Discover Why Your Pet Cats Pee on Your Bed – Learn 4 Ways to Prevent it

From the very first time your cats may exhibit inappropriate urination habits outside the litter box, and there’s a great need to address this problem as quickly as possible.

Resolving this if you don’t want your cats to urinate in your bed, or in other parts of your house, like on the floor and the carpet.

If you want to stay on top of things, follow these easy steps to get rid of your cat’s bad urination habits outside his litter box.

Consult the specialist

If your cat persistently urinates everywhere outside the litter box, then you can immediately consult a veterinarian to address this problem.

Through a comprehensive check-up, you will know what’s happening to your pet as the vet conducts urinalysis and physical examination of your cat.

Inappropriate or excessive urination of cat may be due to health issues such as kidney failure and urinary tract infections.

If your cat has this medical condition, he may feel a certain urge to pee excessively, and irregularly.

Clean up the mess

Once your cat has urinated outside his litter box, make sure that the areas where he peed are thoroughly cleaned.

If the area is clean, he will not be able to smell it and urinate again on that same spot.

You should also do this so your house will be free of unwanted smell of urine.

One litter box for each cat

If your cat really has a bad urinating habits, then you might consider placing another litter box at home.

As a cat owner, you must know that the ratio of the litter box to cat should be one is to one.

If two or more cats share a single litter box, they are most likely to have clashes whenever they want to pee or occupy the litter box.

For instance, if your house has a second or third floor, your cat wouldn’t want to run downstairs just to use the box.

To avoid problems, provide an additional litter box on each floor to attend to their needs.

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Use appropriate litter and litter box

When you think your cat will appreciate or like scented litters, think again.

Litters that are heavily perfumed may be a reason for your cat to urinate outside the litter box.

It’s better to use a loose and un-perfumed clay litter.

And also, your cat wouldn’t want to pee in a litter box that is too dirty.

Just like humans, cats also want their place and litter box clean.

So, you should be consistent in changing the litter and cleaning the litter box.

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Locate the litter box properly

The location of litter box can sometimes be a reason why cats prefer to urinate somewhere else which would need cat urine removal products to remove.

which would need cat urine removal products to remove..

Do not place your litter box somewhere inconspicuous because your cat might not be able to find it.

If he still pees on the same spot, move the litter box on that spot.

If this strategy still doesn’t work, you might consider buying another litter box for your pets.

Also, inappropriate urination occurs among cats, especially when they are having conflicts with other cats or if they were introduced to a new cat.

Even cats have a social life too.

Knowing these reasons and the recommended easy steps is a sure way to address problems with unwanted hygienic behavior of your cats.

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