double litter box furniture ideas

Double Litter Box Ideas For A Better Looking Litter Box

If you are cat lover or a cat parent, you definitely understand what it takes to clean Cat mess every day.

This is an unavoidable activity of raising cats and it’s very essential to the cats’ health and the wellbeing of all the inhabitants.

If the cat doesn’t have the best spaces to relieve herself, this will definitely compromise and affect its health greatly.

This is the main reason why it’s very important to invest in a high-quality Cat Litter.

They are actually very essential in maintaining a clean and fresh home.

With that information, you will definitely get in the market to search for the best cat Litter and Cat Litter boxes.

However, there’s more to cat Litters and Cat Litter Boxes than just looking at them.

You need enough information to purchase a cost-effective yet actionable litter box.

Otherwise, you will end up with a cat litter that your cat will either ignore or the one that will spread the mess around the house.

In this regard, I’ve compiled the best double litter boxes and a Buying Guide that will help you make a feasible purchasing decision.

Top 10 Double Litter Box Furniture

Unipaws Cat Litter Box Enclosure privacy Cat Washroom Bench

Are you looking for the best furniture to use as home décor and cat litter enclosure?

If yes, then Unipaws Cat Litter Box Enclosure privacy Cat Washroom Bench is the best match.

It has a beautiful nightstand and an end table that hides the cat’s litter box.

It’s made of quality solid wood and metal hinges to accommodate the litter box and blend well as home décor.

Most users love this litter box for its ease of cleaning, sturdy construction and ventilation.

It features an interior panel that prevents the litter from being kicked out by the cat and at the same time tries to control odor as needed.

It prevents the litter from being tracked.

You don’t have to worry too much about cleaning because you only have to remove the litter box and dispose the litter before replacing with unused.

The Double Litter Box is well ventilated with two-door accesses and 3 holes on the back.

This means that there is proper ventilation and will easily control odor and reduce chances of smelling.

It’s always important to choose litter boxes that are well ventilated for the cat’s health.

It is made using iron and wood which offers a sturdy and beautiful construction.

It’s strong, meaning that people can sit on it as a bench.

However, the maximum support weight is 185lbs.

For people with bigger cats, the litter box is assembled with an internal panel and at the same time can use a larger pan.

Moving on, this enclosure works with almost all types of Litter boxes.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer recommends using Oetmate Litter Pan, Arm & Hammer Litter Box and few other models.

The users can install versatile entrances on either end of the bench.

The manufacturer recommends that you take peel and stick laminate for inside cabinets and line the inside of the litter box to reduce the chances of the cat urinating on the wall.

Pros and cons


  • A classic design that covers and hides the litter box
  • A classic design cover to seal off smells and messes
  • Sturdy construction to work as interior décor and cat litter box
  • It can be used as a bench
  • It has interior divider panel that prevents the litter from being kicked out by the cat
  • It has an iron rack handle that is used to hang tiles, gloves, litter scoop and several other cleaning supplies.


  • Relatively expensive

Penn-Plax Cat Walk Furniture

We now have a Contemporary Home Cat Litter Hideaway Cabinet that blends perfectly well you’re your Interior décor.

The Cabinet features one of the best, sleek and modern designs that will seamlessly match the interior home décor regardless of the colors and existing interior designs.

It has a circular opening on one side and allows the cat to jump in and out of the cabinet to the litter box while keeping the front door closed.

The main aim of the manufacturer was to create more privacy for the cat.

The Cabinet has a finely crafted design and a double French door that will open seamlessly and allow easy cleaning.

Another major benefit is that the Cabinet is standard-sized and hence will fit in almost all areas in the house.

Some users choose to either use the cabinet as a litter box or a cat’s favorite lounging area.

At the top, you can keep the magazines or potted plants, lamps and other décor unless the cat likes knocking things.

Additionally, you can add a cat Pillow or Cat bed on top of the cabinet giving the cat a new place to enjoy and have some merry.

The cabinet is available in three different colors.

You can pick the all-white cabinet, the grey wood grain white doors or Espresso white/orange doors.

All of these products are sold separately.

It features a sleek and a modern design that helps in odor control and at the same time offers maximum privacy to the cat.

Just like the other Double Litter Boxes out there, it has two cat shaped holes on both sides.

This allows the cat an opportunity to jump in and out of the Litter Box as she pleases.

The door will be closed at all times.

Now that this product has a finely crafted design, the shutter style will open seamlessly to make it easy to clean.

It works as an enclosure that fits a standard sized litter box or even a small pet bed.

However, the manufacturer doesn’t include any of these.

