How To Protect Your Yard From Cats

Cats love the outdoors and so you will find them making their way to your yard whether you like it or not. This, however, comes with its own hazards, from chewing your precious plants to bird-killing to plain pooping. Let’s face it; nobody wants a chewed-up garden littered with heaps of cat poo. This can be unsafe for other pets, or whatever critters you may have around. Cat poo is especially harmful to yourself and your family as their feces contain toxins and parasites such as tapeworms. Now let’s figure out how to keep cats out of your yard.

Covering up the smell of the cat

Cats have very sensitive noses, so use this to your advantage. They don’t like the smell of citrus, so spraying citronella along your garden’s boundary could work well to deter stray cats from entering. You could even opt for citronella torches, which not only beautifies your yard giving it ambiance but repels pesky mosquitoes in the summertime too!

A cheaper option is just throwing the peels of citrus fruit into your garden. Banana peels might even do the trick. Certain types of plants, such as lavender, pennyroyal and common rue, act as a natural outdoor cat repellent and would make a welcome addition to your garden. Plant a few here and there, sit back and watch the results.

Mulch it

Add a layer of gravel or pine cones to garden pathways. Cats hate the texture under their paws and will try to avoid it. If you really want to get the “get the heck out of my garden” message across, add a layer of chicken wire under the mulch. It’s double jeopardy in cat terms, mwah-ha-ha-ha …

It’s raining cats and …?

Nothing will turn your cat into a sourpuss faster than a squirt of water. Cats hate water and so it makes sense to use it as a cat deterrent. Sprinkler systems are a great option but if you really want to teach your cat a lesson to use a water gun. A cool blast whenever you catch a cat headed for the yard will put it in its place, so to speak.

It’s a Fence Off

Low voltage electric wire fencing may be used as a cat deterrent. There is a type of barrier known as Mr. McGregor’s Fence, which is a type of barrier fence that harmlessly zaps pests or pets causing them to change its mind about messing in your garden. It is made up of two fences, one acting as a barrier, the other is electric; the two fences work together offering a simply solution to a big problem.

Who’s a Scaredy-Cat?

If you’re looking for a no-fuss approach why not opt for a commercial outdoor cat repellent? These solutions come in powder form and may be sprinkled in your yard. The fear factor is in the scent as it contains the urine of local predators such as bobcats and foxes.

These are just a few tips on how to keep cats out of your yard. One last tip is to change which method you use regularly as every cat is different and what works for one cat may not work for another. Rescue your yard and keep them guessing.


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