Flushable Cat Litter

Flushable Cat Litter – Is It Safe For Your Plumbing

Is flushable cat litter is the best alternative to traditional cat litters as its easier to dispose of it without any additional trash?

Short Answer, Yes! But there are countless myths about flushable cat litter out there that you may want to consider.

but it’s important to use a flushable litter brand that won’t clog your plumbing so I have compiled a list of the best options to get you started on the right foot.

Haters claim that toilet flushing cat litter can cause the plumbing more harm, but let’s be honest, do you like cleaning cat litter?

What about the pungent odor from urine and poop?

Looking for an easier way to dispose of your cats litter, then this may be the best thing you read all day.

Despite the many myths in the market, flushable cat litter remains the best alternative to traditional options.

This brief article presents to you the top best Flushable Cat Litter that you can invest in right now.

What is a Flushable cat litter?

Flushable cat litter is the cat litter that is made from biodegradable and natural material that can break down to the environment.

Most of them are made from a combination of silica and clay.

When the granules get wet or when exposed to any waste, they easily harden and expand.

There are several other materials that can be used to make Flushable Cat Litter.

It’s easy to find Cat Litters made from corn, wheat and wood products.

Flushable Cat Litter: weighing the pros and cons

Cat owners spend more than $3.9 billion on litter products annually across the globe.

Manufacturers are equally presenting different alternatives with improvements to make it easy for cat owners.

Flushable cat litter is one of those entries in the market to make it easy for cat owners to get rid of the litter.

But it’s costly and more than 3% of cat owners report purchasing flushable cat litters made from corn, wood shavings, and wheat.

According to American Pet Products Association, pet owners are in constant search of more eco-friendly products.

The manufacturers are responding accordingly to present flushable Pet litter made of natural materials.

But we have haters that are advocating against flushing cat litter.

They say that flushable cat litter is not safe for your pipes. Some litter is not designed for septic systems and can cause more harm than good to the sewer system.

The Wild River Environmental report shows that most pipes are not prepared for cat and pet litter.

According to the report, it’s not advisable to flush cat litter even after confirming that the septic system is compatible.

Furthermore, cat litter quickly dehydrates and hardens meaning, that by the time you get around to scoop it, it’s very likely to clog.

For households with water-saving toilets, the water might not be enough to get the litter down the pipes.

The EPA classifies pet waste as a pollutant claiming that it can harm fish and wildlife.

The EPA claims that pet waste can kill native vegetation and contaminate drinking water.

Pet waste equally contains Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite that causes more harm to human beings.

For that reason, some people advocate against flushing Cat waste.

But are there any benefits of using Flushable Cat Litter?

What is the weight of pros against the cons and what should you go for?

Flushable cat Litter is convenient for the cat owner because it eliminates the need of disposing of clumping or other types of waste receptacles.

Pet owners can easily flush the waste down the toilet.

Another benefit is that these flushable cat litters are lightweight and cost a similar to the price of other pet litters.

Besides this one benefit, flushable pet litters have a couple of other benefits.

Sustainability is another major benefit of choosing flushable pet litter.

It’s perfect for people that have been searching for a greener Alternative.

The clay is collected in a process called strip mining which doesn’t affect the ecosystem or pollute the environment.

It’s convenient to use Flushable Cat Litter than other traditional alternatives.

Flushing the litter down the toilet is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of cat litter.

With this information, it’s easy to determine whether you should go with Flushable Cat litter or not.

If you have to, then check the below recommendations.

The below Flushable Cat Litter was reviewed contingent to their specific functionality, properties, and value for your money.

Top Six Best Flushable Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter

The World’s Best Cat Litter Company has more than 23 years of experience making the best flushable cat litter.

It was formed in 1996 when a group of scientists embarked in a mission to create the best cat litter.

The founders realized a revolutionary process that used corn to make cat litter .

The company claims to be the best in the market due to the fact that they give cat owners the potential to have a clean Litter Box.

All worlds’ Best Cat Litter are flushable and are made from natural absorbent corn and not clay.

If you have been looking for the best odor control Litters, then the World’s Best Cat Litter is the top in the list.

This Cat Litter is also perfectly flushable due to its natural composition.

Moving on, there’s no artificial chemicals and dyes which makes it one of the safest cat Litters.

The materials are equally safe for the environment.

However, most people think that the name for this Cat Litter is Cocky but generally, the World’s Best Cat Litter is one of the best cat litters available in the market.

As a matter of fact, this cat litter is ranked on KittyCatter.com as the number one flushable Cat Litter.

However, it still has its own downsides.

Besides being the best in the world, it’s the most expensive.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is made from compressed corn and it’s also free from silica dust.

When used, the cat litter forms tight and hard clumps for easy scooping.

It’s also biodegradable and flushable for people that care so much about disposal.

It is unscented meaning that the cat will breathe easily.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is perfect for Multi-cat or single cat Households.

Upon testing, the World’s Best Cat Litter produced little dust but the dust settled quickly meaning there are few issues.

