Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder review

Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

With the Feed and Go Automatic Pet Feeder, pet owners are given the flexibility to feed their pets dry and wet food anytime.

As an automatic wet food cat feeder that is available in the market, this unit connects to your smartphone or internet, which means that programming the unit can be done on the go.

Aside from its connection with the web and smartphone, it also features a high-quality webcam and a microphone that can be used to record messages for the pets.

This recorded messages can be played during the scheduled mealtime of the pets.

To make this system work, you must first connect the unit to the wireless router, and sign into the account through the Feed and Go website.

The website will allow you to control and program the unit even if you are away.

Once connected, you are given the chance to program up to 6 meals daily, and the unit’s tray can accommodate up to 8 oz of dry or wet food.

The unit’s motor is durable and strong, which can easily rotate a loaded food plate.

Also, there is no need to worry about your cats snatching a few pellets from Feed and Go thanks to a special locking mechanism.

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Feed and Go Features

  • Comes with a webcam that allows pet owners to track the behavior of pets
  • Can be programmed to dispense meals up to 6 times daily
  • Extra meals for the cats can be given, through the use of ‘Feed Now’ option
  • The feeding area is constructed from researched plastic
  • The locking mechanism is in place to protect the food
  • Food tray has an 8 oz capacity
  • Offers internal Wi-Fi connectivity that can work anywhere
  • Built-in microphone that allow pet owners to communicate with their pets
  • The feeding tray is removable and can be cleaned
  • Unit features 4 rubber bottom feet to prevent unnecessary movement
  • Pet owners can manage multiple Feed and Go units using just one account
  • Lets you control the unit using your computer or laptop
  • Weighs 6.5 lbs
  • Comes with a one year warranty

Getting it Set Up

This unit must be set up properly before it can deliver good results.

You should prepare your mobile device or computer, the Feed and Go unit, wireless internet router, AC outlet and internet connectivity.

To open the unit, you need to push two buttons at the same time.

These buttons can be found in front of the Feed and Go unit.

Now, plug the unit into a power source, and connect to the router using the indicated instructions.

The system can be connected using the Ethernet cable, which is also explained in the user’s manual.

Operating the Feed and Go

Once the unit is ready, it will allow the pet owners to schedule up to 6 feeding times in a day.

This food dispenser can become a partner of pet owners who want to create a consistent feeding time for their pets.

Meal times can have minutes’ worth of the interval, or meals can have hours’ worth of waiting time.

The tray will rotate to reveal each meal portion.

The food is protected and air tight, thanks to the use of a locking mechanism on the unit.

This locking mechanism will ensure that the cats will behave, and they will not attempt to get their share of food ahead of time.

And if the Feed and Go senses that there is no activity for 20 seconds, the cat food dispenser will instantly lock.

Every feeding schedule will feature a 6-second voice recording of the pet owner, motivating the pets to eat their assigned food.

The volume can be changed, and the recording can be edited as well to suit special needs and requirements.

This voice recording can be played remotely, and the addition of a webcam means that pet owners can check out the activities of their cats even if they are away.

To call the cats, you simply need to click on ‘Call My Pet Over’, and if you want to check out their activities, you need to click ‘Turn on WebCam’.

This is a brief demonstration


pet feeder with webcamManaging Your Feed and Go Online

To use this unit online, you need first to create an account at the company website, www.FeedandGo.com.

This can be accessed using different devices.

Here are some of the things that you can do upon logging into the account:

  • Allows pet owners to manage the account
  • Change the feeding schedule, or give the cats an extra meal using the feed now feature
  • Interact with the cats by using the microphone
  • Track cat movements and eating behavior remotely
  • Check out the feeding history of the pet cats

Remember that even though this feeder will experience intermittent connection, the unit will still deliver the scheduled meals, based on the approved program.

Feed and Go is designed to restore the programming after two minutes of being plugged in.

When this unit is connected to a power source, it will consistently deliver the food to pets.

But if the unit is not connected to the internet, this means that you cannot check out the cats’ activities using the webcam, and you cannot complete other tasks that can be done using the profile.

This fod dispenser is a highly modern and helpful unit, and will make you an informed pet owner.

The feeder will offer notifications using your smart phone or even social media, to inform you about the schedule of meals.

You check select the mode of notification.

Feeding Option and Schedule

As an owner of this pet food dispenser, you will be given access to three options:

One-Off Feed.

Once you are registered on the account, you are given the chance to give your pet an extra meal.

