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Healthy Paws Insurance Review

Healthy Paws is the most impressive pet insurance plan available on the market, taking in the highest rating of 9.8 stars out of 10, when rated and compared against the other products offered by other pet insurance companies.

It also has received four out of five stars from Yelp, while Better Business Bureau gave it a 5 star rating [star rating=”5″]

Healthy Paws CEO Steve Siadek manages no-kill animal shelter prior to co-founding of this insurance company.

Stellar views of Healthy paws reflects Siadek’s compassion and effort to help animals, especially those homeless.

Healthy Paws insurance plan holders gave positive feedback in terms of reimbursement of claims and benefits.

Some companies do not cover expensive hereditary health conditions, but Health Paws does.

With this insurance plan, pets are secured with full coverage in case they need treatment for serious chronic illnesses such as cancer.

The company also covers hospital visits, surgery, veterinary emergencies, late-onset congenital conditions, and prescription medications for your pets.

In addition to its insurance product and services, Healthy Paws never forget to share its blessings as it continue with its charitable endeavor.

The company shares a portion of every insurance plan holder’s premiums to the Healthy Paws Foundation.

The donation is used to aid homeless pets with their medical care needs.

Our Final Rating: 5 Stars [star rating=”5″]

Healthy paws insurance offers affordable options at reasonable prices.

We found their plans are great overall plans that great value for money along with their heroic customer assistance.

Customer Reviews on Healthy Paws:

Premium insurance for my family!

This insurance worked like a charm for our 2-year old puppy.

For the last few months, he was involved in some medical emergencies, and this insurance packaged kept me stress-free.

I highly recommend this insurance to pet owners out there.

Pet owner of a 2-year old puppy and 4 year old cat

Service and medical coverage, guaranteed!

This is the first time that I have reviewed a pet insurance, and I’m glad that I reviewed Healthy Paws.

I have 3-year old Labrador, and I can say that the company easily responds to claims and questions.

Pet owner of a 3-year old Labrador, Johnston, SC
How Healthy paws Stack Up Against Petplan, Trupanion and Embrace

Besides being the highest-rated insurance package, Healthy Paws is the only pet insurance company that offers unlimited lifetime benefits, unlike some other insurance companies like Embrace, ASPCA, Pets Best and Pet First.

It also covers all illnesses and accidents as well as genetic conditions.

The company offers annual deductible unlike Pet First which is based on per incident.

In terms of financial stability, Healthy Paws receives A+ rating just like Embrace and Pet First.

The company also covers alternative therapies for your pets.

Treatments Accessible with Health Paws Insurance plan

Physical Therapy –
Just like humans, pets also need physical therapy.

It involves prescription of exercise activities and manipulation of muscles and bones as well.

Pets with chronic conditions like hip dysplasia are mostly benefited by this therapy.

Massage Therapy –
Pets often suffer injuries because of their every day routines.

They can benefit from skilled pressure application to skin and muscles.

Massage therapy is becoming more popular since it is non-invasive.

Massage therapy is not reliant on medications.

Practitioners of massage therapy are now required to take a national board of certification.

Through this, you can be sure that your pets are in good hands.

Acupuncture Treatment –
Acupuncture is now used in veterinary medicine, and it has been proven to be effective against certain health conditions.

For example, acupuncture has been tested to work against seizures, inflammation, and skin issues.

Acupuncture is also effective for heart and thyroid conditions.

Chiropractic Care –
As pets get older, just like people, they suffer problems with their joints, ligaments and bones.

Problems with bones and joints may cause pain, and affect your pets’ mobility.

This type of medical care helps reduce skeletal pain.

It can also be of great help for pets recovering from surgery and accidents.

Frequently asked questions on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Plan

How Do I Reach Healthy Paws?
The company has customer support services through phone number (855) 898-8991.

In case you have no time to go to their office personally, you can just have your claims filed and processed online through their e-mail address [email protected].

You can also send letter or claims to their mailing address.

How Do I Get Discounts, Promo codes and Coupons from Healthy Paws?

The company offers a number of ways to help insurance plan holder get the chance to save money and effort.

One of which is the discount given to AAA members, family and friends of plan members.

If you are a bargain hunter type of person, you can unlock lifetime discount in Healthy Paws using its online link.

This will help you save up to 10% in your monthly expense.

What are the Conditions Covered by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance?

Any condition caused by accidents, injuries and illnesses are covered by the insurance.

It also deals with medications, blood tests, hospital visits, x-rays, and life-saving medical treatments.

What are the Coverage Limits?

Being the best pet insurance providers, Healthy Paws offers unlimited coverage to be enjoyed by your pets for a lifetime.

There is no cap on claims reimbursement or per-incident limits with Healthy Paws Insurance Plan.

Are Congenital and Hereditary Conditions Covered?

Hereditary conditions are illnesses passed down from parents of your pets while congenital conditions are defects since birth.

These conditions are costly and can be difficult to treat.

Despite its cost, Healthy Paws still covers those conditions.

This makes the company ahead of others.

What Conditions are Excluded in the Insurance Plan?

Though the company offers extensive coverage, they have to keep premiums down.

That is why regular veterinarian visits and routine care are not covered under the plan.

Treatments including heart worm treatment, flea prevention, behavioral modification, and dental care are excluded.

What are the Qualifications and Requirements for Coverage?

For pets below six years old, the company requires the most recent record of veterinary visit.

For pets older than six years, the company asks for veterinary examinations conducted for the past 30 days.

In case none of these documents is presented, then your pet is required to be examined prior to coverage approval.

How Long Will I Wait for the Coverage to be Approved?

Upon enrollment to the insurance plan, coverage starts at 12:01 in the morning.

In case your pet just got into an accident, then you would have to wait for 15 days after enrolling with the plan.

However, pets below six years old will have to wait for additional 12 months especially those with hip dysplasia.

What is the Cost of Healthy Paws Coverage?

Healthy Paws insurance coverage cost will be based on the breed, age, location, pre-existing conditions and medical history of your pets.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by the insurance company.

The company is more comprehensive over others as it offers better payouts, lifetime benefits, and fewer exclusions.

How do I Cancel my Pet’s Insurance Coverage?

The company has customer service at 1-855-898-8991 which can be reached anytime.

If you wish to cancel your enrollment to the coverage, you can simply call their hot-line.

How do I get Healthy Paws Application to my Smartphone?

Healthy Paws has free mobile application that can be downloaded anytime.

Using Google Play store, download the Healthy paws App for iOS.

After that, you can now submit claims, update billing information, update photos, review insurance policies, and check on the status of your claim.

Does the Company Address Customer Complaints?

Most of the customers of Healthy Paws have reported positive feedback.

However, a customer has reported having difficulty in terms of cancellation of insurance coverage.

Others have complained about the conditions not covered by the insurance.

Also, some customers’ claim was refused for reimbursements because the conditions are pre-existing and it doesn’t qualify for the coverage.

Healthy Paws is just one of the pet insurance companies that automates reimbursements through online processing.

When filing a reimbursement claim, you can download the application on your mobile phone or browse the claims portal online.

It offers the best and extensive coverage in terms of health care of your pets, and ensures a stress-free ownership of pets.

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