Guide to Choosing the Right Automatic Cat Feeder for your Cats

Automatic cat feeders are critical and highly recommended for households with cats as pets.

While you can personally feed the cats on your free time, and simply assign a spot where you can put the container filled with pellets, still it is highly recommended that you automate this task to simplify this task.

And one way to simplify this task is buying an automatic feeder that can serve as your partner in feeding your pet cats, even though you are not around.

There are different kinds of products around, and some of these can be configured and programmed using your mobile phone.

Although the availability of different options is great for consumers, it can be frustrating, especially if you cannot easily decide on what unit to get.

To help you simplify the shopping process, we have collated some information and tips on how to find the best pet food dispenser based on cat type.

What to get if you have an overweight cat?

If you love your overweight cat and you want to invest in a food dispenser, it is suggested that you get an automatic unit that comes with a timer.

You want to make sure that your pet cat will eat on time, and will only eat the recommended amount of food.

You can set the feeder to feed the cat 3 times a day, say during 8 AM, 1 PM and 6 PM.

This step will ensure that your cat will remain healthy.

GemPet SmartFeeder automatic food dispenser and pet monitorGemPet PF-103 SmartFeeder Automatic Pet feeder with iOS AppLook for an electronic feeder that will dispense a minimal amount of cat food.

Look for a unit that will allow you to dispense a minimal amount of kibbles at a time, say for example 30 grams or half a cup each time.

By using this feature, you can be sure that your cats will not over-eat.

Also, invest in a unit with a protected nozzle system.

Some cats are creative, and they will do everything just to score additional kibbles ahead of time.

What to get if your pet eats too fast?

If this is the case, look for a unit that can dispense kibbles and pellets a few pieces each time.

You don’t want to use a unit that will throw all his supplies all at once.

You can also find an automatic feeder on the market that will automatically stop or shuts down if it will notice that your cat eats too fast.

What to get if your cat wants to break in, and get more from the feeder?

There are some creative and rowdy cats out there that will try their best to snatch a few more pellets or dry kibbles.

If this is the case with your pets, you should look for a cat food dispenser with the excellent nozzle system.

Pay attention to these rules and recommendations when you are shopping for a cat feeder.

Use reviews and customer comments to your advantage when shopping for the best unit, for your loving cat!

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