When exposed to large quantities of urine, it emits an unpleasant odor.

It is marketed as an unscented Cat Litter but still, it produced a slight scent but that was not strong enough to irritate the cat and smell out the room of the litter box.


  • It’s ecofriendly
  • It’s flushable
  • Produces low dust
  • Forms hard, tight clumps when it gets in contact with feces and urine
  • It’s made from natural ingredients
  • It’s safe for the cats and the environment


  • It’s very expensive

Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter, Clumping

This company was started at a point in time when the idea of natural cat litter was still fairly new.

Okocat saw a gap in the market and considered making eco-conscious and natural cat litter.

The company offers six formulas to choose from with options from clumping and non-clumping cat Litter.

From all the other formulas, it offers 7-day odor control in a lightweight and biodegradable cat litter.

But you still have to pay a little more for it.

But lets me confirm it’s worth the money given that this cat litter brings some functionality such as odor control, and high absorbency.

The Okocat Cat Litter is developed by Healthy Pet which is a very passionate, innovative and committed team of scientists.

The team creates exceptional pet products and pet brands such as CritterCare, Puppy Ho Potty, Simply Pine, Okocat and CareFresh.

This cat litter has attracted reviews and comments from many users.

Most of the users consider Okocat as an affordably-priced and flushable Cat Litter.

It’s very great in making cat Litter clean up easily.

The cat litter is flushable and biodegradable meaning that you can get rid of the litter in a number of ways without harming the environment.

Most cat owners don’t want to flush the litter down the toilet but it’s a viable option.

If you have already wanted to get a great odor controlling cat litter, then this is a good match.

It’s made with materials and substances that kills a lot of bacteria and other odor causing pathogens.

Furthermore, Okocat Cat Litter prevents odor from escaping meaning that you will have long-lasting odor controlling ability.

The other benefits are that the Okocat Cat Litter is very absorbent that it can be used by multiple cats for a while.

According to the manufacturer, this cat litter absorbs up to five times the weight of the cat.

Pros and cons


  • The product is made from all-Natural and sustainable materials
  • Absorbs liquid quickly
  • It controls odors for up to 7 days
  • It’s very absorbent
  • It can be flushed


  • It’s more expensive
  • Liquid may hit the Bottom

sWheat Scoop Multi-cat All Natural Clumping Cat Litter

If you have been searching for a clumping litter that turns mess into easy to dispose clumps, then sWheat Scoop Multi-cat all Natural Clumping Cat Litter is the best for you.

But still you should expect to pay more for a biodegradable formula.

I have heard some cat owners complaining that their cats eat litter.

But in such cases, cat owners shouldn’t worry because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and dyes.

It also doesn’t have a pungent smell which can irritate the cats.

The company has three formulas that have an 85% recommendation from previous users.

The products have attracted more than 85% Five-star reviews with most customers claiming that the product is lightweight, lacks fragrance, and is made from natural materials.

However, you should know that different people have different experiences.

The most popular formula offered by sWheat Scoop, Premium+ formula is made from all natural products and is flushable.

It’s equally biodegradable and completely free from harsh and risky ingredients such as dye and chemicals.

However, few people have reported a slight natural scent.

The manufacturer makes these products for a multiple cat household meaning that it can be used by more than one cat.

They highly rely on Noble Ion Technology to deliver a highly effective odor control cat litter.

The manufacturer claims that the product has 3 times the clumping powers than the other formulas.

After testing this formula, we found that the clumping powers are relatively stronger as the company claims.

I also realized that the formula has a slight natural scent as most users claim.

Unfortunately, we also found out that the litter can stick to the pan when disposing it.

But in relation to the mess, the litter is awesome.

It doesn’t produce a lot of dust and scooping the litter is very easy.

But given the fact that the granules are very lightweight, there was some tracking.

Overall, I like the Litter for its amazing functionality.


  • Excellent odor control capabilities
  • It’s safe
  • It’s flushable
  • Made using natural products


  • Its pricey

Better Way Eco Fresh Clumping Cat Litter

This is a highly flushable cat Litter that previously had the word ‘’Flushable” on its word.

However, that was removed to reflect how eco-Friendly the manufacturers are.

But this doesn’t mean it’s not currently flushable.

The product is flushable and very affordable for Budget buyers.

It’s made of small granules that are likely to be very gentle to your feline friend.

However, the granules are very likely to clump into larger and firm groupings.

You should note that even when it clumps, it’s very safe to flush down the toilet.

If you have wanted to keep the litter box smelling nice and staying easy to clean, then the Better way Eco Fresh Clumping cat litter will be a good option.

The granules are manufactured in a way that it will stop the urine from settling at the bottom.


  • It’s easy to clean
  • Its eco Friendly
  • Prevents foul odor
  • It’s safe to flush
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and dye.


  • It might not ship securely

Next Gen Pet Unscented Green Tea Clumping Wood cat Litter

This cat litter is a prime choice for many cat owners and veterinarians.

