iKuddle Litter Box Review

iKuddle Litter Box Review – How Good Is It?

Our four-legged friends are superb companions who bring comfort in stressful times.

Their friendly nature and antics make them such adorable pets.

But when it comes to their litter box, it is far from a Cinderella story.

And that’s because their litter box smells; it is always messy and, above all, a chore to clean.

For many pet owners, the rigors of having to clean their cat’s litter box now and then makes having pets in their home an undesirable experience.

But what if we told you we found an incredible self-cleaning litter box that makes cleaning your cat’s mess easy and hassle-free?

Will you be interested?

We bet you would.

Well, with the new Smart iKuddle Automatic Cat Litter Box, you have just the perfect box that solves all your problems.

But before we take you through a detailed review of this fantastic litter box, let us tell you straight away that the product was first announced on Kickstarter over two years ago, earning a whopping $851,000, which was way over their $30 goal.

Now that we have given you brief information about the iKuddle cat litter box, let us take you through a more comprehensive review of the litter box and why it is a must-have for pet owners.

What is the iKuddle Litter Box, and how does it help?

If you have always wanted an automatic litter box that makes cleaning less of a chore, then look no further than the all amazing iKuddle cat litter box.

Designed with you and your feline friend in mind, the iKuddle is nicely set up to ensure that you never scoop litter again.

For pet owners who have always wanted to spend less time scooping and more rewarding time cuddling their best friends, the iKuddle makes your dream a reality.

From scooping to cleaning and deodorizing, this litter box promises to not only deal with your cat’s mess but also ensure that your home smells fresh all day long.

For the ultimate litter box cleaning experience, you’ll be hard-picked to find any litter box that performs better than the iKuddle litter box at the moment.

What makes the iKuddle smart?

Among all the exciting perks that this product offers, one feature that seems to win many pet owners over is the litter box self-cleaning system.

To guarantee your four-legged friend’s safety, within a few minutes of your cat leaving the box (usually 3 to 10 minutes), a series of IR sensors within the box will trigger the system, allowing it to scoop the waste into a special bag line in the compartment area.

Once that is done, the box goes on to deploy a deodorant With this, you can kiss goodbye to smelly rooms and say hello to a clean and tidy litter box that has your home smelling fresh all day long.

Top 4 features and benefits of the iKuddle Litter Box

While there are many self-cleaning litter boxes on the market, the iKuddle offers some unique features that you’ll not find in many automatic litter boxes on the market.

And just in case you think we are bluffing, wait till you read some of its incredible specs, and you’ll be blown away.

To give you a head start, here are the top features and benefits of the iKuddle litter box we just can’t ignore.


Yes, we have heard of self-cleaning litter boxes, but guess what?

The iKuddle cat litter box takes self-cleaning to a whole new level.

Thanks to its unique design, this box automatically separates waste from clean litter.

And you know what, it does this so effortlessly.

We particularly love the fact that the self-cleaning process is well-timed and kicks in 30 minutes after your cat exits the box.

Once the feature is activated, the box automatically scoops the clumps into the compartment’s waste bag.

Another thing that makes this litter box so desirable is that instead of waiting for the self-cleaning process to kick off automatically, there is also an option to initiate the self-cleaning cycle anytime you like.

All you have to do is hit a designated button on the litter box or from the iKuddle app.

Also, keep in mind that the default time for the automatic cleaning can be adjusted just the way you like.

Deodorizing system

Nobody likes to deal with smelly litter; that’s why most pet owners will go above and beyond to invest in a litter box that not only keeps their home tidy but also smelling great.

With the iKuddle litter box, you have a litter box that performs excellently in all areas.

From self-cleaning to deodorizing, this litter box is just what every cat owner needs in their home.

To reduce unpleasant odor and have your home smelling fresh all day long, this box comes with a powerful built-in deodorizing system that works round the clock to keep your home smelling all shades of amazing.

To neutralize the unpleasant odor from your cat’s waste, this box comes fitted with a carbon-filter that works for 5 minutes after your cat exits the box.

Thanks to this filter, the iKuddle can get rid of 80% to 90% of the unpleasant odor from your cat’s litter box.

Even though the process works 5 minutes after your cat exits the box, it can also be configured to work anytime, either using the dedicated button on the litter box or directly from the iKuddle app.

Health tracking

When we say the iKuddle litter box is more than a litter box, we mean every inch of that and more.

While other self-cleaning litter boxes do a great job with scooping and cleaning your cat’s waste, the iKuddle takes things up a notch, and that’s all thanks to its intelligent health tracking feature.

Without mincing words, changes in eating and bathroom habits are undoubtedly the first signs of a lingering health condition.

Unfortunately, without the right tools, you may notice a health problem when it is already too late.

Thankfully, the iKuddle litter box gives users an edge in this regard, and that’s because the box comes with a unique app that lets users keep track of their cat’s bathroom habits and report any changes you need to pay close attention to.

