How Pet Insurance and Accident and Illness Coverage Works

Treatment for chronic health problems like kidney maladies and hyperthyroidism can cost you dearly if your beloved pets are diagnosed with it.

Conditions like these often call for lengthy treatments, including prescription medications and repeated check-ups.

But with the improvements in veterinary medicine, some of these chronic conditions have become curable, increasing the chances of your pet’s survival.

You might think that with all the options available in the market, prices will be more competitive and affordable.

Sadly, that’s not the case, with options remaining costly and outside the budget of many households.

Going to a vet might seem to be a little luxurious but that’s not a reason enough to prevent you from consulting one for your sick or wounded pets to give them the best treatment.

This is the main reason why accident and illness insurance for pets is a good choice.

This grants you control over picking treatment coverage based on the quality options available and not on what is affordable.


Availability of Low Premiums

The great thing about this type of insurance is that it covers numerous conditions caused by ailments and accidents for a very affordable price.

Most insurance businesses consider this as a 1st level or basic coverage because it encompasses basic healthcare and treatment for your pets, all for only $10 a month.
This is the best option for many households, especially those who have more than one pet that needs to be insured which is quite common.

A house might have a cat and a dog, which will cost twice the insurance of just one pet.

It makes much more sense to get this kind of basic insurance to cover all your pets’ needs as part of your preparation for unexpected situations.
But what about those that harbors a huge number of pet pals but with even tighter budgets?

Are there any other options?


Selective coverage – Accidents

For those who have tighter budgets, there’s an option to get coverage for accidents only.

This usually covers swelling, splinters, poisoning, or ingestion of indigestible objects.

Getting hit by a car is also covered by this type of insurance.
This is usually chosen by owners who have pets who are already old or have existing conditions.

These pets are often unqualified to get other insurance options but are still good to get covered for several accident situations.

This type of insurance has even lower premiums, making it ideal for households with a tighter budget but houses a lot of pets.

Accident-only policies make it possible to get all your pets covered and still stay within your budget range.
It’s noteworthy that many of these policies even cover ailments caused by an injury.

This makes them more valuable and should be taken into account when choosing the most suitable insurance for your pets.

Vet treatments remain costly but it’s great to know there are insurance policies available which are affordable and suitable for your household needs.

Now, you can rest assured knowing you can give your little friends the best treatment out there without burning a hole in your pocket.

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