Besides serving as a cat litter box enclosure, it can as well work as the cat’s favorite lounging area.

You can keep your magazines, lamps and other décor at the flat top of the enclosure.

In most instances, you can consider putting a pillow on top or a cat bed to give your friend a comfortable space to rest.

Lastly, this litter box has extra storage.

It comes with a top drawer and an inner shelf where you can store cat toys and other supplies.

When it’s assembled, it will measure 37.7”X20”X18.15”.

Pros and cons


  • It’s hidden in plain sight
  • It’s convenient and comfortable
  • Has extra storage
  • It’s a standard sized cat enclosure
  • You can place a cat bed or a pillow inside
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to clean


  • It cannot be used as a bench
  • Its relatively expensive

Bundle & Bliss Secret Litter Box

Have you been looking for a litter box that can perfectly blend as a flower holder?

If yes, then the Bundle & Bliss is a good match for you.

It blends perfectly with your interior design.

You can as well choose from the available colors depending on your preferences and home decor.

Its main selling point is the patented and unique design which makes it look as a planter box for the home.

You can actually add some greenery to the décor and at the same time camouflage it as a cat litter box.

The next unique feature is the spacious interior which is perfect for large cats and multi-cat families.

It has a wide opening which makes entry and exit very easy.

Another thing, the opening is lower which makes it easy for senior cats and those with arthritis to enter and do their business inside.

I understand how odor from the cat’s poop and urine can affect your comfort.

This cat litter box has one of the best odor reducing mechanisms that you will find out there.

It has an enclosed design which is one of the most effective methods of reducing odor and litter mess.

Furthermore, it has high sides which ensure the litter and dust will stay inside the litter box.

This means that the Bundle & Bliss Cat Litter is perfect for cats that like kicking messes and Litter outside.

It offers perfect comfort and privacy.

If you have lived with cats for some time, you already know that they highly appreciates privacy.

This is actually the reason why many cat litter Box manufacturers chooses to make litter Boxes that offer maximum privacy.

Bundle & Bliss offers maximum privacy with its enclosed design.

This is what helps the cat feel safer and secure while doing her business.

Lastly, the manufacturer gives you 100% Money back guarantee.

This shows that the manufacturer is confident that you will love the design, space and every other property of this cat litter box.

For that reason, the manufacturer considers a 100% money back guarantee.

Pros and cons


  • You get a 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • The litter box has a very spacious Interior
  • The entry is lower to make it easier for obese cats and those with joint pain
  • It offers maximum privacy and comfort
  • Very effective in reducing odor
  • It’s perfect for cats that like kicking messes out of the box
  • It comes with a modern design


  • It cannot be used as a bench

Sweet Barks X-Large Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench

This Cat Litter Storage Bench is one of its kind with magnetized doors that open wider for easy access.

It also comes with a removable partition wall that will create more space for storage.

It’s a perfect storage bench for people that are looking for perfect décor.

You can easily install the versatile entrance on either ends of the bench.

Another selling point is the wainscoting details and natural wood grinds.

Unlike other Storage benches that only fit specified litter boxes, this one perfectly fits any size of a litter box which includes the extra-large automatic boxes.

It also comes with a pre-cut hole at the back of the unit that allows convenient access to the automatic litter boxes.

You don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to cleaning the litter boxes and getting rid of the litter.

Moving on, this storage bench is multi-functional which doubles as a nightstand, an end table, a coffee table and a litter box cover.

The cat can use it for sleeping or a play area because it’s large enough.

This is exactly what makes it a great value for your money.

It’s equally an elegant piece of furniture that serves as stylish home décor.

You can use it as a bedside table in your bedroom or an end table in your dining area.

The manufacturer specifically designs this with the cats in mind.

This is why there’s enough space for the litter boxes.

It also doesn’t limit the size of the litter box and the models you can go for.

This makes it a good cover for multi-cat households and cat parents with obesity or cats with arthritis and other medical conditions.

After purchasing this cat litter, you’ll notice that it’s very easy to assemble.

You will not spend the whole day assembling and researching how to assemble the piece.

It actually comes with a clear manual with all the details about the assembly process.

Pros and cons

  • It’s very easy to assemble
  • Great value for your money
  • Can take in all types of litter boxes
  • Offers maximum comfort and privacy to your cat
  • It’s multifunctional
  • It serves as a Stylish Home décor


  • Its relatively expensive

Archie & Oscar Ginny Litter Box enclosure

This Litter Box enclosure is engineered using plastics and wood composite which makes it simple and easy to hide Nasty Cat Litter regardless of where you put it in the house.

It comes with a flip-down door and a square opening making it very easy for the cats to jump in and out of the litter box.