It’s an all-natural cat litter made specifically from green tea leaves and wood fibers.

Its main selling point is the fact that it contains catechin which has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

These properties are needed to prevent the growth of bacteria that is responsible for the odor.

The Cat litter is advertised as an unscented product but it contains green tea leaves which offer a fresh and a natural scent.

Taking the 5-Pound bag can last one cat for about 6 weeks.

Additional benefits include ease of use and ease of scooping the clumps.

It’s also flushable and a great value for your money.

When users’ needs to switch out the cats litter box contents, the remaining can be composted.

Over time, the Next Generation Pet has attracted a lot of reviews from current and previous users.

A significant number of users recommend this pet litter to families with more than one cat.

They love the fact that this product is effective in odor control, made naturally from naturally available materials and it produces low dust.

The product uses nature’s technology to control urine and poop odor.

There are no added harmful chemicals and toxic additives that can be harmful to cats that eat litter.

A Noticeable benefit is the power of Japanese Hinoki wood and the Green tea leaves that leaves the product smelling fresh.

These two natural additives equally reduce the chances of bacterial growth.

This means that the Next Generation Pet Litter is safe for the cat and the cat owner because it produces less dust that might irritate the respiratory system.

The main precaution is to always wash the hands immediately after handling this product.

Cat’s feces contain Toxoplasma gondii which is a very serious parasite that can cause Toxoplasmosis especially for people with weak immune system.


  • You can choose from two bag sizes
  • Low dust
  • Effective odor control
  • Lightweight
  • Great value for the money
  • Fresh natural scent


  • Large granule size

The key benefit of getting this litter are less tracking from the small pellet sizes.

The product is flushable and compostable.

This means that cleaning it is Breeze and all natural ingredients make it 100% safe for cat owners and their pers.

The manufacturer combines the powers of Green Tea Leaves and Japanese Hinokin to prevent bacteria growth.

Lastly, it’s made from silica to control moisture and odor.

Cat’s Pride Premium Lightweight Cat Litter

Cat’s pride is one of the oldest manufacturers of pet litter.

The company has more than 75 years of making these products in the American Market.

The brand offers both clumping and non-clumping formulas.

The two formulas are made of natural clay material.

Today, the brand line has three non-clumping formulas which include the Fresh & Clean, Natural and Complete Multi-Cat.

As the name suggests, the product is a lightweight cat pride.

It stands out from the competition because its clay and still flushable.

Unlike most clay litter that uses sodium bentonite, this product is made using totally different natural clay.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers don’t specify which type of natural clay is used.

Its selling point is it’s easy to pour and store and its lightweight.

You can pick the scented formula that traps the odor and leaves the litter smelling fresh and clean.

The product forms hard clumps that you can easily scoop and flush.

Picking the 17.5 pound of the product it can last up to 60 days with a single cat.

The Cat’s Pride Premium Lightweight cat litter is a great value for your money.

It’s recommended by many veterinarians for its ease of flushing and controlling odor.

If you live in multi-cat households, you can agree with me that the house goes through litter very quickly and in such instances, it’s difficult to deal with the odor.

For this reason, the Cat’s pride made a good product for multicat households to help get rid of the litter and at the same time control odor.

This cat litter is designed by the manufacturer to trap the odor immediately it gets into contact.

It is also praised for its ability to absorb urine and other liquids quickly to form hard clumps that locks urine odor away.

From the tests conducted, it did well in producing hard clumps and controlling odor.

However, it caused mess because it produced some dust when it was poured into the tray.

This is mainly because it’s lightweight or the fact that the granules are fine.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Fresh scent
  • Its Great value for your money
  • Made of nature’s clay
  • It’s flushable


  • It can be dusty
  • It’s not recommended for septic tank systems.


What is the best Flushable Cat Litter?

There are many flushable cat litters as explained above.

But sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat All-natural clumping cat litter is the best.

This cat litter is safe to flush and it has excellent flushing action.

But users will also love the Better way Eco Fresh Clumping cat Litter for its ease of cleaning and preventing odors.

Is Flushable can litter really flushable

Besides the fact that Flushable litter is advertised as Flushable, it’s not always safe to flush.

The first thing is that the cat poop hardens and quickly dehydrates.

By the time you get to scoop cat poop, it can create a clog.

What cat Litter can you flush down the toilet?

Although there are many flushable Cat Litter out there, Rufus & Coco weekitty Natural Flushable Clumping cat litter is the best because you can flush down the toilet.

It is a flushable, biodegradable litter made of corn.

The cat litter clumps but it easily breaks apart in water making it very easy and safe to flush.

Final verdict

Flushable cat litters are preferred for their convenience and sustainability.

Besides the heated debate of whether flushable litter is good or not, they remain the best alternative to traditional options.

Making it easy to control odor and get rid of Cat Litter.

The list above contains the best six recommendations that you can pick up today.

Choose the one that suits your specific needs and budget.

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