Hoison SmartFeeder Wi-Fi Programmable full review

Hoison Automatic Pet Feeder Review – Dry Food Feeder

Making meal time with your pets fun with the Hoison SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder.

When using your smartphone you think answering email, social media and browsing the web of where the new and hottest places are to go and eat, only now you can be feeding your cat while you are sitting in a restaurant halfway across the world using smart mobile technology that enables 2-way chat, webcam as well as feeding schedules which can all be programmed from the Hoisons app interface.

Create an intelligent feeding behaviour profile in a cloud using the app and the app does the rest for you in recommending the right eating plan for your pets (cat or dog).

The design is another thing altogether with its sleek look and portability with the foldable tray, this feeder really looks great.

But does it stack with the practicality of feeding your cat?

Lets find out…Hoison SmartFeeder Wi-Fi Programmable Dogs & Cats Feeder With LCD Light Dispenser

How the Hoison Works

This unit is equipped with an anti-jamming system, which ensures that no food will NOT get stuck in the unit with is powerful 5v motor that runs 6 revs per minute to help with kibbles from being jammed inside the unit.

The Feeding plans are highly customisable with a minimum of 30 grams per serving and is very accurate on its servings which will help keep the weight off and away from the VET.
Out of the box you can profile your pet into the app and the app will offer a feeding solution to your pet which is smart but should be conducted under a trial to get the best results for you are your pet.

That said, this unit only works with the app so you cannot manually override it on the actual Hoison unit, you will need to use the app for any programming you shall initiate.

If you would like to log in and check your pet using the app you can with the help of the web camera installed on the hoison and it is dark then you can switch on the light on the unit so you can see your furry friend as well as speak with them with the 2 way functionality.

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Hoison SmartFeeder food dispenser reviewTop Features of the Hoison

  • Programmable portions and accurate measurements
  • Night light
  • Multiple feeding times
  • 2 way audio – Microphone and Speaker system
  • Webcam
  • Cloud service
  • Operates using Android and iOS systems
  • Back up system


  • Program through the app
  • Minimum food portion is 30 grams
  • Connects to Wifi
  • Track diet plan with app
  • The unit will notify the owner in case the food supply is running low
  • Good video and image quality
  • The microphone is highly sensitive and is 2 way for late-night chatting with your pet


  • This unit will only work using your smartphone
  • Not the best for a durable design
  • Price is expensive

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This unit is a great looking feeder and it had its positives in regards to being technologically smart on both Android and iOS the onboard app really helps with meal times and schedules along with its 2-way talk and webcam function so you can monitor your pet while you are on the go.

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