Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Review

Worried that your cat may not be getting the right amount of fresh and clean drinking water?

If your feline doesn’t have a proper source of water that is bacteria-free then this alone can cause many medical problems for your furry friend down the line and can contract kidney issues as well as get sick from the bacteria.

If you are looking for a pet water dispenser then the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is your solution.

It provides up to 168oz of clean, filtered water through a streaming source.

But does it stack up to the rest of the many hundreds of other products out there?

Keep reading because we found all the answers you need right here.
The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is an indoor water dispenser made to keep your pets hydrated.

Water falls freely from a spout similar to an open faucet and flows to a shallow basin where it’s recirculated back into the system for filtering.

This process aerates the water to make it healthier and safe for your pets to drink.

There are carbon filters inside the cat water fountain preventing hair, dirt, and unwanted particles from being reintroduced to your pet’s drinking water.

These filters are made from non-toxic organic materials (made of coconut shells) and is safe to use.

Drinkwell Platinum Pet water dispenser has the following features:

  • Streaming water from a spout encourages pets to drink from it
  • Adjustable water flow strength
  • Spout and ramp designed to reduce water splash and generated noise
  • Pre-filter catches large particles caught in the water
  • Activated carbon filter catches dirt particles before they clog the pumping motor
  • Rubber feet stops the pet water fountain from sliding and reduces vibration noise
  • Submersible pump for a more silent operation
  • Can be used by cats and dogs of varying sizes
  • Low voltage operation; 12V pump has an inline plug for easier removal
  • Whole water fountain holds up to 1.3 gallons of water
  • Made of BPA-free plastic; dishwasher safe

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum water fountain reviewIts design allows pets to drink either from the streaming water or from the water in the basin.

This design makes water easily accessible to cats and dogs of all ages and sizes; even sickly ones can get it without a hassle of struggling unlike other products on the market.

If you hate the sound of running water then, you can also adjust the strength of water flow by tweaking the control knob on the bowl.
The built-in water reservoir increases the capacity of the pet fountain, so you don’t need to refill it as often.

Just fill the reservoir with the recommended amount of water to maintain circulation.
You can find ramps in the basin which hamper the splashing sound made by the trickling water for a quieter operation.

How It Works

The Drinkwell Platinum circulates filtered water to keep your pets healthy.

Water goes through a series of carbon filters to ensure undesirable particles like dirt, dust, and hair are trapped and are not reintroduced to your pet’s drink.

Check first for leaks, exposed cables, and other damages before using it.

Once you ensure everything’s fine, install the filters, fill the bowl and the filter housing with water, and secure the lid in place.

Remove the reservoir and fill it with water before putting it back in place.

You can now plug the water dispenser and start using the water fountain.

You can adjust the water flowing from the spout by using the control knob situated on the bowl.

Turning it clockwise will increase the flow and will decrease it when turned the other way around.

Remember to keep the water level above the flow control knob to avoid burning the motor out.

For more detailed instructions, the detailed manual included in the package shows steps on how to assemble, disassemble, clean, and maintain your pet water dispenser.

There are also videos available online to further assist you on how to properly use the cat fountain.


Maintenance and Support

As with any other pet water dispensers, they get dirty and require cleaning once every 2 weeks.

To clean: You need to use a bottle brush and sponge to clean the cat water fountain; you can get the bottle brush in the separately sold Fountain Cleaning Kit.

Don’t forget to unplug the fountain before you drain water from the bowl, filter housing, and reservoir.

Once the water is completely removed, disassemble it and start brushing it with dishwashing soap.

You can also put the plastic components in a dishwasher which will help sterilize them.

The motor can also be disassembled to have the plastic parts cleaned.

Make it a habit to clean the water dispenser at least once a month.

Brush it well to remove any saliva sticking to the plastic.
Depending on the number of pets you have at home, you may need to replace the carbon filters every 2 to 4 weeks.

Choose from premium and standard carbon filter packs to replace worn out ones.

The premium filters have 4 more compartments for better filtering compared to the standard ones which only have 2.

The unit will still work even without the carbon filters but we recommend you install them to guarantee the cleanliness of the water which will keep your pet healthy in the log run.
Don’t wash the filters with soap.

