Lentek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish review

Lentek 6-Day Pet Dish Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

The Lentek 6-Day Automatic Pet Dish an interval pet feeder that can be used by both dogs and cats, and can work with either an automatic wet food and dry food cat feeder.

This unit has six compartments that hold up to 2/3 cups of dry food, or 5′ ounces of wet food.

The user chooses feeding intervals of 6, 12, or 24 hours, at which times the lid will open within about 15 seconds of the programmed interval.

Watch how the Lentek Pet Dish works

Lentek Feeder Features

This is a fairly large automatic food dispenser, measuring at 15 x 15 x 4 inches and it is compatible with dogs and cats of all sizes and ages.

The unit features a removable lid and compartment inserts which are both made of strong, durable, and easy-to-clean ABS plastic (a material used in many pet feeders today).

The Lentek comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and is powered by a 9V battery which is not included with the box.

Lentek feeder review
A closer look at the controls



The Lentek can store both dry and moist food, whereas many only work with kibble.

There is no programming required, so setting up the unit it relatively easy, you just have to select the length of the interval.

Additionally, this unit comes with ice pack storage underneath the Lentek so moist food can stay fresh.
The price is also cheap for an automatic cat food dispenser, especially compared to others in the market.

It retails for about $40

  • Stores dry and wet food
  • No programming required
  • Ice pack storage to keep wet food fresh
  • Very affordable for cat owners on a budget



While some may prefer interval feeding, other pet owners have a dietary schedule they need to follow to keep their pet at optimal health; this might require them to set a feeding schedule at irregular intervals, or at intervals which are not available in the Lentek 6-Day system Also, some pets require more frequent feedings than the 4 that the Lentek offers.

Some customers note the inconvenience of having to push the advance button to refill the appliance.

Moreover, others have noted that, at times, the advance button does not work at all.

Other concerns we and other customers have noted about this feeder is that the unit drains the battery quite rapidly and that the lid will not rotate if it meets any resistance which will cause the schedule to fall behind.

  • No feeding schedule
  • Not a flexible unit which cannot be programmed for extra feeding times
  • Runs on batteries and it drains power very quickly


The Lentek 6 Day cat food dispenser may not be the right product for you if your pet is exceptionally smart, strongly built.

We didn’t experience this but some users have experienced their cat breaking into the dish.
On the same note, it may also not be right for you if your pet requires a diet in which feeding occurs at intervals other than in 6,12, and 24 hour intervals.

This cat feeder may not be for you, however, if you do not mind (or your pet can deal with) interval feeding and if your pet is relatively docile.

It is also recommended for those who will not be away for more than one day or two, as the unit only has 4 feeding sections and is not suitable for not attending cat owners.

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