Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain for Cats Review

Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain allows freshwater to continuously run, which helps make water drinking fun for cats in the household.

Thanks to the constant supply of freshwater in the household, you can protect your cats from certain urinary diseases.

The fountain can hold up to 100 oz of water.

This pet drinking fountain has an elevated style designed to let cats drink comfortably since they do not have to bend over to enjoy freshwater.

Freshwater bubbles up at the centre hole.

Using a multi-stage filtration system, pet cats will surely enjoy clean and freshwater since it always gets filtered.

The filters also function as a screen, preventing cat hair and other debris from getting in contact with the water.

Separate filters are sold if the replacement filter has already been used up.

Replacement of cartridge filter should be scheduled once a week if you have multiple cats.

In case of a single pet cat, cartridge filter can be replaced once a month.

The Hagen Catit Design Fresh Pet Drinking Fountain is ideal not just for cats but also to small dogs.

Once this pet drinking fountain runs out of the water, it creates a noise indicating that the water level is low so you need to refill it.


  • Provides pets with an aerated and fresh supply of moving water
  • Has a capacity of 100 oz
  • Allows water oxygenation since it has larger surface area
  • Hagen Catit fountain is designed for 110 volts
  • Multi-stage filtration system with carbon cleans to ensure drinking water is free from impurities
  • Has elevated white base and lime green top part
  • Unit comes with two-year limited warranty

How the Hagen Catit Fountain Works?

The unit has a 100 oz capacity to provide pet cats with enough water they need.

It also has a large plastic bucket which holds the water.

Water bubbles come from the middle part of the fountain.

The water pump is found at the bucket, while the filter is located at the bottom part.

The pump pushes water to come out of the center hole in the middle piece then drops the water back to the bucket for re-circulation.

Cats can either lick from the sides of the unit where water runs or they can bubble up the water.

Hagen Catit Fountain does not provide flowing or falling stream rather a circulating and bubbling source of water.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • 100 oz water holding capacity
  • Can be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning and refill purposes
  • It creates a little noise with a slight humming. When the water level gets low, it sounds a little louder reminding the pet owner to refill the fountain.
  • Can be purchased at an affordable price
  • The style and design of this fountain allows a small amount of water exposed during circulation so the water stays cleaner and fresher
  • It allows less exposure to particles and dirt on the floor
  • Drinking without too much bending is possible with this unit because of its elevated design
  • Can be placed at any corner or space at home
  • Filter can be easily accessed


  • Cleaning should be done as often as possible
  • The unit develops slime
  • Cat has totally no control or access to water in case of power interruption
  • Control of right water level is a bit hard and it makes noise when water reaches lower level
  • Some cats might be allergic to plastic, and some may also develop chin acne from using the unit
  • Irregular water bubbling and the cat’s nose becomes wet which may cause discomfort to them
  • Naughty and aggressive cats tip over the fountain since it is a lightweight unit
  • Some cats are smart, and there’s a chance that they can remove the filter and the middle part of the fountain


The fountain should be kept clean at all times so cats will enjoy a quieter fountain and well-functioning water pump.

The water pump has to be taken apart or disassembled for this to be cleaned up and maintained.

Other cats might find the fountain a bit scary at first so there is a need for them to use the fountain every now and then so they can get used to it.

It the unit gets noisier, putting more water in it or cleaning the unit will eradicate the noise.

Cleaning should be done after every two or three days, while the filter requires replacement every three to four weeks.

Disassembling and cleaning the water pump depends on the number of cats you have at home.

My Final Conclusion

Hagen Catit Design Drinking Fountain functions well, and offers you a good value for its price.

The capacity of Hagen Drinking Fountain is good, just like the Catit version Fresh & Clean.

Points to Remember About Hagen Catit Design Drinking Fountain

Cats might have a different reaction to the bubbling water.

Some may find it really good but others might not get used to it since bubbling water can make their noses wet.

The bubbling is ideal for just one cat that will use the fountain.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of Hagen Catit Design Drinking Fountain, it is apparently one of the best pet drinking units around, and provide your cats with a consistent flow of freshwater.

The pet drinking fountain is suited for:

  • Two or more cats that like to drink from a source with bubbling water
  • Cats that are comfortable using plastic water bowls
  • Cat owners who find time to clean the unit regularly, to ensure that their cats are drinking fresh water and free from harmful bacteria
  • Pet owners who also own other water dispensers

Hagen Catit Drinking Fountain may not be suited to:

  • Aggressive cats that love to play around, knock things on the floor
  • Kittens
  • Cats that jump over their water bowls
  • Cat left alone at home since there is a chance that power outages might happen
  • Busy cat owners who not have enough time for cleaning the unit

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