Litter Robot Face Off – LRIII Open Air vs LRII Bubble vs LRII Classic

The Litter Robot litter box is one of the best litter boxes on the market and in this article we will be doing a shootout with all the available litter that litter robot has manufactured over the years.
Let preface by saying each unit was made at different times during the evolution of the design and improvements have been made to the units as they have gone through development.
It would be fair to put these units head to head as these are generations – but we will be discussing all the developments have been made to make these units even better.

litter robot III reviewLitter Robot III Open Air Overview

This is the latest in the series and has garnered the highest rating from owners. Its ‘open air’ feature allows the litter chamber to accommodate even the largest household cats.

In this version the full light was implemented to help the user to tell if the litter box was full or not, that was a major development as users were experiencing jams with the previous generations.

The night light was installed to help cats get in and out of the litter box easier and this was also another issue that other users faced with cats getting disorientated when they tried using the litter box at night.

You can now adjust the cleaning schedule to be 3 minutes, 7 minutes, and 15 minutes after the cat has left the litter box, the issue here stemmed from users with their cats leaving the litter box and then reentering when they shouldn’t

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Sally using her litter robot 2Litter Robot II Bubble Unit Overview

The Bubble Unit is basically an overhauled LR II Classic with a more spacious litter chamber. The chamber is larger by 3in and has bubble windows to let more light inside it but unlike the litter robot 3 there is no LED light in this version or a tracking mat.

Litter Robot II Classic Overview

Although this was the litter robot that started all and is now completely discontinued from a product this is the litter box that helps propel the litter robot brand.
It had all the essential carbon filters and cleaning functions, however, the unit was really loud and annoying to listen to.

All in all the litter robot has steamrolled most of its competitors with its innovation to free up users from cleaning their cats pooey litter boxes and I guess we can only expect more to come.

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