the insurance company starts paying anything. Deductibles help insurance companies avoid paying out numerous claims considered to be low cost. It also helps in cutting down paperwork and saving time in processing small claims.

You can look at deductibles as a way to save money on pet insurances: you can go for higher deductibles with lower premiums or the other way around. Having the choice to select from these options is ideal for owners who think their pets won’t have any serious issues in the near future but still want to have them covered just in case.

Deductibles exist primarily in 2 forms: annual deductibles and incident.

Annual Deductibles

This type is based on the amount accumulated during a set time period. During a new insurance year, all claims are summed up to see if you’ve exceeded the agreed deductible. Your insurance provider won’t shell out anything unless your bills surpassed the set amount.

For example, say your annual deductible is $500. You won’t be receiving any aid from your insurer unless you get your bills to $500.01, where they’ll be paying the 1′ access. So if your cat gets injured and the vet charges you $750, your insurer will pay the remaining $250 in excess of your annual deductible. If your deductible is only $100, your insurer will pay the remaining $650 for the same treatment above.

This type of deductible is ideal for circumstances where you don’t want to pay a lot for medical expenses. But if you think your pet will get into trouble that will make you pay one-time big time for operations, you might want to look into the next item we’ll discuss which is the incident deductible.

Incident Deductibles

This is specific to individual incidents and is paid each time for every new condition your pet might get into.

Let’s say your pet insurance has an incident deductible amounting to $200. When your kitty cat is treated for ‘Incident 1’ which costs $500 in medical expenses and ‘Incident 2’ for $1,000, the insurance company will pay only $1,100. This is due to the fact that you’ll be paying the deductible of $200 for each incident, and that’s a total of $400. Breaking it down, they’ll be paying $300 for ‘Incident 1’ and $800 for ‘Incident 2’ after you’ve paid the deductibles.


It’s always a good idea to think about which insurance policy is best suited for your pets‘ needs and your budget. If you think your pet’s situation needs frequent medical attention, you might opt for a higher premium with lower deductibles. Otherwise, if you feel you won’t be facing any serious medical trouble with your pet, a lower premium with higher deductibles might be a better option.

These options are made to fit your situation. Pick the best that will greatly benefit your pets’ welfare and protect them from unexpected emergencies.

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