Ergo Auto Pet Feeder review

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder Review – Dry Food Feeder

Cat owners always worry about the welfare of their beloved furry friend whenever they go out of town.

Especially if the trip will take a few days, it is common for a pet owner to wonder how their pet will cope while they are away.

They also worry about feeding their pet, especially if they decide to keep their pet at home.

Thankfully, there are auto pet feeders available in the market that can help them take care of this concern.

One such electronic feeder that works really well is the Ergo Auto Pet Feeder.

It is able to be programmed so that it can dispense up to 8 times of meals every single day.

In addition to this, you can easily program the unit to dispense varying amounts of food every single time so you can keep your pet’s diet on check and on schedule.

Each unit comes with a storage container, bowl, and a digital timer.

To make assembly easier, the feeder container and its base have been pre-assembled.

Ergo Auto Pet Features

small medium large sizes of Ergo Auto Pet FeederThe Ergo Automatic cat food dispenser comes with a digital timer that you can use to modify your pet’s feeding schedule.

Depending on his dietary needs, you may opt to have the Ergo dispense food only on weekends or even release small or large amounts of pet food at a time.

There are three sizes available for the Ergo Auto Pet Feeder, small, medium and large.

All of these sizes have been developed to specifically cater to different sized pets.

At the same time, each size of the unit has been accustomed to various sized pet kibbles; especially since these also vary accordingly.

This is why it is best to identify the size of the food dispenser you will require for your pet.

As the smallest option, the small Ergo Auto Feeder is a good choice for pets with a weight of 10 pounds and below.

Its built-in bowl is capable of holding up to 5 pounds of dry pet food.

Accordingly, it holds small sized pellets that have a diameter of less than 3/8-inch.

Following the small option, the medium-sized food dispenser is suitable for pets with a weight of anywhere between 10 and 25 pounds.

Coincidentally, this cat feeder is able to hold up to 10 pounds of dry pet food.

It is also good for kibbles that have a diameter of up to 3/4-inch.

The largest of the three, the large size pet feeder, is able to contain up to 20 pounds of dry pet food.

It has been specifically created to accommodate the needs of large-sized pets that have a weight of above 25 pounds.

It also holds kibble with a diameter of 7/8-inch.

Unlike other pet food systems in the market, Ergo comes with a very thick cord so that your pet does not chew on it.

The material of the unit is then coated in plastic with a flexible stainless tube sheath underneath it.

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder automatic food dispenser review

  • Enables you to keep a tight watch of your pet’s weight
  • Dispenses up to 8 times a day, with each meal having a different amount of food released
  • Works with an AC adapter as well as a backup powered by batteries
  • To save battery, the unit has daylight saving feature
  • Unit is built with over-moulded metal and self-lubricating nylon to ensure that the kibble is transferred to the food dispenser without jamming the unit
  • Comes with 90 days warranty that may be extended by up to two years
  • Small size dimensions: 10x10x19 inches, 9 pounds
  • Medium size dimensions: 10x10x23 inches, 7 pounds
  • Large size dimensions: 10x10x26 inches, 8 pounds


view from the top of the Ergo Auto Pet Feeder ReviewHow the Ergo Operates:

To start operating the Ergo Auto cat food dispenser, it is important to fill the container with dry pet food kibble.

Ensure that the cover is closed securely.

The program must be configured to schedule your pet’s feeding time as well as the amount of kibble to be dispensed.

On the pre-set schedule, the unit will start dispensing food so that your pet can enjoy his treat.

An important tip on operating Ergo Auto Pet:

It may be best to use a UPS system along with the food dispenser to ensure that it continues to operate in instances of a power outage.

While it comes with batteries, the unit does not let the feeder keep dispensing food.

The battery is used to retain the unit’s program.


  • Can dispense up to 8 meals a day
  • Can adjust the amount of pet food per meal, according to your pet’s needs
  • Works with AC adapter and batteries as a backup in case of a power outage
  • Lid has an airtight screw system to ensure food stays dry
  • The timer can be set from seconds to minutes
  • The timer may be connected to another device
  • The long, thick cord that is difficult to chew


  • Not so easy to setup
  • Requires disassembly to clean
  • Timer interface is not user-friendly
  • Screw lid may get stuck at times

My Final Ergo Pet Feeder Conclusion:

As a whole, the opinions left online and from our observation in reviewing the Ergo Automatic Pet Feeder are divided, and I must add that the system did perform relatively well.

While about 55% of the users said they love their unit, the remaining number are not too pleased with it and I think this maybe due to the fact that many people didn’t realize what they were truly buying into.
Most food dispensers in this price range have their technical issues with different sized food pallets being used which can cause the unit to become jammed along with other technical difficulties that are likely to occur from user to user.

A number of people we reached out to who purchased the Ergo Auto Pet said that the manufacturer was able to correct a few issues they had with the prior model.

But comparing between the two, many say that the older model lasted longer than this new one as it tends to stop dispensing food after some time and may not be reliable at all times.
We reviewed the new model and it worked fine with no major hitches, however, I can see over a span of time there could be issues mechanically with the unit.

Considering this automatic pet feeder costs over $100, many say that there are other better options available in the market.

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