GoCat Go Play-N-Treat Ball Dispenser Review

The OurPets Play-N-Treat Twin Pack Cat Toy is a ball-shaped treat dispenser which your cats need to roll around to get the food out.

The toy encourages your cat to move around while eating.

It delays your cat’s eating pace which may result in weight loss.

The ball has a small hole on one part where treats come out as it’s rolled across the floor.

Your cats need to use their paws or nose to push it around and chase it, giving them ample of exercise.

The size of the hole presents a little challenge by allowing only a few kibbles to come out.

This is a good way to correct your cat’s feeding habits and train them to work harder for their food.

To pour treats in the toy, just squeeze the toy in the middle to take it apart.

Snap each half back in place once done.

The food dispenser is made of durable, non-toxic plastic that’s easy to clean and store.

Features of the Go Play-N-Treat Ball

  • Two balls in one package
  • Its ball shape encourages cats to chase it around
  • One small hole lets you control the amount of food you feed your cat
  • Toy’s colors are the most visible and enticing for cats
  • Dimensions (diameter): 4.75in
  • Weighs approximately 1.6oz


  • Effective in discouraging your cats in eating too fast
  • Great way to give your cats a little mental and physical exercise
  • Toy is easy to refill with dry food and treats
  • Very cheap
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Made of solid, recyclable plastic


  • Hole isn’t adjustable and may be too small for some treats
  • It’s small and it rolls which makes it prone to getting stuck under your couch and furniture
  • Lightweight, plastic body may create some noise
  • Suitable only for dry treats

cat food dispensing toyTips

  • Find treats that are smaller than the hole for a smoother food dispensing action. However, if you want to increase the challenge, you can put in a few kibbles that are bigger to block the path of the food outlet
  • Fill the toy about half to 75% full to make it harder for treats to come out. Putting small amounts will make the food go through the hole faster
  • You can split the balls apart to refill the food or just pour it in through the hole itself

Recommended for:

  • Cats who need dieting
  • Cats of all ages
  • Those who are new to food dispensing toys


The Go! Cat Go! is a simple yet effective toy for controlling your cat’s feeding habit while giving them an entertaining mealtime.

It gives them a good amount of walking and running by having them chase the toy around.

Cats new to food dispensers can get a good start with this one.


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