Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System

Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter Product Review

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Hi welcome back to another one of my litter box reviews, This time we will be having a closer look at the cat training program by Litter Kwitter a product which is a little different from the typical automatic litter box reviews but has been creating a lot of Buzz lately among many cat owners in the community.

This time I will be doing a review on the Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter.
I would like to say that I have been getting a lot of kind emails from most of you and I deeply appreciate your encouragement and feedback and i do read and write back to all my emails, so if you have any questions or want to give me feedback please contact me here.

This review was inspired by readers writing to me in regards to a new alternative cat toilet training system to train your own cat to use the household toilet just like another member of the family.

Cats are incredibly intelligent animals and after watching my favorite show called the Cat whisperer I was presented with the idea of cats using the family toilet.

Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter - Teach Your Cat to...
  • Train your cat to use a human...
  • No more mess, no more germs, no...
  • The training is easy for cat owners...
  • Comes with a standard white seat...
  • Developed with animal behaviorists,...

After researching I stumbled upon a product which was making waves in the toilet training of cats and according to other mixed user reviews, it worked!
I reached out to my friend who owns a pet store to order the toilet training system By Litter Kwitter to see what all the fuss is about.
We ordered 1 with the DVD and one without, they are essentially the same products however one comes with a training DVD and the other does not, so without further to do let us continue on.

Litter Kwitter Product descriptionLitter Kwitter review

The Cat Training System is a cat training program which guarantees your cat to be using the toilet ‘in 8 weeks’, The product ensures that the training system will eliminate the use of the litter box entirely, saving you money on cat litter supplies as well as cutting down on the smell left by traditional litter boxes.
LK offer ensures this is a maintenance-free solution for your cat’s litter box habits.
Developed by animal behaviorists, vets, and cat breeders, utilizing cats natural instincts in applying a new toilet routine.

Litter Kwitter has released a brand new DVD training package which includes an in-depth training DVD, showing you the proper way to train your cat to use the toilet. The training system comes with a 4 stage toilet potty set which will fit on all normal sized toilet bowls.

The training DVD is very informative and easy to understand, you are taken through a step-by-step system which is parsed overtime gradually as your cat hits specific milestones of the training program, patience’s is key when taking this training course due to the fact that every cat is different and some cats are faster learners than others.
It is highly recommended to start this training course when your cat is just over being kitten, and can handle jumping up onto higher places.

Cat Training overview

The potty inserts which come with the Litter Kwitter package are used to help your cat get comfortable with using the toilet. There are 4 stages of the potties for the program and patients is required along with treating your cat with cat treats whenever they are doing something right.

Stage 1: All potties are inserted and covering the toilet hole, lightly filled with litter to encourage the cat to use the toilet as a litter box.litter kwitter cat toilet training review

Stage 2: Once your cat is comfortable using the toilet as a litter box with all the inserts in place the first potty insert is taken out, uncovering a small hole where your cat can see into the toilet bowl, your cat will be curious at first and will attempt to poke their head in there out of curiosity. If all goes well and to the program your cat will do their business in a second potty tray.

Stage 3: Once your cat is used to the idea with the hole in the middle of the toilet you can proceed to remove the second potty insert making the toilet bowl more visible, it is also encouraged to use less litter at this stage of the training course.
At this point your cat should be graded using the hole of the potty into the toilet to do their business in, it is common for your cat to do both businesses into the toilet bowl or into the remaining potty insert, it is recommended that your cat is entirely comfortable with the idea of doing their business in the toilet.

Stage 4: Once your cat is entirely comfortable in doing their business in the toilet bowl remove the last remaining insert of the litter kwitter, your cat will be utilizing the toilet bowl entirely at that point, in which your cat will be toilet trained!

Litter Kwitter in use:


  • Easy to follow Instructional DVD tells you how to train your cat the proper way.
  • Comes with potty inserts which insert into your toilet bowl no matter the size.
  • Trains your cat to use the domestic home toilet.


  • Relatively easy to use.
  • Comes with instructional DVD
  • Help alternative tips and tricks within the course to cater to a wide range of cat behaviours.
  • Fit for all aged cats, the younger the better.


  • Requires a lot of patience’sthumbs-down-icons
  • Some cats take a while to react and can take time on certain stages of the training course.
  • Not for ill or handicapped cats.
  • Some cats may revert so it is best to have a litter box around the house if this was to happen.

