Chicken Good For Cats

Is Chicken Good For Cats – The Fact Sheet

Chicken is not only the most versatile protein in the world but it’s also the most consumed meat.

Think of your comfort food when you are feeling down or sick.

Isn’t it chicken soup?

But the main ingredient, the meat, comes with tremendous health benefits.

There isn’t a meal that chicken won’t fit into and make it wonderful.

You can fix a chicken sandwich for lunch, prepare some nuggets or simply go for the famous tacos.

Whichever way you choose to go, chicken is among the foods that will provide you with the much-needed protein and the necessary nutrients for a healthy and strong body.

We already know that cats are carnivores and hence eat meat to stay healthy.

But does that mean cats will also benefit from the nutrients in chicken?

The big question rather would be, is chicken good for cats?

Oftentimes, we have seen on TV wild cats feeding on birds and that might compel people to think chicken is the best food possible for the feline companions.

Your cat will likely want to have a taste of your chicken.

That’s why you must know if it’s a good idea to feed them chicken and if it’s actually good for them.

Without further ado, let’s find out if chicken is good for cats.

Is chicken good for cats?

The truth is a typical cat diet consists of meat-based protein.

For that reason, you might want to feed your cat actual chicken instead of the usual chicken-based cat food.

But is chicken actually good for cats?

The answer to your question would be a definite yes.

Chicken is a great treat for cats and you can feed it to them.

However, it should not take over a major part of your cat’s daily diet.

You should also check with your vet to ensure it’s what’s best for your kitty.

Can cats eat chicken?

Since chicken is not considered harmful or toxic to cats in any way, yes they can eat it.

Cats can surely eat chicken and it actually makes for a suitable treat or meal supplement.

Chicken can also provide several health benefits for your kitty.

For starters, it’s a perfect source of lean protein that will help in building muscle and keeping your cat energetic.

It is a source of vitamin and minerals like selenium which work to boost the immune system.

This proves that poultry is a good animal protein for cats especially when it comes to maintaining their good health.

A cat’s diet should primarily consist of animal products and chicken can be a great addition.

With that said, too much of a good thing can turn out to be poisonous.

Feeding your cat chicken in moderation shouldn’t be a problem.

However, don’t make it a steady meal replacement.

The best way to feed chicken to your cat is to boil it without any seasonings.

Your kitty doesn’t need them anyway.

What to do when feeding chicken to a cat

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when considering feeding chicken to your cat.

The first thing is that the chicken should be cooked.

Boil it plain until it’s thoroughly cooked.

This means that you should not add salt or any other seasonings and oil.

Seasonings and other spicy ingredients can potentially cause allergic reactions and stomach upsets in cats.

Also, don’t give your cat the extra fat trimmings because this can result in serious health complications like pancreatitis.

Refrain from feeding your cat cooked chicken off the table.

The chicken we prepare in our homes is often marinated with ingredients that are harmful to cats such as excess salt, spices, garlic and onions.

Onions and garlic are very toxic to cats.

Ensure you stick to your kitty’s recommended amount of calories per day.

The amount of calories a cat should consume in a day depends on several factors including the breed, size and age.

Your vet should be able to help you determine this.

In addition, it’s important to feed your cat chicken without the bones as these can pose a choking hazard.

Remove any bones in the chicken before giving it to your cat to eat.

Bones can also splinter and cause internal damage and blockage.

Get rid of the skin too because it tends to be fattier and might put the pet at risk of developing obesity.

Can cats eat raw chicken?

The topic of whether or not to feed raw chicken to cats is a controversial one and has come up several times.

There might be split opinion on it but remember raw chicken can possess salmonella and E.coli which are harmful to cats.

It’s a huge risk to simply cut a piece of raw chicken and feed it directly to your kitty.

The potential harmful outcome should be a good enough reason to prepare and cook the chicken thoroughly.

This will eliminate the risk of diseases or contamination with harmful bacteria.


Can I feed my cat chicken every day?

Chicken should never be a replacement of a healthy and balanced diet for your kitty.

Instead it should be made part of the daily treats you give your cat or an addition to the usual diet.

Therefore, feed chicken in conjunction with the daily balanced diet.

Is boiled chicken good for cats?

Yes, boiled chicken is good for cats as long as you don’t add any spicy ingredients and seasonings.

Ensure you cook the chicken plain without marinating it with anything like onions, salt or garlic.

These are toxic ingredients that are harmful and will make your cat very sick.

Can cats eat chicken broth?

Cats can comfortably eat chicken broth but ensure there are no toxic ingredients in it like the onions, garlic and excess salt.


Chicken is good for our cats and provides some essential nutrients.

Remember, cats are obligate carnivores and need meat to stay healthy and energetic.

This means that chicken is a great addition to your cat’s diet and will provide the required protein and other nutrients.


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