It also features a sealed bottom for when the cat has an accident so that it will not ruin the floor.

You can easily wipe the enclosure clean.

Another benefit is easy access and eventually a flat tabletop that serves as stylish home décor.

You can put it in the mudroom, laundry room and living room.

Pros and cons


  • Made of plastic and wood
  • Has a flip-down the cat door for easy access
  • It has a sealed Bottom in incase the cat has accidents
  • It’s one of the most affordable cat litters
  • Great value for your money
  • It’s perfect for small and large Cats
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Its scratch and stain resistant


  • It’s not good for outdoor use.

New Age Pet Eco Flex Litter Loo

If you are one of the cat parents that want to be absolutely sure the cat Litter Enclosure will completely eliminate odor and messes, turn on New Age Pet Eco-Flex Litter Loo.

This is mainly because the litter box enclosure is made using some of the best materials and designs that perfectly eliminates cat odor.

The product is made of EcoFlex, which is an automatic combination of polymers and wood byproducts.

The added advantage of using recycled materials makes it one of the eco-friendly alternatives.

It has enough space inside of about 20” by 17” for the litter Pan.

Its overall dimensions are 23.6”X18.5”X22”.

This is a standard size for all types of cat Litter.

It can hold Litter Boxes of up to 22”X28”.

This makes the Ecoflex a great alternative for multiple cats.

Cat owners can choose from Espresso, Russet and Antique White.

Pros and cons


  • It repels moisture and odor
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Has fold out gate for easy cleaning
  • Its great value for your money
  • Stain-resistant


  • The Litter Box is not included
  • The material is somewhat brittle

Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench

With only $159.99, you can get an effective odor controlling bench that can hold cat litters of all sizes.

It’s similar to the Trizie option but it has a relatively larger enclosure that forms a bench that can perfectly fit in your hallway.

The extra room in this litter box enclosure makes it easy to put any type.

You can choose self-cleaning litter boxes.

If you are one of the cat owners that prefer standard size boxes, it’s still a perfect option for you.

You can actually install an optional partition inside which will give you a place to keep the litter and the scoop.

Unluckily, this is made of pressboard and for this reason, you should consider waterproofing the inside of the box.

You can go for contact paper.

These can do the trick of waterproofing the litter box without increasing the price significantly.

Depending on the model and the colors you go for, you can end up paying more for this Cat Litter Enclosure.

As a matter of fact, the walnut stained color is the most expensive.

The white option only costs $159.99.

The company also makes smaller options for the people that like the Merry piece but don’t like the size.

This will definitely cost less than the other size.

You will only have to pay $100 for the white, walnut and espresso smaller option.

Pros and cons


  • It has wide openings for easy entry and exit
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It comes with a removable partition for the litter and the scoop storage
  • It’s large enough for any size of the litter box


  • Its relatively expensive
  • It’s not waterproof
  • The Litter box is not included

How to choose the best Double Litter Boxes-Double Cat Litter Box Buying Guide

Cats are selective animals meaning that the interests of one cat will definitely not be the same for another cat.

This means that you need to take time to analyze exactly what your cat needs before you get to the market.

Besides the seven recommendations above, you might want to make your own independent decision when it comes to cat litters.

Consequently, I’ve included a Cat Litter Buying Guide for your information.

What are the different types of Cat Litter Boxes?

There are many different types of cat litter boxes that you can buy today.

Before you jump to make the purchases, it’s better to understand the habits of your cat and at the same time purchase a cat litter box that perfectly matches them.

The cat’s dislikes and health condition can as well inform your decision.

Cats will definitely not like the idea of someone invading their privacy.

The cats that are suffering from arthritis and aching joints will require a better Litter Box that they can step in with ease.

Here are some suggestions.

Open Pan for Littering

The open pans litter boxes occupy little space and are very simple to clean.

However, you will notice more odor and smells around the house.

You also have to consider various ways of keeping your dogs and kids out of the litter box.

Covered Litter Boxes

The next option is to go for covered litter boxes especially if you want greater odor control abilities.

You must be ready for complicated and time consuming cleaning practices with such kinds of litter boxes.

Alternatively, you can go for litter boxes with inbuilt ventilations.

Covered Litter Boxes are great for cats that like improved privacy.

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

These types of Litter Boxes are good for busy people.

If you care so much about convenience, you would automatically have to consider self-cleaning and automatic litter boxes.

But you should be ready to pay more for these types of litter boxes.

They are available for eliminating waste and controlling odor which reduces the time that you would otherwise spend in cleaning.

How many cats do you have?

