Friskies vs Fancy Feasts

Friskies vs Fancy Feasts – Surprising Results With These 2 Foods

Have you wondered which is the best cat food brand to go for?

Wet foods, unlike dry cat foods, have higher moisture, which is beneficial to cats, especially those that have kidney and urinary tract issues.

Some veterinarians would recommend some wet foods for their digestive health.

Friskies and Fancy feasts are two main brands of wet cat foods that are all excellent for mouth issues and teeth issues, among many other health issues.

So, which of these wet cat foods is best for your cat?

We’ve reviewed these two food brands to give you enough information for decision making.


It’s important to note that cats are obligate carnivores, which mainly means that they need animal proteins and other ingredients for growth.

Regardless of the cat’s strength, they still need basic nutrients from wet foods.

The AAFCO guarantees that all pet foods must provide analysis and exact details of the nutrient contents and the ingredients used to manufacture different cat foods.

The nutrient content analysis should equally give minimum percentages of crude fat and protein and portions of other contents such as moisture and fiber.

Fancy Feast proves to be better than Friskies.

It’s also essential to make sure you don’t get fish-flavored food because the smell can be addictive and cause a couple of health issues such as UTI.

Fancy Feast also has higher muscle meat, and as opposed to Friskies, which is made using byproducts, Fancy Feast will have more health benefits to your cat.

Another important thing is that Friskies Feast has a small amount of rice, meaning that it has low quantities of carbs.

The fewer the carbs, the better, mainly because cats are obligate carnivores.

Lastly, Friskies is cheaper than Fancy Feast, which may affect the decision between the two Feasts.

If you are on a Budget, then Friskies is an excellent choice.

Fancy Feast Overview

Since 1982, Fancy Feast has provided the much-needed nutrients for cats with different health issues and nutritional needs.

Fancy Feast is regarded as the first cat food brand to capitalize on the gourmet concept.

But recently, the company has been praised for providing affordable yet nutritious cat foods in the market.

It is currently advertised as luxurious food for cats.

Purina purchased the Fancy Feast brand.

Purina later merged with Nestle, and in 2017, the merge was the second-largest earning pet food company in the entire world.

Friskies Feast Overview

The Friskies brand has been around for more than 80 years.

The brand was commenced in 1934 after the first dog biscuit was sold.

The brand was started as a dog food manufacturer, but it later moved to the manufacturer and provided affordable cat food.

Friskies feast for cats has a slow start.

The Feast was only doing good on the West Coast of the Country.

Later, the Friskies Feast for cats brands gained a foothold in the then growing cat food market.

Today, Friskies is the leading cat wet food manufacturer.

The brand was acquired by Nestle, now Nestle-Purina company.

Just like Fancy Feast, Friskies is a prominent cat food brand in the market today.

Sourcing and manufacturing

Friskies is manufacture in many of the Purina owned facilities in the country.

The ingredients are sourced in the US.

However, depending on the different ingredients, such as Venison, duck, rabbit, and lamb are sourced from other parts of the continent.

Just like Friskies, Fancy cat food is produced in the US, with most ingredients being sourced from the country and around the continent.

However, Fancy feasts are made using some of the products sourced from Thailand.

All the Fancy Feast products are made in company-owned facilities.

Fancy vs. Friskies: Feast Offers

Fancy Feast, unlike the Friskies feast, has over 100 recipes.

The recipes include Morsels, two varieties of dry cat foods, pates, and broths.

The original Fancy food is Gourmet offering recipes such as broths, pates, and dry cat foods.

Friskies, on the other hand, offer a couple of wet food and some treats and dry foods.

The Friskies wet food lineup has 60 varieties.

The line includes Extra Gravy Chunky, Shreds, Tasty Treasures, Meaty Bits, Cat Concoctions, and Flaked Cat food, among many others.

The brand also offers varieties of kibbles and lines of Treats.

Fancy vs. Friskies Feast: Pros and cons

Friskies pros

  • Affordable
  • Highly palatable
  • Relatively low in carbohydrates
  • Made using animal-sourced proteins

Friskies Cons

  • Contains carrageenan
  • Artificial ingredients.

Fancy Feast Pros

It’s relatively low in carbohydrates content

  • Rick in animal proteins
  • It’s affordable
  • Thickened without Carrageenan

Fancy Feast Cons

It has a few commercial ingredients


Is Friskies a good wet cat food?

Yes, it’s a meat-based cat food which has high contents of proteins and moderate quantities of carbohydrates and fat.

What is best-wet cat food?

There are several brands of cat foods that you can buy.

Friskies and Fancy are some of the best-wet cat foods.

How many cans of Fancy Feat should my cat eat?

The cat should take two cans of Fancy Feast.

The average feline usually consumes about six ouches of canned for every day.

This should always be divided into three meals.

The Fancy Feast is generally three ouches or less.

This means that the cat should consume 2 cans of this Feast at each meal.

Which cat food is better, Friskies or 9 Lives?

These two wet food brands for cats are good and usually meet the nutritional needs of the cat.

The Friskies guarantees 2.7% more fat than its counterpart, 9 Lives.

The two of them provide nearly the same amount of fat and other nutrients.

Final verdict

Comparing Fancy Feasts and Friskies feasts, there’s clear evidence that Fancy Feast is the winner in most categories.

Most customers observe that Fancy feast is consistent and contains all the ingredients needed in maintaining can nutritional needs.

On the other hand, Friskies Feast is cheaper and equally has much-needed nutrients, minerals, and vitamins needed for cat growth and maintenance.

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