IRIS Top Entry Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Litter Box Review – Do We Like It?

For many pet owners, finding the right litter box for their four-legged friends is super tricky, and that’s because many pet owners want a traditional litter box that their cat feels comfortable using and isn’t too much of an eyesore.

To meet your unique litter box requirements, the American home decor brand, IRIS USA, took it upon itself to offer cat owners an excellent option in its Top Entry Cat Litter Box, a unique litter box that offers you so much right out of the box.

Featuring clean lines and many stylish color options, there are many exciting reasons why this cat litter box is highly rated online.

And to see if this litter box has lived up to its reputation, we conducted a detailed review of the Iris Top Entry litter box.

Read on to find our take on this litter box and decide if it is something you’re willing to give a try.

What is the IRIS Top Entry Litter Box, and how does it help?

Without mincing words, IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box is a one-of-a-kind litter box that lives up to its reputation.

So for pet owners looking for a litter box that keeps their cat happy while keeping their floors clean, you’ll not be disappointed to give this innovative litter box a try.

Uniquely designed to give your four-legged friends plenty of space while helping you to cut down on cleanup time, this brilliant litter box promises to keep your home smelling fresh while making cleanup less of a chore.

While the unique circular top entrance that comes with this litter box keeps the unit in place, it also gives your cat all the privacy and freedom she craves.

The grooves on this litter box’s lid double as a mat and help brush your cat’s paws as she comes and goes.

Thanks to the durable rubber feet that come with this litter box, the IRIS Top Entry Litter Box will stay securely in place, regardless of the type of floor surface it is kept.

We also like that the box comes with a very good scoop that you can either hang or hook inside the box for hassle-free storage and quicker, cleaner scooping.

Top 4 features and benefits

The IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box has so much going for it.

And for people looking for a basic litter box that lives up to its hype, you’ll fall head over heels for this litter box, giving its fine features and many benefits.

Here, check out the top features and benefits of this litter box and why it is worth giving a try.

Sleek design and contemporary look

While so many top entry litter boxes on the market today are an eyesore, we were instantly captivated by the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box sleek design.

To start with, the plastic materials used to manufacture this box feels sturdy and blends in nicely.

Plus, it comes in attractive neutral shades, including white/seafoam, white/beige, black/dark grey, and grey/white.

Also, its top entry makes it look unique and much less like a litter box.

For cat owners who are worried that the IRIS litter box may mess up their decor, we are happy to inform you that one of their many attractive shades of litter boxes will blend in with your decor much better than you ever imagined.

And just as the manufacturer promised, their top entry litter box will effectively prevent your cat from tracking litter all over your home.

The only thing that this litter box is missing is special features.

Even though the box comes with a scooper, it doesn’t have many whistles and bells (like an odor control charcoal filter).

That said, if you’re interested in a more basic model, the design isn’t all that bad.

iris litter box

Ease of use: a plus for both cat and owner

When talking about how easy it is to use a specific litter box, it’s always a good idea to consider both the cat and the owner, and for us, what stood out was how incredibly easy it was to clean this litter box.

Because the litter box is nicely shaped and features rounded corners, it was super easy to dump used litter into a trash bag and wipe down.

Even a cat that hasn’t used a top entry litter box before will not have any issues using the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box as it is designed so that cats get the hang of how it works the first time they try to use the box.

But before you get all excited, let us quickly add that the entry hole is a bit small, so you have to ensure that it’s big enough for your cat before you opt for this litter box.

Quality and durability

When choosing a litter box, it’s always important to double-check the material it is made of.

And just so you know, the vast majority of litter boxes available on the market today are constructed from some form of plastic.

And that’s because plastics are easy to clean, cheap, and lightweight.

However, all plastics are not created equal.

So opting for a litter box that is constructed from cheap, flimsy plastic can turn out to be a big mistake.

More so, a poorly constructed litter box is likely to fall apart either during cleanup or after your feline jumps on the side of it too hard.

Thankfully, with the IRIS TOP Entry Cat Litter Box, you have nothing to worry about as the box is constructed out of strong and durable plastic.

We particularly love the fact that the side walls are flexible.

This makes it easy to get rid of used litter during cleaning.

Also, the lid is strong enough to accommodate your cat’s weight.

So you don’t have to worry about the box collapsing when your cat works all over it.

We also like that the bottom of this litter box is reinforced to prevent the box from collapsing under pressure from your cat’s weight and a couple of inches of litter.


