Hagen Catit Treat Ball review

Hagen Catit Cat Treat Ball Toy Review

The Hagen Catit Treat Ball is a small ball that dispenses small dry treats as it rolls around the floor.

Its rolling motion will keep your cat entertained and satisfied when treats pour out of the toy.

The ball has a screw-shaped, twisted coil inside that acts as a barrier to control the amount of food dispensed by the toy.

It has an adjustable opening at one end which functions both as refilling and dispensing hole.

You need to twist the ball against the bottom cap to switch between the two holes.

The bigger hole is wide enough for filling the toy with dry treats and the smaller hole is ideal for food dispensing.

You can adjust the food-dispensing hole to make it easier or more difficult for treats to come out.

This feature allows you to control your cat’s eating habit by adjusting it so that only one piece of treat will come out at a time.

Coupled with the nudging activity it requires, this makes it ideal for reducing your cat’s weight and prevent overeating.
You can even choose to completely close the hole to make it just a toy ball your cats can play with.


  • Food dispenser and toy in one ball
  • Adjustable holes for multiple purposes:
    • (1) Twist the ball to reveal a hole big enough for refilling it with treats
    • (2) Switch to the smaller opening and you have a treat dispenser
    • (3) Twist the cap again to close the hole and make it a ball solely for play time
  • Rolling motion encourages physical activity in your cats
  • Made of hard, non-toxic plastic for rough play
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.8 x 2.8 x 4.3 in
  • Weighs approximately 2.4oz


  • Effectively slows down your cat’s eating pace
  • Releases only a few pellets at a time, making meal time longer
  • Stimulates physical activity in your cats
  • Good for reducing your cat’s weight and food intake
  • Made of solid, non-toxic plastic that’s safe for cats



  • The ball cant be disassembled, making it hard to clean
  • Often slips instead of rolling
  • Works only with small treats
  • May roll under your couch and other hard to reach areas

 Hagen Catit Treat Ball reviewSomes Tips Treat ball

  • Put it on a rubber mat where your cats can play with it
  • Avoid putting in fish-based treats. It might get stuck inside and you won’t be able to take it out easily
  • When using it for the first time, use the biggest hole first to make it easier for treats to come out. This way, your cats can easily associate the toy with food


The Catit Treat Ball is recommended for cats of all ages and sizes.

The adjustable holes make it easier for you to control the food dispensed to your cats.

It’s very effective in slowing down your cat’s eating pace, reducing their weight and chances of vomiting due to overeating.

Its ball shape allows it to roam freely on the floor, encouraging your cats to chase after it, giving them plenty of exercises before they get to their beloved cat.

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