Is Fancy Feast bad for cats

Is Fancy Feast Bad For Cats – What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

The type of food you serve your kitty undoubtedly sets the foundation for a healthy and happy life.

And with Fancy Feast gaining a lot of traction among pet owners, we would like to set the record straight on whether this cat food is safe for your precious felines and worth purchasing.

So, in our review of Fancy Feast for cats, we would answer all your questions, worries, and everything you need to know about this popular cat food.

From ingredients to taste to manufacturing and more, we will cover everything about Fancy Feast and let you make the final decision on whether this kitty food is the perfect food to serve your fluffball.

What is Fancy Feast for cats?

Fancy Feast is a blend of exciting kitty food that promises to deliver exciting nutrient to your fluffball.

Their variety of kitty foods have made them the number one choice for pet owners looking for a decent and healthy meal for their felines.

Established in 1982, the Fancy Feast brand is the first indigenous cat food company to capitalize on the gourmet food concept.

Although Fancy Feast ranks as one of the cheaper cat food brands on the market, the company promises to deliver a luxurious food experience to all felines.

Three years after its establishment, the company was sold to Purina, which was later merged with Nestle.

As of 2017, the company was rated the second highest-earning pet food company and boasted a revenue base of over 12 billion dollars.

What are the varieties of cat food offered by Fancy Feast?

The Fancy Feast brand rolls out over 100 recipes, including broths, gravy, pates, morsels, as well as two varieties of dry cat food.

Stay with us as we run you through a summary of what the company offers:

Wet Cat Food

  • Fancy Feast has a Gourmet line that includes a wide variety of wet foods, including sliced foods, pates, milk-infused meals, morsels in gravy, chunky pate, foods with extra gravy, and more.
  • The company also has a line of cat food called Gourmet Naturals. While this variety of foods are very similar to the Gourmet line, the Gourmet Naturals food line doesn’t include any artificial colors or flavors.
  • The Purely Fancy Feast Natural line features a blend of cat foods that are made from seafood, chicken, or beef. And the cool part is that they don’t feature any by-products or fillers.

Dry Cat Food

  • In addition to wet foods, Fancy Feast rolls out Gourmet Dry Cat Food for cats that love dry foods.
  • There is also a Gourmet Natural Dry Cat Food line that doesn’t feature unhealthy ingredients like flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Food Toppers and Complements

  • Fancy Feast Appetizers feature exciting ingredients, including nice portions of fish and chicken in broth.
  • Purely Fancy Feast Filets comes with a healthy blend of chicken or seafood filets.
  • Gourmet Broth features tender bites of seafood or chicken in broth.

Is Fancy Feast safe?

With lots of fantastic variety of this cat food to choose from, cat owners can easily select which Fancy Feast flavor is best for their cats, regardless of whether they are picky eaters or not.

From beef flavors to seafood flavors to poultry flavors and more, there are many exciting varieties of this cat food to choose from.

That said, is Fancy Feast safe for cats?

Well, giving its exciting nutrient profile, we have no doubt that Fancy Feast will do a lot of good to your cat’s health.

Plus, it is fortified with superb nutrient like vitamins and minerals, which help boost its nutritional content to a certain extent.

The truth is, not all cat foods on the market today are fortified with vitamins.

This explains why veterinarians recommend Fancy Feast to cat owners looking to feed their felines with nutritionally sound diets.

Pros and cons

There is no doubt that Fancy Feast has become the go-to cat meals for many pet owners looking to serve healthy and tasty cat food to their furry friends.

But before you get too excited about Fancy Feast, check out some pros and cons of this cat food and see if it is worth giving a try.


  • Highly nutritious gourmet food that is perfect for fussy cats
  • A brilliant variety of recipes to select from
  • All their cat foods are supplemented with essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Most of their recipes are fortified with animal protein.
  • We love the fact that their cat foods are affordable.
  • The majority of their products feature ingredients that are sourced and manufactured in the US.


  • Some Fancy Feast recipes feature by-products of meat.
  • Some recipes are fortified with artificial colors and flavors.

What do customers think of Fancy Feast?

Rated as one of the leading cat food brands, Fancy Feast is trusted by thousands of loyal customers who have come to love their blends of cat foods.

But just as the company has earned tons of loyal customers, they have also garnered lots of complaints about their products.

While some customers stated that Fancy Feast can be a bit inconsistent, especially as regards quality and calorie content, other customers blame the brand for making their felines sick.

However, from what we have come to find out, most customers have good things to say about this product, plus, most of the complaints don’t show a clear connection between the food and the illness.

Frequently asked questions

Is Fancy Feast a good quality cat food?

All Fancy Food varieties are made using quality ingredients.

More so, the company ensures strict quality compliance.

So yes, it is worth giving a try.

How many cans of Fancy Feast should a cat eat a day?

Most felines consume around 4 to 6 ounces of canned food per day.

Giving this analogy, it’s safe to say that your pet can safely consume two cans of Fancy Feast every day.

Should I feed wet or dry Fancy Feast to my cat?

Well, it all depends on what your furry friends likes.

If you have a cat that loves wet food, then it’s okay to serve Fancy Feast wet foods to your furry friend.

On the flip side, you can do dry foods if your feline loves nibbling on them.

You can also mix the two to offer some variety to your cat.

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