Moving on to the second consideration, you should be able to determine the number of litter boxes that you need based on the number of cats you have in your house.

Cats are less likely to share Litter Boxes and for that reason, if you have more than one cat in the house, you must consider buying more than one cat litter box.

The size of the Litter Box

This is another vital consideration especially if you have larger breeds of cats or obese cats.

The cat needs enough space to turn in the litter box and a lot of privacy.

The fact is that no one likes having cramped quarters.

This means that you should make sure that the selected litter box is large enough for your cat.

Style and Height

Lastly, it’s important to check the style and height of the litter box.

This will definitely be inspired by the specific personality of the cat and the size.

The ideal height would be 5-7 inches for cats that are not spayed or the ones that don’t kick out litter.

For the ones that do, you should definitely buy litter boxes with larger designs.

Experts reveal the most common Litter Box Mistakes to avoid

There are some common Litter box mistakes many cat parents make that can either cost them more financially and in terms of the cat health and their own well-being.

This is the reason why most experts and veterinarians advice you should be very careful with this.

You need one Cat Litter box per Cat and another one for the House

One main mistake all cat owners make is to just get a cat Litter box for the cats and forget to purchase another extra one for the house.

Get one cat Litter Box per Cat and an extra Cat Litter Box for the house.

If you have one cat, you probably don’t need an extra litter box.

But if you have more than one cat, you definitely need an extra Cat Litter box.

You also have to avoid lining up litter boxes like urinals.

Cats hesitate to share their Litter Boxes which means if one of them is damaged, one of the cats will not have a place for urine and poop.

The Cat Litter box should be large enough

The cat should be able to use the litter box in Comfort.

Remember that there are some cats that pee while standing up and if the Cat Litter Box is not large enough, there are chances of messes on the floor.

Senior cats might be having bad joints and pain which can increase trouble when squatting to pee.

Make it easy for the cat to pee by getting a Cat Litter Box that is relatively larger than the cat.

You might also have to consider covered Litter Box with a clear lid so that the cat can view and feel safe.

Some people consider getting an entry notch into the storage bin.

Never Put the Litter Box too Far away

If the Litter Box is too far, there are chances that the cat will choose closer alternatives.

The cat might reconsider using the Cat litter box and go for rugs.

Jan and Bill noticed that their second Kitten wouldn’t use the bathroom but the rugs especially in the morning and late at night.

A few questions identified the problem with the cat.

The family had three cat Litter boxes but all of them were placed far.

One was in the basement and the other one was an outdoor cat Litter box.

While the older cats navigated the adventures and looked for other Cat Litter Boxes, some of them are lazy and might not have the time to search around.

So, keep the Cat Litter Boxes in spaces where they can easily be seen.

Choose Cat Litter Boxes with sides over 12 inches

There are those cats that will go for cat litter Boxes above 12 inches.

The best tip for improved Litter Box setups is to choose Litter Boxes with sides that are over 12 inches high.

This is not behavioural or medical but for a professional style, this is very important.

Remember that some cats pee while standing and some older kitties have health conditions that make it hard for them to squat.

There are several companies making larger Litter boxes.

These are exactly what you need ion your household.


How do I keep my cat from getting litter everywhere?

There are several things you can do in this instance but the best of all is to get a high sides litter box.

This will make sure that the litter and messes don’t scatter on the floor especially if your cat likes kicking up litter.

You can pick Litter Boxes with sides of about 12 inches.

Alternatively, get the best Double litter Box enclosures from the list above.

Some of them come with a sealed base to prevent any leakages.

How Cat I hide two litter Boxes?

If you have more than one Cat in your home, you have to think of the best ways of sealing the cat mess, prevent the odor and at the same time provide maximum privacy and comfort to your cat.

The best approach in this instance is to buy Cat Litter Box enclosures from the list above.

You can as well consider putting the litter Boxes in a large basket, build a Mini Cat House Litter Cover or Hide the Litter Boxes under the sink.

Are enclosed litter Boxes bad for the Cats?

Yes, there are some claims that these litter boxes can be good for the cat owners but not for the cat.

Cats prefer a safer and private area to do their business.

So, if the cat detects any type of potential threat, she will usually go for the closest route.

That said, most enclosed cat Litter Boxes don’t offer this property.

Final verdict

No one wants to look at the Cat Litter and the messes.

We also hate the odor from urine and for that reason, we have to invest in the best Double Litter Box Enclosures and furniture.

The list above features top five best double Litter Box furniture in terms of cost and features.

I have also included a Cat Litter Box guide to make the whole process of purchasing easy and straightforward.

Hopefully, this will be of great help.

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