One thing we love about the IRIS TOP Entry Litter Box is its cheap price point, which means you won’t have to dig deep into your savings to get a practical litter box that gets the job done.

As of right now, this litter box costs just under $35.

Even though the price varies a little bit, depending on the color you opt for, rest assured that you won’t have to spend a fortune to lay your hands on this excellent litter box.

More so, the cost of this litter box is comparable to similar litter boxes offered by Nature’s Miracle and Petmate.

Again, it is significantly much cheaper than similar options from Modkat.

And compared to other top entry litter boxes on the market that are made using similar materials, the IRIS litter box offers a lot of value.

Besides cats liking this litter box, it is also durable and greatly reduces the amount of litter scatter your four-legged friend produces.

Do cats like this litter box?

Your cat will absolutely love the IRIS Top Entry Litter box, and that’s because of its unique design and performance.

While the litter box spots a signature ovular shape, we like that it is designed to fit perfectly in the corner of a room.

More so, it provides plenty of space for your feline to move around while doing her business.

The box opening is designed in such a way that even large cats can fit in without any hassle.

While covered litter boxes are problematic, the IRIS Top Entry Litter Box offers some unique advantages over covered models.

The icing on the cake is that this litter box’s top entrance provides excellent ventilation.

And because having a top entrance means that this litter box is partially covered, we are thrilled that the design makes urine clumping better than you’ll see with side entrance-covered boxes.

Interestingly, the IRIS litter box design offers adult cats the opportunity to observe their surroundings while doing their business in the bathroom.

And because the box is a little short, adult cats’ can see over the edge of the entrance hole, giving them a 360 degrees view of their surroundings.


There are many things to love about the IRIS Top Entry Litter Box.

Read on to find some exciting pros that this product offers.

  • This litter box is designed to limit the scattering of litter when your cat is doing her business. This helps make cleaning less of a chore.
  • Featuring a uniquely designed large entrance hole, your cat will not have any problem going in and out of the box.
  • The grooves on the box’s lid are designed to help capture pieces of litter that are stuck in your cat’s paws while she is exiting the box. Not just that, the lid also reduces litter scattering.
  • The box features a brilliant scoop hook for convenient storage.
  • Because the box comes in multiple colors, you’ll find one that blends with your decor.
  • The open-top design provides sufficient ventilation and guarantees that the urine clumps and dries up nicely.
  • The top of the litter box is removable, making cleanup a hassle-free experience.


  • The top entrance of this litter box isn’t so great for older cats. And that’s because older cats may struggle to get in and out of the box. For an older cat, we suggest you go for a litter box with low sides.
  • The box shape may be too tall for young kittens.
  • The circular shape of the box makes scooping challenging; hence, cleaning may not be fun all the time.
  • The scoop that comes with this litter box isn’t of superior quality.

top entry litter box review

Frequently asked questions

Are Top-Entry litter boxes good?

We love top entry litter boxes because they do very well with smell reduction.

And even though the design of these boxes means that they are completely open, they do a pretty decent job with smell reduction.

More so, the open design means that you know exactly when the box has been used, allowing you to choose an appropriate time for cleanup.

Do top-entry litter boxes smell?

One of the many questions we get asked is if top entry litter boxes smell.

And to answer your question, these types of litter boxes do a darn good job with odor control.

Yes, top entry litter boxes are not covered, but guess what?

They are designed in such a way that they trap odor.

Plus, you get to pour extra litter into these boxes without worrying about your cat making a mess of it.

Where is the best place to put a litter box?

Many cat owners keep struggling to find a good place to keep their cat’s litter box.

To make things easy for you, we have discovered that the best place to keep your cat’s litter box is a quiet, clean, and low-traffic area within your home where cats get a lot of privacy.

Depending on your home’s design, we are sure you can find a quiet corner in one of the rooms in your home to place your cat litter box.

Also, the bathroom is another natural area where you can place your cat litter box.

And because of the privacy your bathroom offers, your cat will love the experience.


From its exceptional features to design to performance and the materials used to make this amazing box, we have no doubt that this box is worth the hype and more.

Even though the litter box is compact and perfect for small apartments, we love the fact that the box provides plenty of space for your four-legged friend to maneuver while doing her business.

The high walls of this litter box ensure that your cat will not make a mess while burying her waste.

Plus, the grooved plates collect any remaining litter that may be stuck in your cat’s paws.

Overall, the IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box is a must-have for cat owners looking for an affordable litter box that gets the job done.

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