Simply click the item that says ‘Feed Now’, and the unit will feed the cat and the unit will give your cat a call.

This is helpful in case you will be late, and you cannot feed the cat on time at home.

One-Time Feed.

This option gives users a chance to schedule a one-time feeding any time or day, up to 6 meals.

This means that when you choose this option, the meal will be delivered on that scheduled time and day, and this will not be repeated by the unit.

This option is only valid for a week, and can work if you are a busy person and you want to make sure that your cat will not miss on its food.

Regular Feeding Schedule.

As the name suggests, this unit will allow you to schedule a regular meal time for the cats, based on personal or dietary requirements.

This dispenser will allow you to program up to 16 different schedules, with varying dates and time.

By using this unit, you can plan 6 meal times a day, or just 3 meals for 2 days.

In short, this feeder will give you the chance to customize the meal cycles of your pets.

Now, if you don’t like the current feeding cycles of the cats, then you can easily change the schedule by accessing the account.

You need to click on ‘Schedule’, and change this part.

If you will be at home and you don’t need the automatic feeding program of the unit, you can simply erase the programmed eating schedules.

Resetting the unit is also an easy task, and this can be done by pressing a pin into the hole of the feeder that can be found at the back.

Press this for at least 5 seconds to reset the unit.



  • This unit allows you to work and program the meal times remotely
  • Program schedules can be changed any time using the internet
  • Lets you customize the feeding schedules, in days or times
  • Unit comes with a strong motor that can easily handle a fully loaded plate, even wet food
  • One feed option can be triggered any time with just a click
  • Can work on dry and wet cat food
  • Users can program up to 6 meal times, and meal times have an interval of just minutes or even hours
  • Pet owners can watch the eating behavior and other activities of the cats using the web cam
  • The web interface is responsive and easy to use
  • This features a 6-second high-quality voice recording that can be played before the cats are about to eat their share. This recording feature comes with an adjustable volume
  • Even if the unit has been unplugged, this feeder will still retain its programming
  • There is a locking mechanism in place, making sure that cats will not access the pellets ahead of time
  • Unit is constructed from a special plastic material that will not cause allergies to cats
  • Once the unit has been closed, it will remain air tight to ensure that the next food allocation will remain fresh.
  • There is no need to use an ice pack just to keep the cat food fresh
  • Will not create noises when it operates
  • Reliable operations, and will dispense the food allocations at the specified time
  • Offers an ergonomic design, and will not be knocked over by cats
  • Manage multiple units using just one account


  • You will need a long time to understand its operations, and to connect the system to the web, especially if the router does not feature the WPS button
  • An internet connection is required to operate the unit
  • Battery back up does not exist, which means that this can be a problem during a long power interruption
  • This will be a problem for pet owners who don’t know their way around the web
  • Applications are only for the website, and not for smartphones
  • Comes at a high price
  • Does not feature ice packs

Feed and Go Smart cat food dispenserTips and tricks

  • To get the best results and for cats to enjoy fresh food, it is recommended that wet food should be stored in the refrigerator first. This extra step will make sure that the wet food will be fresh for a longer period of time.
  • There is no need to worry about loading if you have a separate unit for dry food, and another one for wet food

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Feed and Go is one of the best cat feeders around, thanks to its flexibility and top-notch features.

This unit will allow pet owners to feed their cats dry and wet food.

And since this auto feeder can be operated using an internet connection, then this can easily work for busy pet owners who are not always around to feed their cats and watch their eating habits.

In short, you can even consider the unit as a pet sitter, especially if you are not around for a few days.

We recommend this food system for pet owners with unpredictable work schedules, and for those who want to give their pet cats wet and dry food.

By investing in this pet food dispenser for cats and dogs, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that the cats can get their food on time, and you can also track their movements even if you are out of your house.

We recommend this unit to:

Pet cats with special dietary requirements, especially if the cats have been diagnosed with diabetes

  • Pet owners who have cats that are too smart and loves to steal a few bites every time
  • Pet owners have overweight cats, and these cats need to watch their diet and weight
  • Pet owners and other individuals who have unpredictable working hours, and they are not always present at home to check and supervise cats
  • Pet owners who are looking for an extra unit that can handle wet or dry cat food

We do not recommend:

  • Pet owners and individuals who have a hard time accessing and using the internet
  • Individuals who are not familiar and confident with web interfaces
  • Pet owners and individuals who live in areas where there are frequent power interruptions. This feeder does not feature a back-up power supply, thus making regular feeding a problem during power interruptions.

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