Rinse it with plain water to remove accumulated dirt particles.
If you have any questions, you can contact PetSafe online via chat or email, or you can talk to them directly via phone, they are really helpful.

platinum Drinkwell review



  • Built-in reservoir holds up to 1.3 gallons of water
  • Its design makes it easily accessible to all pet sizes
  • Carbon filters ensure water is safe to drink
  • Made of BPA-free plastic that’s dishwasher safe
  • Circulating water system inhibits bacteria growth and promotes water aeration


  • Cleaning may be a problem for some. You have to dismantle the pet fountain and clean each part
  • Filters need to be replaced more often if numerous pets use the water dispenser
  • Leaks may occur
  • Flow control knob is a little bit fragile
  • Motor pump is not strong enough to sustain prolonged operations

How your cat might react

Pets won’t have any problem drinking from the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain.

Whether they’re used to drinking from a bowl or from a flowing source like fountains and faucets, this pet fountain can offer both options.

However, for those having trouble pushing their pets to use this water dispenser, follow these simple steps:


Fill the unitwith water but don’t turn it on.

This way, you’re letting pets know this is their new source of water.


Set the water flow to low and turn the fountain on for short periods of time.

This will let your pets slowly adapt to the streaming water system.


Once you see they’re getting the hang of it, completely activate the fountain and remove other sources of water you may still have around the house.

If your pets still refuse to drink from the pet fountain, lure them in by adding their favorite scent or flavor in the water.

Don’t forget to remove the filter to allow the mixture to flow through the system.

Once pets get used to it, pour in plain water and put back the carbon filters.

Users find this product to be very reliable.

They especially like the amount of water the reservoir can hold, allowing them to leave the system for days without refilling.

Its design also makes it appropriate for cats and dogs of all age and sizes.
The product is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

Some owners recommend to hand-wash the motor pump and put the rest of the components in the dishwasher for easier cleaning.

In some instances, little charcoal bits from the filter get mixed with the water.

Although harmless, it’s best if you clean the pet water dispenser at least once a week.

This also prevents dirt from clogging the filter which makes it harder for the pump to recirculate the water.

Owners who have a hard time cleaning it recommend using PetSafe’s Fountain Cleaning Kit to completely scrub hard to reach areas.

If molds and algae start growing, clean it using equal parts of hot water and vinegar.
Make sure you keep the water reservoir full to maintain the level required by the pump to operate properly.

Loud, vibrating noises are generated by the pump when the water remaining in the pet fountain is below the recommended level.

Forcing the pump to operate with water below the required amount can break it.

The most common problem reported by owners is the Drinkwell Platinum is the tendency for leaks.

The motor pump and the flow control knob are the frequent culprit in this issue.

Check these components from time to time to ensure they’re working as expected.
Pets in general don’t seem to have trouble using the water dispenser.

Some owners even report how their cats drink more water than ever.

Some even saw their cats playing with the streaming water.

The Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain, for its price of less than $50, is a good buy.

It’s better compared to other water dispenser models mainly because of its easily accessible design and large water capacity.

Important Features and Benefits

Provides clean, filtered water
The organic carbon filters prevent dirt and unwanted particles from recirculating into your pet’s drinking water.

The aerated water encourages pets to drink more, preventing kidney and urinary diseases

Designed for cats and dogs
Its waterfall design enables cats and dogs to drink from it without any problem.

Even old pets, kitties, and sickly pets can use it

Large water capacity
It can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water

Easy to use
Pets can immediately recognise what the pet water dispenser is for

Easy assembly
Parts are easy to remove for cleaning.

Similarly, the whole system can be put back together in no time

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My Conclusion of the Drinkwell Platinum

The Drinkwell Platinum is a nicely designed water fountain for pets that cuts out all the fluff and unnecessary features and condenses itself to a quality product which can suit any cat owners lifestyle from all ages to different life situations from the elderly, people who are disabled and people who maintain busy lives in travelling to work and being away from the house for long periods of time.

Nothing can deny that water is the most important source for us and all animals, its more important that the water is fresh and clean.

After All, if you drink from a bacteria-filled water then this can make you really sick and possibly lead to death.

If you wouldn’t drink a stale bottle of water then why would your cat want to drink old water from their bowl — invest in something like the Drinkwell Platinum that will promote your pets to drink more water and keep them on the good side of their health.


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