Igloo Cat Litter Box Review

Igloo Cat Litter Box Review – Why Is It So Popular

There are litter boxes, and there is the Igloo cat litter box that is generating a lot of buzz thanks to its unique design, performance, and ability to handle your cat’s mess.

With the new Igloo cat litter box, you’ll never have to worry about scooping now and then as the box effectively makes all that easy, allowing you to spend more quality time with your fluffy friend.

For those who love aesthetics and want a litter box that doesn’t make their interior messy, you’ll love the igloo litter box.

We particularly love the minimalistic design of this litter box, and looking at the white version of the box; we can see that it would be great in any modern home.

Plus, it doesn’t look like your traditional litter boxes, so you can hide it in plain sight.

But what makes the Igloo litter box different from other litter boxes on the market, and why is it something most cat owners should consider?

Well, read our detailed Igloo cat litter box review to see why this unit is a gem.

Why is the Igloo cat litter box Good?

Cat lovers are eternally devoted to their fluffy friends, but guess what?

No one likes to clean and maintain cat litter boxes, and the reason is that cat litter boxes are messy and give off a pungent odor.

But what if we told you that we have found a litter box that will make cleaning less of a hassle while keeping your home smelling fresh all day long, will you be interested?

We bet you would.

Well, with the new Igloo cat litter box, you and your four-legged friends have a litter box that makes the process more sanitary and convenient.

Although you still have to scoop your cat’s litter now and then, Igloo is designed in such a way that the process is less tasking.

And because of its hooded design, your cat will enjoy all the privacy it deserves.

More so, the Igloo isn’t a pricey litter box, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to get this litter box that most pet owners can’t seem to get enough of.

And because the litter box isn’t bulky, it is perfect for pet owners who live in a small apartment and are looking for a litter box that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Top 4 features and benefits of the Igloo litter box

The Igloo litter box is a one-of-a-kind litter box that gives other litter boxes on the market a run for their money.

From design to performance to durability, this litter box has everything you want in a litter box and more.

Here, check out some exciting benefits and features of this brilliant litter box.

Sleek, minimalistic, and modern design

When it comes to design, very few litter boxes in this category can slug it out with the Igloo litter box.

Its sleek, modern, and minimalistic design makes it perfect for any cat.

Plus, the design ensures that this litter box blends in perfectly with your interior.

Designed to look like an Eskimo igloo, this lovely litter box features a curved dome and entrance, with a unique corridor your cat can relax on when doing her business.

If beauty were ever a thing associated with litter boxes, then the Igloo cat litter box will go home with the winner’s trophy.

It’s all in one color guarantees that this litter box will not mess up your already fantastic interior.

With many color options to choose from, including plain white, baby pink, or baby blue color, we are sure you’ll find one that fits your home and interior decor perfectly.

Compared to other bulky litter boxes that take up so much space in your home, the Igloo cat litter box features a compact design.

Making it perfect for small to medium apartments.

Also, because the Igloo doesn’t look like your typical litter box, you can hide it in plain sight.

Practical and easy to use

We love the Igloo litter box for many reasons, but the chief among them is that this litter box is easy to access, thanks to its well-designed front entry.

Plus, the box offers plenty of room in the litter box area, providing your feline friend with more than enough space to do her business, and that’s not all.

The box also features a domed shape that provides extra space for your cat to roam around without feeling cramped.

If you have a cat that loves a lot of privacy when doing her business, she would love the Igloo litter box’s design.

Thanks to this box’s molded design, it will be perfect for cats that like to spray urine.

While your cat’s urine will hit the walls of the dome, we are happy to inform you that it will not make a messy puddle on your floor.

And because the litter box features a nice walk-down corridor that your cat has to use before she reaches the actual litter area, you’ll not have any problems with your cat accidentally putting her bottom outside the litter box when doing her business.

Makes cleaning easy

Every cat owner dreads cleaning their cat litter box.

This explains why most cat owners are always on the lookout for a litter box that makes cleanup less of a chore.

Thanks to the new Igloo litter box, cleaning your cat’s litter box has never been easier.

Plus, the process is pretty easy and straightforward.

All you have to do is lift the lid and scoop any deposits using the ergonomic litter scoop hanging inside the box.

And because the scoop is designed specially to fit the litter box’s curved shape, it will easily get rid of any mess.

As the box doesn’t have any corner or hard-to-reach areas, it is also super easy to wipe down the lid area.

This is especially great if you have a cat that likes to spray urine.

While the litter box is made from a Food Contact Grade Polypropylene (PP), it has also been reinforced with IONPURE, a brilliant and innovative antimicrobial technology from Japan.

