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Litter Mat Reviews – Which Are The Best Options?

Optimal litter and cat waste management is a critical requirement when it comes to owning a cat. If you own any number of cats, then it is highly recommended that you take into consideration how you will properly manage the cats’ litter and waste.

Cats are known to be difficult to train and may resort to urinating or pooing outside of the litter box if their litter box or area is not clean or safe for them, and in many households, the pets that are guilty of this are often punished.

This is not only unfair but also unnecessary since most of the time, it is the pet owner that is actually at fault! The problem in some households is that the pet owners use a small dirty box, or they fail to use the appropriate products like litter mats to control the area around the litter box.

cat litter tracking problem - litter mat reviews
Does this sight look familiar?

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Litter mats are helpful products that can help you manage your cats if they are litter kickers. We know how frustrating it is to have to clean up the litter area around the cat box, to avoid stepping on stray cat litter that has managed to be kicked out of the litter box.
If you have a cat that is a litter kicker and you want to put your problems at ease then there is a solution to this very common problem many cat owners face.

How to litter mats work?

Cat litter mats contain pores holes in the mat to trap litter from the paws of your cat as they leave the litter box to prevent litter tracking through the house. The Litter is trapped in the holes of the mat and can be easily cleaned and disposed into the litter box for it to be reused.

The best cat litter mat

With many different brands and types of litter mats on the market, so we decided to pick the top 5 litter mats that offer the most value for money. Here are 5 cat litter mats that we have reviewed for you that we highly recommend you consider.

The following products can be ordered online, however, if you are interested in checking the available litter mats from your local Walmart or pet shop then I would highly recommend it.

PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat

Sometimes, the effectiveness of the cat litter mat will depend on its size and the choice of materials. This is exactly the combination adopted by PetFusion in delivering a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing cat litter mat. This mat is made from PVC and free from vinyl chloride and phthalates, which makes this product a healthy unit for your cat. Although the cat litter mat is made from a tough material, this product is known for its soft material, which you cannot find in many mats available in the market.

This also comes with a lovable design that will motivate your pet cats to stay in the litter mat and avoid jumping and running just to avoid this product. And since this is made with a lovable design, this can work as home decor too. Another great thing about this unit is its size- this is one of the larger mats available in the market, measuring 35 by 24 inches. And when it comes to clean-up and maintenance, this PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat will not give you headaches. You can wipe this clean using a damp cloth, or you can rinse this with clean water and pat dry before using it for the next few weeks.

  • Large-sized cat litter mat, measuring 35-inches by 24 inches
  • Features a soft and highly comfortable material, making your cats more comfortable
  • Can be cleaned using a damp cloth
  • Closed pore material
  • Small grooves help retain the litter and waste, keeping the area clean and orderly
  • Also offers an outer channel that will capture the waste and litter that may try to escape

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Easyology Cat Litter Mat

Manufactured by Easyology, this Premium Cat Litter Mat is designed as a 2-in-1 product- it serves as a cat litter mat, and can also work as an attractive doormat for your home. This is an extra-large mat, which makes this a better alternative to other commercial cat litters available. Compared to other mats that measure 30 inches or less, this Premium Cat Litter Mat (XL Super Size) measures 35 inches by 23 inches, wider and better for your home and rowdy cats.

This mat is also made from a durable PVC plastic material that is easy to clean and comes with deep grooves that help remove the waste and litter in an instant. The mat measures 3/8-inch in thickness, thus making this cat litter mat a tough partner in your home when cleaning and managing waste. And just like other mats, this Premium Cat Litter Mat is easy to clean and maintain- you simply rinse this with water, and let it dry before using once again. Also, this can work as an instant doormat, and also available in different colors, thus making this a great home decoration as well and can definitely complement your existing home decor.

  • Large-sized cat litter mat, measuring 35 inches by 23 inches
  • Features 3/8-inch thickness, with thick and deep grooves
  • Made from durable PVC plastic material
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Available in different colors

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Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Made by Moonshuttle, this Blackhole Cat Litter Mat is known for its use of high-quality materials that help pet owners confidently manage cat waste and litter. This litter mat is constructed from EVA foam rubber that is gentle on the paws, and non-toxic as well, thus you no longer have to worry about their health. Just like other mats, this Blackhole Cat Litter Box will collect all the dirt and litter from its paws. Compared to other mats, the mat material features a dual-layer and ensures that the waste and dirt will remain on the lower mat.