The app is also designed in such a way that it provides powerful insight into your cat’s health while allowing you to view feeding schedules and other important metrics.

30-day money-back guarantee

With all the amazing perks that the iKuddle litter box offers, we are super confident that you’ll love the box.

However, if you or your cat are not 100% satisfied with the litter box for any reason, you can opt for the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Besides the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you also get to enjoy a complimentary one-year manufacturing warranty.

How does the iKuddle litter box work?

The mare idea of a self-cleaning litter box may get cat owners freaked out, especially those who are not tech-savvy.

But guess what?

The iKuddle is designed in such a way that setting it up and operating it is super easy.

To start with, this wood and chrome smart litter box is designed to make scooping and cleaning your cat’s waste a hassle-free experience.

And thanks to the IR sensors fitted in this litter box, the box knows exactly when your cat poops and will also notify you through a specially designed app on your phone that connects over Wi-Fi.

Thirty minutes after your cat exits the litter box, the automatic self-cleaning process commences to scoop and pack your cat’s waste into a plastic bag you can empty once every week.

And if you’d like to scoop a bit earlier, you can simply hit the push button on the litter box or directly from the iKuddle app to initiate the self-cleaning process.

While the self-cleaning process offered by the iKuddle litter box is one of a kind, it also offers a health tracking feature that gives users important information about their cat’s bathroom habit.

This will provide you with some insight if you suspect that something is wrong with your feline friend.

The only caveat with this product is that it is only recommended for kitties up to 18 pounds, so if your cat weighs more, you’ll have to consider another litter box that can handle your cat’s weight.

Do cats like it?

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your cat’s litter box, every pet owner will love the iKuddle litter box, and that’s because it does a fantastic job of self-cleaning your cat’s litter waste.

But do cat’s really like this product?

Well, so far, we haven’t gotten any complaints from pet owners who have tried this product.

Those who already have this product reported that their cats were able to use the box without any problems.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is the weight specification of the litter box.

As of right now, the iKuddle litter box is designed for cats up to 18 pounds.

So if your cat weighs a little more than 18 pounds, you’ll have to consider other litter box options on the market that can accommodate your cat’s weight.


There are many exciting things to love about the iKuddle litter box.

Read on to see some amazing benefits you stand to enjoy when you give this litter box a try.

  • The iKuddle litter box offers an intuitive and self-cleaning process that ensures you never have to scoop your cat’s waste ever again.
  • It comes with a powerful deodorizing system specially designed to neutralize the offensive odor within your cat’s litter box.
  • It features an intelligent health tracking function that lets you keep tabs on your cat’s bathroom habit. It also lets users view their cat’s feeding schedules and other important metrics.
  • Its highly intuitive safety sensor can easily detect when your cat enters and exits the litter box. And should your cat hop back into the box during the self-cleaning process, the unit pauses the cycle automatically.


As much as we only want to say nice things about this amazing litter box, we want to keep our review objective by showing you some not-so-cool features of the iKuddle litter box.

Here, check out some cons of this litter box:

  • The iKuddle litter box is on the high side, so if you don’t have the money to splash on this unit, we suggest you consider other cheaper options on the market.
  • The sheer fact that this litter box is designed for cats up to 18 pounds means that this box will not work for cats that weigh more.

What is the price of the iKuddle litter box?

The iKuddle litter box isn’t the cheapest self-cleaning litter box on the market, and that’s because the unit is a tad expensive.

While the product cost a whopping $469 on the manufacturer’s website, it cost even more on retail sites.

Frequently asked questions

Is an automatic litter box worth it?

Automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are designed in such a way that they can detect when your cat has used the box and kick off the cleaning process as soon as your cat exits the box.

This will save pet owners the need for daily scooping.

For those who dread scooping and cleaning their cat litter box, an automatic litter box like the iKuddle will be well worth the money.

Is Ikuddle great for odor control?

Featuring a highly reliable carbon filter, the iKuddle litter box comes with a built-in deodorizing system that helps neutralize the pungent odor from your cat’s litter waste.

With this in place, you can expect your home to smell fresh all day long.

Do self-cleaning cat litter boxes really work?

One thing we love about self-cleaning litter boxes is the fact that they help reduce odors.

So if you have a big problem with litter box odors, you’ll not go wrong to invest in a good automatic litter box like the iKuddle that helps eliminate waste more often than traditional litter boxes on the market.

That said, keep in mind that your cat’s litter box is only as good as the litter you put in it.

So ensure you choose a high-performing litter that clumps and traps odors very well.


If you have always wanted a self-cleaning litter box that cleans itself, packs the waste for you, and effectively neutralizes odor, you’ll be super happy to give the iKuddle litter box a try.

Although it is a tad expensive, it delivers exactly as promised, so it’s worth the money spent purchasing it.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee and a complimentary one-year warranty, you can always return this product if you’re not satisfied with its performance.


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