Drinkwell 360 Water Pet Fountain – Review

Are you worried about the quality of water your pets drink?

You don’t have to worry about that when you have the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain.

It’s a pet water dispenser that provides clean and healthy drinking water to your pets even when you’re away.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is an electric indoor fountain that encourages pets to drink more water.

A submersible pump circulates the water from the bowl into the spout, aerating the water to make it healthier.

The water passes through a series of filters to keep dirt and other particles away from your pet’s drinking water.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain has the following features:

  • The circular design allows multiple pets to use it at the same time
  • Water capacity of 128oz or 1 gallon
  • Interchangeable fountain spouts to regulate water flow
  • The carbon filter helps remove bad tastes and odor
  • Receiving ramps located between the bowl and the spout reduce splashing
  • Suitable for small cats and medium-sized dogs
  • Submersible pump operates silently
  • Streaming water encourages pets to rehydrate
  • Pet fountain has a foam filter to catch hair, dust, and other particles
  • Made of stainless steel which is more hygienic compared to plastic
  • Dishwasher safe except for the pump

The pet fountain’s circular shape allows more pets to use it at the same time.

It has a low bowl to make it easier even for old pets to use.
The fountain spout in the middle distributes water into the bowl in free-falling motion.

The streaming water taps your pets’ curiosity, luring them to drink more water.

Receiving ramps can be found at the bottom of the fountain to dampen the noise caused by the tickling motion.

They also reduce chances of water splashing outside the bowl.

A foam filter catches large dirt or hair particles to prevent them from being pumped again into the system.

The water also passes through organic carbon filters to remove unwanted taste and odor from your pet’s drinking water.
The pet water fountain is easy to assemble; no extra tools needed to set up the whole system.

drinkwell 360 fountain reviewHow It Works

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain works like all pet fountain from PetSafe.

A submersible pump circulates water, allowing it to pass through a foam filter and an activated carbon filter to ensure the water is safe to drink, free from unwanted particles like hair, dirt, and dust.

You can find the Flow Control Cap at the top of the fountain.

You can control the flow of water by twisting it to the right or to the left to increase or decrease the flow strength.

The pet water dispenser also comes bundled with 5 different spout designs.

Each one feature different number of spouts.

You can choose whether to allow water to flow through 1 hole only or through 5 different directions.

The latter is good for homes with multiple pets, allowing up to 5 of them to drink from the streaming source at the same time.

Detailed installation, disassembling, cleaning, and maintenance instructions can be found in the package manual.

Owners generally have no problem setting up the pet fountain.

If you need extra help, online tutorials for cleaning and installation are available on PetSafe’s website.

Maintenance and Support

Cleaning frequency depends on how often or how many pets use it.

Normally, you just need to clean it once a week if you have only one pet at home.

Gunk reduces the pump’s ability to circulate the water.

If you see water flowing slower than usual, it’s a signal that you need to clean the pet fountain.

You have to disassemble the whole water dispenser, including the pump, to clean everything.

The plastic and stainless steel parts are dishwashers safe except for the filters and the motor pump.

You can also manually scrub the fountain using a brush and dishwashing soap.

Make sure to clean it well to remove any saliva residue sticking on the fountain.

Filters should be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on usage.

Replacement for foam filters and carbon filters are available online.

PetSafe’s customer support is available via email, call, or chat.

US-based specialists are ready to assist you 6 days every week for any product concerns.


  • Pet fountain holds up to 128oz or 1 gallon of water
  • Foam filter adds another layer of protection to prevent debris from mixing into the drinking water
  • Interchangeable spouts to adapt to pet needs
  • Product is made up of stainless steel materials for inhibiting bacteria growth and also for easier cleaning
  • Circular design allows multiple pets to use it at the same time


  • Weak motor pump
  • Bowl may be too narrow for bigger pets
  • Plastic parts are too fragile
  • Filters easily get dirty
  • Costs around $90 which may be a little pricey for some pet owners

How your pet might react

Pets generally don’t have issues using the product, especially if they’re used to drink from a flowing water source.

Dogs typically like drinking from the bowl while cats prefer the streaming water.

If ever they have trouble adapting to this water dispenser, try the following tricks:


Pour water in the pet fountain but don’t plug it in.

Let your pets know that this is where they’ll be getting their water from now on.


Turn the fountain on for short periods of time until your pets get used to it.

drinkwell 360 close up review3.

Put the pet fountain on permanently once you see that they’re used to it.
The majority of owners of this pet fountain are satisfied with its performance.

They like how it’s easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

It’s also easy to refill and they’re able to see if the water level is below the recommended amount.

Its 1-gallon water capacity is also great for both single and multiple pet setups.

The main concern raised by owners about this product is its weak water pump.

It can easily get clogged, reducing the streaming water flow down to a trickle.

Sometimes, water won’t flow through at all.

Pump congestions also make the 5-way spout useless since water will just flow from 1 spout due to the reduced water flow.

To avoid clogging, overall cleaning should be done at least once or twice a week.

Cleaning is easy but you may have to frequently do it, depending on the number of pets using the water dispenser.

Also, make sure to put oil on the magnetic part of the impeller before you put it back in the motor.

The interchangeable spouts are also quite flimsy according to some owners.

They easily break apart even when the owners carefully twisted them for flow adjustment.
Despite all these issues, owners give Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain a good rating because of its ease of use for both pets and owners.

7.) Important Features and Benefits

Circular design
This allows multiple pets to use the pet fountain at the same time

Decent water capacity
Bowl can contain up to a gallon of water which is more than enough for a day or two

Made of stainless steel
Stainless steel bowl is easier to clean.

It also inhibits bacteria growth.

Interchangeable spouts
You can set the water to flow to one direction for maximum water output.

If you have multiple pets, you can use the 5-way spout to create multiple streaming sources of water.

It has a foam filter and a carbon filter
Two filters make the water safer to drink for your pets.

One is for catching debris while the other is for removing unwanted taste and odor.


The Drinkwell series from Petsafe is a proven product with great track records for the best and affordable pet water dispenser solutions on the market.
So if you are looking into Petsafe’s drinkwell products, like the Platinum, then it depends on what you are looking for in the product as they suit for different situations with a mix of cats and dog households.

The 360 petsafe fountain is one of those fountains that not only shines in providing fresh drinking water to your pets, but is provides a source for multiple pets in your home with its circular design where all your pets can drink from all at the same time.


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