Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain Review

Are you sure your pets are drinking safe water?

The Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain is a pet water dispenser that provides flowing, oxygenated water to ensure your little pals remain healthy.

Read on to know more about this product.

The Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain is a water dispenser that utilizes carbon filters to eliminate unwanted odor and taste from the water your pets drink similar to the drinkwell platinum similar to the drinkwell platinum .

A motor pump recirculates the water from the stainless steel bowl to create a streaming water source.

Water is also aerated in this process, making it healthier for your pets to drink.

The Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain offers the following features:

  • Streaming water encourages pets to hydrate more
  • Replaceable carbon filter eliminates unwanted odor and bad taste from the water
  • Bowl is made of BPA-free stainless steel
  • Bowl is wide enough to accommodate multiple pets drinking at the same time
  • Ramp positioned between the spout and the bowl reduces noise and water splash
  • Low-voltage operation (12V)
  • Submersible pump for silent operation
  • Designed for cats and dogs (small to medium in size)
  • Holds up to 1 gallon of water
  • Dishwasher safe

drink well zen fountain reviewThe circular bowl is spacious enough to have around 2 cats drink from it simultaneously.

The fountain and pump are situated on one side of the bowl and take only about a third of its total space, leaving a larger area for drinking water.

Filters are placed near the pump to prevent undesirable elements from getting into the pump.

The grated plastic housing the motor pump provides a 2-step filtration system that catches unwanted particles and prevents it from clogging the motor pump and reintroducing dirt back into your pets’ drinking water.
Pet owners don’t need the help of a professional to assemble this pet water dispenser.

The instructions included in the package are enough to guide you through the whole setup.

How It Works

Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain uses the same filtering process of other pet fountains developed by PetSafe: the water in the stainless steel bowl is sucked in by the motor pump, passing through a series of filters, before it’s reintroduced into the bowl.

Two filters are placed in front of the pumping motor: the first one, which is part of the plastic housing that covers the water pump, catches larger dirt particles before the water goes to the 2nd filter.

The 2nd filter is the activated carbon filter which removes odor and taste from your pet’s drinking water.

The filtered water enters the water pump and then returned to the bowl which is now safe and clean to drink.

The pet fountain is very easy to operate.

All the instructions for installation, cleaning, and maintenance can be found in the manual included in the package.

If you need additional help, you can consult video tutorials online or you can seek assistance from PetSafe by calling their hotline number.

Maintenance and Support

Depending on how often or how many of your pets use it, you may have to clean it more often than usual.

Typically, for a household with one to two pets roaming around, cleaning the fountain once a week is good enough.

For the filters, make sure to replace them every other week or once a month.

Rinse the filter with water only and avoid using soap.

Soap can be hard to remove due to the fine mesh of the filters and you may end up introducing soap to your pets’ drinking water.

Dirt can be often found on the intake plate, the spout, and the filter slots.

Make sure you clean these parts thoroughly to avoid bacteria growth.

Place special attention on the spout because it has a narrow opening.

Dirt and other elements may clog it, making it harder for the pump to recirculate the water.

To perform regular maintenance, you have to disassemble the whole fountain and that includes the pump.

Use dishwashing soap to clean them and make sure you brush each component well.

The plastic parts and the stainless steel bowl are both dishwashers safe.

PetSafe can help you if you have concerns regarding the maintenance of your pet water fountain.

You can reach them through chat, call, or email.



  • The bowl can hold up to 1 gallon of water
  • Stainless steel bowl is easier to clean and it inhibits bacteria growth better than plastic
  • Activated carbon filter eliminates unwanted taste and odor from your pet’s drinking water
  • Bowl is wide enough to allow multiple pets to use it at the same time
  • Product is dishwasher safe



  • Motor pump’s power is a little weak for prolonged use
  • No option to adjust the strength of water flow
  • The spout is too narrow and easily gets clogged
  • The cord is too short
  • Pet fountain is not for big dogs

How your pet might react to the Zen Steel Pet Fountain

According to pet owners, their pets didn’t have trouble getting accustomed to this pet fountain.

Rarely have there been issues with pets not wanting to use this water dispenser.

If your pets are having trouble with this new water source, you can try unplugging it first and let your pets know that this is where they’ll be drinking from now on.

Once you see that they’re getting used to it, try turning on the fountain for short periods of time until they get fully accustomed to the system.

Dissatisfied customers point out 2 main weaknesses of this product: its motor and the spout design.

The motor pump seems to be the usual problem of pet fountains from PetSafe.

Some owners said their pet fountain stopped working after running it for only a few months.

Regarding the other problem, owners reported how difficult it is to clean the water spout.

From their experience, gunk easily builds up in this area, forcing them to clean the fountain more often than they’re supposed to.

Aside from these negative accounts, owners are generally contented with this pet fountain’s performance.

They didn’t have much problem guiding their pets to use the Drinkwell Zen Steel Fountain possibly because of its design which looks like an ordinary feeding bowl.

The bowl is also easy to clean, thanks to its stainless steel built.

It also operates silently, especially when they placed a carpet or rug underneath it.

Cat drinking from the drinkwell ZenImportant Features and Benefits

Stainless steel bowl
It’s easier to clean and it reduces bacteria buildup

Large water capacity
The bowl can hold up to 1 gallon of water

Filter Slots
The grated filter slot adds another layer of protection.

Combining it with the activated carbon filter ensures dirt and other unwanted particles aren’t reintroduced to your pet’s drinking water

Replaceable carbon filter
Eliminates unwanted taste and odor from the water

Easy for pets to get accustomed to it
Pets easily adapt to the water dispenser because it resembles an ordinary feeding bowl

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