I recommend the Litter Kwitter to:

  • Owners looking for a long term training solution for their cat’s toilet habits.
  • Owners interested and have the patience to be teaching their cat new things.

I don’t recommend LK to:

  • To owners looking for an instant result
  • Not interested in training their pet in the long term

Helpful tips before buying

I introduced this training course to my cat and I can see the results and yes there is a lot of patience’s involved during the training process, however, I managed to speed up the training process by placing his normal litter box next to the toilet bowl, this really helped my cat make the transition.

Never get frustrated with your cat, instead I recommend treat your cat sparingly with cat treats, if your cat does something wrong, DON’T treat them until they get it right.

Get the Litter Kwitter at the best price

Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter - Teach Your Cat to...
  • Train your cat to use a human...
  • No more mess, no more germs, no...
  • The training is easy for cat owners...
  • Comes with a standard white seat...
  • Developed with animal behaviorists,...

My final conclusion on the Litter Kwitter

For the last 4 weeks, I have been using the training with my cat (he is a 6-month-old ragdoll) and I have seen some great results from using the training course.

The overall product is very good and nicely laid out in an easy to understand training DVD format, taking you step-by-step through the entire process.

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13 thoughts on “Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter Product Review”

  1. I have some been working with this system and my kitten for 9 weeks now. The problem I am having is that she won’t put her paws on the seat at all. I have worked rentlesly with her day and night. Giving her time and remaining calm thru accidents. I have used treats and tried everything I know to try. What would you recommend to help to get those precious little pads on the seat?

  2. stephanie pacheco

    I have 2 kittens using the litter kwitter the red stage was breeze they both took to it , now we are on the orange stage and one is doing well with using it ,but still not aiming through the hole but using the litter kwitter and the other refuses to use it and goes on the floor beside the toilet which is very frustrating at times. any ideas or suggestions on what we can do ?

    1. I’m having similar issues. I’m extremely patient (3months on the red stage) with sporadic success. I started with it on the floor beside the toilet, got success, so raised it onto the toilet seat. At this point I began to gradually change the type of litter to flushable. She didn’t like the flushable. My 16 mo old cat then started pooping on the floor and continues to do so. Ive tried spraying where she’s pooped but she still continues. We are now using 100% flushable and she consistently pees in the LK, altho her aim on the LK isn’t always accurate. I really need some advice-do I quit and re-try in a month or??? Help???

      1. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment

        Unfortunately, this system does come with some challenges. Some cats are accepting of the training and some cats reject it completely.
        If you have made some progress with your furry friend then i would personally give it another try and quite possibly keep them on one stage for a longer period of time and then slowly move up.

        But yeah I see how frustrating it can be to get this to work. The other alternative is to get yourself a self-cleaning litter box

        Sorry I couldnt be of more help

  3. Kristine Zelazo

    My last cat was trained to use the toilet and after I took away the litter box he fell into the toilet and went number one and 2 on my ex husbands pillow. I refuse to remove the litter box. After paying close to 60.00 this better work or refund. Not risking my cat pissing outside of a litter box nor should anyone else.

    1. This system clearly lends patience from cat owners because its not instant results. Its not an instant fix and it requires you to spend weeks to work on it.
      I would go as far as saying that you shouldn’t even bother with this system if you dont want to dramas

  4. Have 2 cats ,1 older, 1 younger. Older cat doing Great. Younger cat #2 on floor next to toilet, should I start all over for the 2nd time? they are in the orange stage

  5. We’re getting our Maine Coon kitten 23rd of November (he’ll be 12 weeks old) and have been thinking about giving this system a try. The main problem I see right now is that we can’t be home all day, due to work, so how does training work when you’re not home 24/7. I’m thinking that the red system needs to be emptied as soon as he’s done his business, and if you’re not home for several hours, he’d choose a different place to do his business. Should we have a normal litter on the side while at work?

    Maybe it’s better to wait with starting the training until`the Christmas holidays (when I’ll be home for 2 weeks straight – he’ll be around 4 months old at the time)?

  6. Hi…i been training my cat since april 2020, so in the begining is all well i really take time for him to do his bussiness, but he dont put paws in the white ring and so i continue till is green stage and stil holding on to green stage one day i take off that green stage and thats how the accident happend and after this he never want to go ever again to LK, so i am about to start over on the red stage, my question is how can i make him stand on the white ring while he doing his thing, thanks.

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