Once you have noticed that the mat is already filled with waste and litter, you simply remove this mat from its place, and wash it using running water. Or if you think that the amount of waste is minimal and dominated by dry waste, you can just take this out, and you shake the cat litter mat to eliminate the litter and other waste that has accumulated after weeks’ worth of use. In short, litter and waste management are made easier, making this a great and helpful product for busy pet owners and professionals.

  • Lightweight mat, at 2 lbs
  • Available in 2 sizes: 23 by 21 inches and 30 by 23 inches
  • Easy-to-clean, just wash and dry
  • Uses gentle and non-toxic EVA leather
  • Dual structure mat

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XL Cat Litter Trapper

If you love cats and you want a clean living room, then this XL Cat Litter Trapper can work for you. Measuring 30 inches long and 23 inches wide, the Cat Litter Trapper by iPrimio makes cat management easier. The efficiency of this cat litter trapper can be found in the use of quality materials, and the system of taking out the litter and other waste. This mat features extra-large holes, which are larger than the ones that can be found in other commercially-available litter mats. As soon as your cat steps in the cat litter trapper or mat, the litter or other waste that may have accumulated on their paws will fall through these holes.

Aside from the large holes, this iPrimio product also features a plastic film that helps repel your cats’ urine. With its effective combination of quality materials and efficient process, the Cat Litter Trapper serves as a great option for pet owners. The current version of the product available in the market right now comes with an EZ Open Edge feature, which will allow you to clean and wash the litter trapper in the sink. Also, you can now count on a Jumbo version of the Cat Litter Trapper, which can be helpful if you want to cover a larger area.

  • Features larger holes, compared to its competition
  • Measures 30 by 23 inches (XL)
  • Comes with an exclusive plastic film to manage cat urine
  • Smooth surface, and will not irritate the cats’ paws
  • Lightweight

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Pet-MagasinPet Magasin Cat Litter Mat (2-Mat Set)

Made by Pet Magasin, this Cat Litter Mat is sold in a 2-mat set and can provide the household with stylish protection against cat litter and waste. To use this cat litter mat, you simply put the matter near the door or outside the litter box where your pets will walk across, and the mat will do its work in removing and catching the waste and litter particles. The mat comes with rubberized fibers, which are responsible for removing and catching the litter mat.

This is only available in beige color, but the choice of this color helps make sure that you can hide the accumulated waste and litter. When you think that the mat has accumulated too much waste or litter, you can simply vacuum the mat, or you can shake the mat outside your door to remove the dirt that has accumulated in the mat. You can also use the mat as a comfortable litter mat for your pet, in case your cats are messy eaters, and you want to keep the area clean. And as a commitment to product quality and dependability, this cat litter mat also comes with a 24-month warranty.

  • The package comes with 2 mats, in large and small sizes
  • Comes with a 2-year product warranty
  • Dual-use- can serve as a cat litter box mat for cats who are messy eaters
  • Easy clean-up using vacuum cleaner
  • Available in beige color

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Use these reviews as your guide in selecting the best cat litter mat for your home. At the end of the day, the size, quality of materials used and design can help make a cat litter mat effective and highly dependable.

What does a litter mat do?

A cat litter mats prevent the common mess with litter from being spread outside of the cat’s litter box into other areas of your home. Cats that use the litter commonly fling litter around the litter box as a result of either litter being stuck to their paws when they leave the litter box, or if cats have the propensity to be a litter kicker.

How to cat litter mats actually work?

Litter mats trap litter in the mat from the paws of the cat thanks to the bristles of the mat where the litter gets stuck in the mat and can be refilled in the litter box with ease.

Do Litter Mats help with tracking?

Litter tracking is prevented by litter mats which save many hours cleaning after your feline friend.

Why does my cat scatter litter everywhere?

Cats scatter their litter as a result of burying their fecal matter in the ground as an ingrained instinct to hide their scent from predators. Many cats have their own way of buying their fecal matter, and this can be a problem for some owners who have a cat who likes to scatter litter everywhere as a part of their normal instinctual programming.

If this problem persists, its best to invest in a high walled litter box like the litter robot 3 to prevent further litter scattering problems.




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