Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Review

Funkitty’s Egg-Cersizer is a treat dispenser in the shape of an egg which is meant to be rolled around like a ball.

It has adjustable holes built around it for dispensing treats of various sizes.

The egg-shaped toy dispenses food as it wobbles around.

Your cats can push it around with their paws or nose.

This toy is great for cats who are first-timers in using treat dispensers.

It’s relatively easy to use compared with other cat toys.

You can slowly teach your cat to play with this toy by first giving them an easy setting where a lot of treats come out.

This way, they’ll associate with the toy better, thinking they’ll get more rewards when they play with it.

Gradually cover more holes to make it more challenging to play with while it dispenses fewer treats.

It’s a safe and enjoyable toy for cats of all ages, size, and breed.

Owners can also consider this toy if they have a cat who eats too fast that they tend to vomit the food out in the end.

Funkitty Features

  • Adjustable holes to present different levels of difficulty
  • Wobbling and rolling movement makes it interesting for your cats to play with
  • Made of solid, transparent plastic material
  • Can be filled with small to medium dry treats

How to use it

The holes can be resized to make it easier or harder for treats to fall out.

No need to crack it open as there’s a knob on the egg’s shell you can manipulate to adjust the hole size.

You can choose to open just 1 hole or open all of them to give more treats to your pets as they play with it.
To refill it, just twist the egg apart into two and fill one part with treats before putting the egg back together.

The egg can accommodate small to medium-sized dry food.


  • Easy to refill
  • Easy to clean and dish washer friendly
  • Made of strong plastic material
  • Suitable for cats who are beginners in using treat dispensers
  • Reinforces slower eating pace for cats
  • Prevent weight gain


  • Can be noisy when moved around then used
  • Leaves a mess behind when its played with
  • Its round shape makes it more prone to ending up somewhere difficult to reach, leaving you the one hunting for it
  • The hole at the bottom cannot be adjusted


The Funkitty Egg-Cersizer is a simple yet entertaining treat dispenser for your cats to play with.

It can be a start to keep them physically fit and help your cat from consuming too much food within one sitting.

For the best results with your cat:

  • Show your cat first how it works if they’re not playing with it
  • For beginners, start using it with all holes opened. As they progress in using it, close the holes until only one is remaining.
  • Don’t let your cats play with it at night as the sound it produces may get disturbing to certain levels
  • You can try taking the egg apart and using the lower half as a regular food bowl for your cats. As they associate it with food, snap the egg back together and teach them how to dispense food from it.
  • Buy another Egg-Cersizer to avoid competition if you have more than one cat

This toy is great for cats who need to be physically motivated to earn their food.

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Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Review
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