Earthborn Cat food

Earthborn Cat food Review – Our Unbiased Opinion

The Catfood market is growing daily.

Countless cat food brands are popping up every single day that leaves us more confused than informed.

The process of choosing a good brand for your cat in such a case is overpowering.

Obviously, most cat owners end up making some menacing life mistakes when choosing which among the brands offer the best nutritional value.

Being a cat fanatic, you’ve obviously heard about Earthborn Cat food, but you probably want to get more information about the brand to be able to decide whether the brand is best for your cat.

Earthborn Holistic Cat food Overview

Earthborn Holistic cat food is owned by the Midwestern pet food and has been gradually growing in terms of value and quality.

The company was founded in 1926.

It’s a family-owned company based in Indiana manufacturing pet foods in human-grade facilities.

All the Earthborn Kitty products are produced in the United States using high-quality ingredients and products to serve the right nutritional value.

The company follows a wholesale approach to the nutritional value of cats.

As stated above, the products are produced using high-quality ingredients.

The products and the ingredients used nourishes the cat’s body and offer the right minerals and vitamins.

The product is formulated to offer a unique nutritional value to the cats.

The several products sold on their websites are made using premium proteins, vegetables, natural digestible carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich fruits.

Sourcing and manufacturing Cat foods

All the ingredients used to make the cat foods are naturally from the US.

But the Lamb meat is from New Zealand and Australia, while the Flaxseeds are sourced in Canada.

The manufacturer claims that some of the vitamins and minerals are from China.

All the products sold by Earthborn Company are produced from a company-owned Facility in the United States.

EarthBorn Company currently operates facilities in Indiana, where the main facility is located, New York, Oklahoma, and Illinois.

The company is approved to sell its products in Australia, Israel, the European Union, and Russia.

Earthborn manufacturers have approval from the FDA and HACCP.

Earthborn Cat food pros and cons


  • Implausible health benefits
  • Improves the cat’s coat and teeth
  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Rich in fiber
  • Full of antioxidants
  • High-levels of proteins
  • Healthy ingredients
  • You can try different flavors


Your cat may experience LBM when you feed them for the first time.

This is mainly because it helps with the Bowel movement.

Ingredients Breakdown

Turkey meal

The first ingredient used in most Earthborn cat meals is the Turkey meat, which is a great source of proteins for cats.

This ingredient is mainly a concentrated form of turkey left as mineral content.

The manufacturer extracts the main nutrients from Turkey meat.

Chicken Meal

Chicken is equally a great source of proteins for Cats.

Chicken meal is concentrated from chicken with the main focus of extracting the ingredients.

To get this, most of the moisture from the chicken is taken away.

The manufacturer is left with a high-protein and low-moisture substance.

Pea Protein

Cats don’t need much of the pea proteins, but it’s equally important.

Peas have a lot of carbohydrates, but the manufacturer focuses mainly on the protein.

The product is concentrated to get the actual protein ingredient.


Potatoes are used as fillers in grain-free recipes.

But most people think that this product is not biologically important to cats, and it can cause digestive issues.

Herring Meal

Herring is a low calorie but high protein fish that is equally added to the Earthborn cat meat.

Biologically, cats shouldn’t eat a lot of fish, but it serves as a good secondary ingredient in their diet.

Pea Fiber

Pea is full of insoluble fiber that is very important in the digestive system.

It is a very appropriate biologically for the cats.

Is Earthborn Holistic Cat food good enough for your cats?

Yes, earthborn products are good for your cats, but they are not top-notch.

It’s essentially an average dry product that your cats can enjoy any time of the day.

Multiple cuts of the meat are added to make it work perfectly, depending on the cat’s nutritional value.

The carbohydrate content is low in most of their products, but the protein content is high.

I’m not personally against this, but it’s important to remember that plant protein is not very important to carnivorous such as a cat.

Overall, the product has a good review, but there’s a lot that the cat owners should know.

It’s appropriate for cats that need a lot of proteins.

But for carbohydrates, there’s a need to supplement the food with different cat food.


Is Earthborn Holistic Cat food good for your cat?

Yes, this cat food offers excellent nutritional value for your cats.

The food is safe and can meet all the nutritional needs of a cat.

The manufacturers follow a very holistic approach to the nutritional needs of these beautiful pets.

The cat will definitely benefit from healthy nutrition in this cat food.

Who owns Earthborn Holistic pet food?

Midwestern Pet food, headquartered in Indiana, owns the Earthborn Holistic pet food.

This company is a 4th Generation company producing high-quality pet food.

Is Earthborn a healthy Cat food for your cats?

Yes, it’s one of the best food brands for your cats and other pets.

Their core line stands on the high-protein foods that are made primarily to help your pet lead a healthy and natural life.

Considering the company’s experience and expertise, you can expect the best value for your money.

Final verdict

Earthborn Holistic cat food brand is excellent overall for its nutritional value and quality.

The brand follows a holistic approach to cat nutritional needs.

This rest assures you that whatever the recipe you pick, your cat will benefit exponentially.

The products are made with chelated minerals and fresh, wholesome ingredients for maximum nutritional absorption and benefits.


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