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Litter Robot III Open Air Reasons why it is the Best Online

Automated litter boxes, just from the sound of it may be pricey.

You may be forced to choose between getting the cheap unit that makes you have to clean up more than what you expect to it being ‘automatic’, or the other option is to get the most expensive one that works fine but leaves a hole in your pocket because of its outlandish price tag.

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You are probably aware by browsing this site that there is a myriad of litter boxes out there that boasts a never-ending amount of features, to try to appear to be more practical and automated.

However there many litter units out there that don’t work well in comparison to the Litter Robot Open Air. Here are some of the reasons why the litter robot is the best self cleaning litter box on the web and why you should consider it for your home.


What To Expect?

Some litter boxes are known to break when it concerns automation, and its not a pretty sight when you have to deal with your cats pee and poo — If you are looking to remove yourself entirely from the litter scooping process then you are in the right place.

If the LR III needs human assistance its SMART LED indicator will light up to tell you it needs to be emptied, which consists of simply removing the waste bag from the litter robot’s base and replace it with a new one — it takes seconds to replace.

As you probably know or read on other user review pages, most other litter boxes require maintenance to keep them working properly.

They often need to be checked regularly to avoid cat wat from piling up — but then what’s the point of shelling out $400 – $600 on a litter box that requires more maintenance?

That’s where the litter robot open air 3 shines the most, you don’t need to have a watchful eye on it.

The system will tell you when its full and needs to be emptied and thats it.


Scooping litter is So yesterday

The LR III Open Air’s self-cleaning technology doesn’t require you to do any other work other than changing the waste bags every time the LED light turns on, easy right?

The crazy thing is you cannot find this function on any other product.
But the way the Litter Robot 3 separates itself from the competition, it how it cleans the dirty litter with is patented rotating motion the leaves a clean bed of litter every time, and it simply can’t be compared to other products.

Other ‘automatic’ litter boxes require you to scrape clumps of feces from the box area and manually dispose it at your own timely expense.

Wet clumps can stick inside and outside of the tray, making it a huge mess to clean up and that’s not physically taking the unit apart to clean it, and this is again where the Litter Robot shines.

You Barely need to clean it and when you do, its incredibly easy to clean.

The dome of the LRIII pops off, and you have easy access.

No Expensive Proprietary Supplies

There are many automatic litter boxes out there that are quality units for the self-cleaning litter process like the Catgenie and Scoopfree, however, these particular systems along with other ones on the market come with their own list of expensive supplies that you need to run the unit as it should.

These kinds of supplies can end up costing you an extra $500 to $1000 per year, depending on how many cats you have in your home.


The Litter Robot Open Air on the other hand only needs regular garbage bags for waste bags and traditional clumping letter.

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litter robot rampPrevent Jams

When it comes to automated litter boxes you will read many articles concerning jams, blockages, and motor breakdowns.

You get what you paid for and most of these cheaper self-cleaning litter boxes don’t even last a year of moderate use.

On the other hand, the LR III Open Air’s spherical litter chamber avoids jams and any possibilities of interference with the units mechanisms.

There’s only one place your cat can step into the litter robot and that’s at the at the base area of the dome where your cat will do their business in and leave.

No exposed motors or moving parts in this system.


Litter Robot Reliability

If you are spending $500 – $600 you expect the unit to be continuous and reliable, after all you are not purchasing a product that cannot do the job right, right?

However let’s be real with this, every electronic appliance requires some sort of troubleshooting after using it.

Anything with software and moving parts related is prone to break at some point in time.
However, some products which include the Litter Robot are built with such quality, trumps all other cheaper units on the market.

Think about it this way, if you spend $50 on an automatic litter box, then expect problems associated with its cheapness, it will break, it won’t clean properly, the motor will burn out, it will need continuous troubleshooting and you won’t be able to escape on a getaway out of town because there will be reliability issues.

If you are trying to avoid all those worries than the Litter Robot is for you.

Note: The waste drawer will handle at least a week’s worth of litter if you only have one cat.

litter robot cheapest priceMy final thoughts on this Litter Box

It’s no doubt the litter robot is an expensive investment, however, based on my experience with other litter boxes on the market then you are buying a litter box that is going to last for years with the constant support from the manufacturer if anything does go wrong.

The initial price tag of the Litter Robot exceeds other units by a long shot when you consider, no expensive supplies are needed, and the price is directly correlated with the quality of the design and parts the Litter Robot uses.

Overall, the Litter Robot Open Air vs Litter Robot 2 presents great value for money, giving you more time to spend with your cat over cleaning up the mess they make.

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Litter Robot III Open Air 5 Reasons why it is the Best Online
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Litter Robot III Open Air 5 Reasons why it is the Best Online
Ever noticed why the Litter Robot Open Air is the best online? then find out why we think this unit is the best cat litter box on the market
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