Embrace Pet Insurance Plan Review

embrace-pet-reviewEmbrace Pet Insurance is a simple pet insurance plan that covers almost all of the medical needs of your pets.

It offers up to 90 percent reimbursement on all verified veterinary bills.

Your pets can enjoy excellent coverage of genetic conditions once enrolled.

Including appointed cancer treatments are covered under this pet insurance plan.

You are allowed to choose your preferred deductibles, and reimbursement levels based on the insurance coverage needs of your pets.

Reimbursement levels vary from a low 70 percent, to a maximum 90 percent.

You have to pay higher amount monthly as reimbursement level increases.

Monthly payments can be adjusted through a wise selection of annual payout limits, reimbursement and deductibles.

When it comes to deductibles, you are given the flexibility to choose the amount, from $100 to $1,000.

What Conditions are Covered?

The insurance plan covers:

  • Illnesses
  • Accidents
  • Genetic conditions, particularly hip dysplasia
  • Asthma and other chronic conditions
  • Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy
  • Dental trauma

What Conditions are Not Covered?

There are exclusions to the coverage of this plan.

Pre-existing conditions, organ transplant, cremation and prosthetic limbs are just some of the excluded services and conditions.

Also, this plan will exclude coverage for injury caused by racing, fighting or physical forces acted upon by a person at home.

The plan does not cover radiation poisoning, cloning or DNA testing, and cosmetic procedures.

You can get a quote from us to help you compare this offer from the others in the market.

Embrace Wellness Rewards Plan

This add-on plan by Embrace is optional for veterinary expenses and coverage.

Among the benefits included in the coverage are scheduled blood work, behavioral training, prescription food and dental care.

This add-on plan also covers neutering or spaying for kittens and puppies, pet vaccination and flea prevention.

In contrast to the regular plan, Wellness Rewards plan allows full reimbursement of vet bills without requiring co-pay, and with 0% deductible.

Immediate usage of the coverage is always possible as it comes with no-waiting period.

There are three annual limits to choose from based on your preference, you can choose from $250, $450 or $650.

Embrace Wellness Coverage includes wellness examinations, blood tests, micro chipping, dental cleanings and X-rays.

Your pets can also enjoy the benefit of getting natural supplements, prescription shampoo, and professional behavioral training.

A Veterinarian Approved Insurance Review

To help customers and pet owners get the best out of this insurance offer, Embrace offers a core plan.

The presence of a core plan can help pet owners and individuals set a responsive and budget-friendly insurance package.

The plan can help you protect your pet and your budget in case the pets are involved in an accident, or they developed injuries, congenital and hereditary health conditions.

Based on the assessment of our veterinarians, Embrace Insurance is part of the best 3 pet insurance plans of the listing of the best insurance package, thanks to its friendly coverage, on-time payouts and coverage of congenital and hereditary conditions among pets.

Pet owners can also count on emergencies, alternative therapies, surgeries and rehabilitation, nursing care and diagnostic testing.

Pet owners are given the chance to adjust the amount of payments that can be made on a monthly basis, and even the annual payout limits.

Pet owners can choose from a range that starts from $100 to $1,000.

the reimbursement percentage can also be configured, from a low 70 percent to a high 90 percent of the actual veterinarian bill.

For this insurance package, the annual benefits that can be enjoyed by the pet owner can range from a low $5,000 to $15,000 yearly.

You can boost your insurance package by choosing an optional wellness coverage that will include routine care, checkups and procedures for your pets.

If you sign up for the Wellness Rewards option, you will also enjoy a flexible arrangement, and the annual limit will range from $250 to $600, and can be used for heartworm and flea prevention, dental cleaning, spaying and neutering, nutritional supplements and for prescription medications.

Testimonials and Comments from Real Customers

I do not usually pay attention to pet insurance but when my pet boxer got sick, I instantly got online to find a reliable insurance provider.

I sent applications to many insurance providers, and it was only Embrace that covered my pet’s pre-existing condition.

Pet owner of a boxer, San Francisco CA

I have tried a number of insurance plans from different providers, and our claims and applications are usually denied.

But it was a different experience with Embrace, with the company covering our submitted claims.

Owner of a mixed breed cat, Houston TX

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Embrace Pet Insurance

What is the difference if I pay a premium of $9, and I decided to change it to $125 monthly?

The core Embrace plan offers the same sort of coverage regardless of premium.

Your pet is secured with care and treatment coverage for animal breed conditions, illnesses, and accidents.

There will only be a difference in terms of premiums, annual limits, reimbursement level, and deductibles, but not with the coverage.

If you choose to get lower premiums, it will result to lower annual limits, lower reimbursement percentage, and higher deductibles.

What are the alternative therapies covered?

Embrace is known for its wide lens of coverage for alternative therapy included in every plan.

This insurance plan extends alternative treatment options, which include holistic homeopathic treatment and massage therapy.

It also covers electro-acupuncture, veterinary orthopedic manipulation (VOM), therapeutic laser treatment, rehabilitation, BICOM therapy, reiki, and hyperbarics.

Does Embrace give the best value for money compared to other pet insurance plans?

Assuming your veterinary bills for your pet has reached $1000.

Your deductible is $200 with 20% co-pay.

Most companies will charge you 20% of $1000 and that is $200, because they have initially applied the co-pay.

Then, the deductible will be applied to the remainder.

However, Embrace does it differently.

The company will initially apply deductible to reduce the vet bill from $1000 to $800.

Then, your co-pay will now be applied which results to 20 percent of $800.

By this way, your wallet would have saved $40 since you only paid $160 rather $200.

Discounts given by Embrace can certainly help you save money.

Why Choose Embrace?

Hip dysplasia is an awful condition that could be suffered by pets.

That is why Embrace’s coverage of hip dysplasia is a huge benefit to insurance holders.

It really does reduce the cost of treatment and vet bills.

Embrace is working out to make cost affordable as possible.

The wellness option with no co-pay makes Embrace one of the best options available in the market.

It is the ultimate goal of Embrace to keep pets healthy and happy for a longer period of time.

This insurance plan is worth considering even for aging dogs and cats.

With Embrace insurance plan, you are using an effective budget plan in terms of monthly payments.

For those who are still contemplating about its offer, keep in mind that it offers a $50 ‘Annual Healthy Pet Deductible’ discount, it offers $2 as a donation to charity and it also runs a foster cat shelter!
You will only know the importance of insurance plans once your pet already got sick.

There is no other company than Embrace that can cover almost all your medical needs of your pet.

Most companies usually deny claims submitted, but not with Embrace.

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