Feline Pine Litter Box Review

Feline Pine Litter Box – An In-Depth Guide

Our review of the Feline Pine Litter Box happened as a result how popular it is.

Its currently being praised for being environmentally friendly for cat owners and cats.

Its main selling point is the self-cleaning properties and its need for little maintenance.

Besides these two benefits, the product has faced stiff competition from other alternatives which is the reason why I want us to establish whether it’s a good option for your household or not.

Before we delve any deeper, I must clarify that this review is based on extensive research, consultations with previous and current users and hands-on testing where applicable.

Research shows that cat owners throw billions of dollars every year in cat Litter.

Even though some of them still consider traditional litters a viable option, there are new entrants to the market that are doing an amazing job.

The Feline Pine Litter box is a sustainable alternative that works as needed.

It’s made from all natural products and is flushable.

In most instances, this cat litter offers similar benefits to the ones offered by traditional cat litters.

The Feline Pine Brand

This brand was established 28 years ago by experts that sought a healthy solution for cats and their owners.

The team was inspired by the lumber industry and wanted to look for a sustainable alternative to the traditional options.

They choose the Southern Yellow Pine after testing a couple of other materials.

This material was found to be very effective in absorbing moisture.

It also has some amazing odor neutralizing properties which is the reason why it was used in making this product.

The Pine Promise

The Feline Pine Brand follows a philosophy known as “Pine Promise“.

This philosophy includes respect for all living things especially pets and other animals.

They believe that animals and pets rely on humans to provide shelter and all basic needs.

The next point is to embrace the corporate duty of respecting the environment and the natural resource.

The last key point is to focus on the quality of the products and customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

The Feline Pine Litter box has two trays: lower and under where you put the pellets and the sawdust.

The pellet is put on the top tray and when the cat pees; it will head to the bottom later.

This is a simple and cost-effective mechanism.

The user will only be required to empty the sawdust from the lower tray and keep the unaffected pellets in the upper tray.

The cats will equally not be walking on the sawdust which minimizes the chances of tracking.

Although this product is marketed as a self-cleaning product, but it’s not fully self-cleaning.

The cat owner will still have to clean the solid waste and clean the box regularly.

The perk is that the sawdust can be used as mulch or compost.


In terms of clumping, this Litter box is not a strong one, especially when compared to other all-natural litter and litter box.

It forms clumps that can be scooped with any scooper.

However, this might also not stick together.

Another issue is that the clumps are prone to falling apart which can leave tiny nuggets in the box.

To make it easier for you, you should be changing the Litter box from time to time.

The Feline Pine Litter Box Pros and cons


  • Sifted sawdust – The sawdust from the top box will automatically be sifted through the holes to the bottom tray. You will still be required to stir it but this is not a noticeable problem.
  • Pellet saving – With this litter box, cat owners will not have to spend a lot of money on pellets anymore. This is probably because you will not have to throw the good pellets away with the sawdust. The mechanism separates the pellets from the sawdust.
  • Self-Cleaning – Even though this product is not fully self-cleaning, it cleans itself to some point and requires little maintenance. Because of the mechanism of separation that the product uses, there’s minimal maintenance needed.
  • It reduces tracking – Given that the cat will not walk on the sawdust, there are minimal chances of tracking. The cat will only walk on the top tray.
  • A clean look – The look might not be a significant benefit but it really looks neat and clean. The pellets are practically visible and nothing else. The dirty sawdust is hidden in the tray below.


  • It’s relatively expensive-The Feline Pine Litter box is not the cheapest. However, the price and the comparative features and properties present great value for your money.

Cleaning Routine for Pine Pellet cat Litter-Sifting vs. scooping?

This cat litter works slightly different from other cat boxes.

The pellets are likely to dissolve when exposed to liquid.

The used litter will also turn into sawdust and will settle on the bottom tray as explained above.

When cleaning the litter box, you will have to remove the Litter in the Bottom together with the feces.

This is easy but how do you separate the sawdust from the pellets.

  • Scooping pellet litter-The Pine pellet cat litter doesn’t come with neat clumps that is easy to scoop up. Though, this is not an indication that scooping the litter is not a viable option.
  • Sifting pellet litter-For people that need something scoop free, the pine pellet gives you another viable option. Instead of using the above method, you can use a sift to separate the fresh pellets from the litter.

Why is Feline Pine Litter Box adored?

Besides the numerous benefits that I’ve shared above, cat owners praise the feline Pine box because of the minimal maintenance.

You will just need a little time and energy to shift the top box.

You will also be required to shift the litter box a few times a week.

It’s self-cleaning and one of the easiest to use Litter Box.


Pine is a good form of deodorizer and for that reason, it minimizes the odors and you will not have to worry about the urine and feces smell in your house.

The fact that it has two trays, one with pellets the other with sawdust means that maintaining the litter box is easy and straightforward.

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