Besides making cleaning less of a chore, the litter box also helps cut down on your feline friend tracking litter throughout the house.

Excellent for odor control

One of the most significant issues most cat owners have to deal with is the odor from their cat litter box.

With a shoddy litter box, you’ll have to live with an unpleasant odor that permeates through your home, making your home less appealing for you and your cat.

Amazingly, the Igloo litter box is designed in such a way that it keeps litter box odor at bay while keeping your home smelling fresh all day long.

Thanks to its hooded design, this litter box will trap odor while making cleanup a hassle-free experience.

For pet owners who want a litter box that is great for odor control, you’ll be hard-picked to find any unit better than the Igloo litter box at the moment.

Do cats like the Igloo litter box?

Because of its practical design and ease of use, your feline will love the Igloo litter box right from the get-go.

Though the litter box appears compact, it is roomy and provides enough space for your fluffy friend to do her business without feeling cramped.

And because cats like a lot of privacy, the hooded design of this litter box ensures that your four-legged friends enjoy all the privacy they deserve.

Whether you have a small cat or a big one, rest assured that your cat will instantly love this box as it is designed to work for all types of cats.

Igloo Cat Litter

How the Igloo litter box works

The Igloo litter box features a round base, essentially the litter tray, and a dome lid that covers it.

The box also comes with an inner seam that can easily be spotted right from the walk-through.

To prevent urine leakage, the seam and base are designed in such a way that they produce a snug fit.

And because the inner seam is 9 inches high, it is great for cats that like to spray urine.

For easy accessibility, the dome lid features a nicely built grated entry and sidewall.

This grated entry and sidewall doubles as a corridor and allows your cat to access the box without any problem.

Once your cat is done using the litter box, it exits the unit by walking through the grate, which has openings that are uniquely designed to open the cat’s pad to remove litter that falls right back to the base.

To initiate cleaning, you only have to lift the top off and scoop the used litter.

It’s that simple.

Best cat litter to use with the Igloo cat litter box

While there are many litter types on the market that you can use with this litter box, we discovered that any bentonite clumping litter works very well with this box.

More so, when choosing a litter, we will advise that you opt for a litter with particles that aren’t extremely fine.

For pet owners with a cat suffering from respiratory or urinary tract problems, opting for a tofu-based cat litter wouldn’t be a wrong choice.

Plus, this litter can be easily flushed down the toilet while bentonite-based litters can’t.

What are the pros and cons of this litter box?


  • Super easy to set up
  • Hooded design and inner walls make it great for odor control.
  • Entry allows maximum light inside the box.
  • Featuring a sleek, modern, and minimalistic design, this litter box can be placed anywhere in your home.
  • Walk-in grate helps minimize litter tracking.
  • The scoop inside the litter box makes cleanup easy and hassle-free


  • You may experience leakage if you have a cat that sprays urine high and against the wall.
  • Dirty litter is collected inside the crevices and grate, so you may have to clean that up thoroughly too.
  • The walk-in entrance and side wall take up one-third of the space inside the litter tray.
  • Taking the dome off when cleaning can sometimes be problematic because of its snug fit.
  • The bottom of the litter box can end up scratching your floor.

Frequently asked questions

Can Kittens Use Hooded Litter Trays?

The answer is a resounding yes.

While most kittens will already know how to use a litter box, they may need a little training to speed up the process if it is their first time in a litter box.

The best advice we will give you is to introduce your feline friend to a hooded box without the hood and then transition later when she feels a lot more comfortable.

Do Covered Litter Boxes Contain Odor?

Nobody likes the unpleasant odor from their litter box.

That’s why a hooded litter box like the Igloo cat litter box is a must-have for any cat owners who want to keep his/her home smelling fresh all day long.

With a top entry litter box, your cat’s urine and poop can create gas that quickly permeates into the air around the tray, but with a covered litter box, the odor is better contained.

However, the only downside with this litter box is that it can get smelly for your feline friend, so regular cleaning is a must.

Is the Igloo litter box worth it?

Considering its performance, especially when it comes to managing odor, we have no doubt that this litter box is worth the hype.

Plus, we love the fact that the litter box isn’t so pricey.

So if you’re interested in a litter box that gets the job done and doesn’t cost you a fortune, you’ll not be disappointed to give the Igloo cat litter box a try.


There are very few litter boxes on the market that can rival the Igloo cat litter box in terms of performance, odor control, ease of use, and minimalistic design.

And because the litter box lives up to its promise and doesn’t cost so much, it will make an excellent choice for most cat owners.

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