How to Get My Cat to Eat When They Have Issues Eating

So your cat is ignoring the food that you have served?

For many cat owners, this is a cause for concern, and the concern is understandable. Cats deprived of food will suffer from extreme weight loss, and when not properly addressed, will lead to liver damage.

Don’t let these happen to your pet cats; as soon as you noticed some changes in their behavior, like refusing their food, you need to act fast.

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Talk to Your Vet to Assess the Health Condition of your Cat

Cats, by nature, love to eat, and they are always willing to try new foods. So when a cat suddenly loses their appetite, then something must be wrong that needs immediate attention. According to veterinarians, loss of appetite is one crucial indicator of an underlying illness that should be checked.

PRO TIP: If you see that your cat is not eating then take them to the VET immediately for medical attention.

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There’s a big chance that your cat is suffering from an illness, including but not limited to infections, intestinal problems or worse, kidney failure or cancer.

But usually, the underlying condition is not serious and is curable, and not a cause for alarm. In most cases, they suffer from a toothache which prevents them from enjoying their food. This is why a talk with the vet is crucial when you notice that your cat is not eating, or have lost their appetite.

Also of appetite can be connected to a recent vaccination. If the cat has undergone a regular vaccination, then the cat’s system may be reacting to the shots. If this is the case, keep in mind that loss of appetite is normal.

Things You Can Do

If health and previous vaccination shots are the underlying concerns, you may need to change the cat’s food regimen based on the vet’s recommendations. You can change the kind of food being taken, or change its consistency. You must do all these changes gradually.

Medicines, appetite stimulants or even the use of a syringe may be used in extreme cases.

Eating Issues Caused by the Environment Change

In some instances, the problem may be related to unfamiliar surroundings and recent travel.

Remember, cats are creatures of habit, and the changes in routine will affect them by a loss of appetite. Some cats can also suffer from motion sickness, which leads to nausea, preventing them from eating.

How to Nourish my cat when they are not Eating?

If your cat is not eating for any reason and your cat has been assessed by a VET then appetite stimulants will give them a boost in nutrients when they are not eating.

Cats typically don’t eat for a number of reasons, like post operation or surgery, they are sick, sore tooth or more.

One key way of making sure they are getting the right nutrients without eating is using these appetite stimulant products that help keep your cat nourished without the effort of forcing them to each their regular portions of food.

3 Recommend Appetite Stimulants gel for Cats

best appetite nutrient gel for catsTomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats

NutriCal (4.25 oz paste) by VETOQUINOL

Tomlyn High Calorie Nutritional Supplement 

And if you feed the cats with canned treats, make sure to rotate different brands at least four times a year to reduce their finickiness, and can also help prevent the intestinal tract problems and food allergies.

Another trick that you can do is to select a right feeding cycle, and when feeding your kitten, learn to vary the food and flavors. Different food types can be served in different containers, so it’s easier for you to check which foods are not liked well by your cats. This will require you to explore different food options, so you can avoid a finicky eater.

Keep all these in mind when caring for your cats. As soon as you notice that your cats have problems or difficulty eating, consider it as a sign to visit the vet, also its a good idea if you are looking to cut down on your cost on expensive vet bills to invest in pet insurance.

It’s better to be sure than to put your cat’s health in danger.


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