LitterMaid LM580 Classic Review

Cat waste management is made easier, thanks to the LitterMaid LM580 Classic, which scoops the accumulated litter 10 minutes after your cat has exited the litter area.

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There is a sensor in place which will detect if your cat has completed its business, and once it has detected that the cat has exited the area, the system will facilitate the removal of the waste. It also offers a manual function when scoping extra waste. Each unit comes with a detachable rake which is easy to clean, a safety bar which ensures the efficiency of the rake and high sidewalls that will prevent the dispersion of the waste.

The Litter Maid can be helpful for pet owners who will need to get out of the house for a few days. The pan of this unit measures 14 inches by 14 inches and can work in households with just one cat. The main source of power is the AC adapter, and may also get its power from 8 AA batteries.

LitterMaid LM580 Classic Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Single-Cat (LM580)
  • Strong, durable drive mechanism
  • High side wall design. Refer the...
  • Removable automatic rake for easy...
  • Safety bar to stop rake in case of...
  • Designed for single cat households...

LitterMaid LM580 Features

  • Can work with just one cat, under 15 lbs in weight
  • Comes with higher sidewalls, which can help reduce the movement of waste
  • Power can come from one of two sources- 8 AA batteries and AC adapter
  • The LM580Ā measures 24.8 inches in length, 17.7 inches in width and 9.8 inches in height
  • Comes with a dual motion sensor, which activates the unit to after 10 minutes
  • Has a safety bar to keep rake from being blocked
  • Pan measures 14 by 14 inches
  • Plastic rake

What is Included in the Box

  • Comes with 4 carbon filters
  • 4 receptacles for waste
  • Backup battery compartment
  • Waste scoop

If you are looking to use more filters and receptacles, then the LM680C model is highly recommended. This model packs the same features, but with more containers and filters.

How this Unit Works for You

This Litter Maid features a dual-sensor that will detect the presence of a cat in the pan. When it has detected that the pet has left, it will then activate the rake, which in turn will collect and put the waste to a receptacle. There’s no need to worry about the odor since the compartment comes with a carbon filter. If the cat suddenly re-enters the box, the timer will be reset. When using this unit, it is recommended to use the Premium Clumping Cat Litter. You can also check the video if you want to know more about this unit.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Comes with carbon filters that can help manage the smell
  • The plastic rake is removable
  • Less litter is used compared to other commercial boxes
  • The tray is easy to maintain and dispose
  • High sidewalls
  • With a plastic rake, waste is managed easier
  • Also comes with a waste scooper
  • Produce noise is not irritating
  • Comes with a good price


  • The plastic waste compartment can be replaced, but it is expensive. If you don’t want to use the receptacles, use the Litter Works solution, or get ordinary bags
  • Noises are created when the unit is working, but these noises are not that irritating when compared with other litter box models
  • There are times when the rake cannot collect all the waste, thus these are not deposited in the compartment. If this happens, you will need to personally clean the bottom, or the litter box
  • The lid of the waste receptacle does not attach firmly to the plastic lid, so the seal with the compartment is not tight.
  • There will be times when the rake will not be able to clean all the waste, and the waste will remain at the bottom of the unit. If this is the case, you will need to manually remove the accumulated waste
  • Full line of litter is not deep, thus will not work best with diggers
  • Weak power of the motor when compared with other units or models. And because the motor is known for its weak power, you should be careful when filling up the litter. Overflowing litter on this unit will put stress on the motor, allowing it to perform weakly.
  • There’s a big chance that the action of the rake can get messy, and some dirt will end up on the floor. The solution is to place a mat under the unit
  • This litter box will not operate efficiently when it has gathered dust. This is why it’s highly recommended to regularly check the condition of the pan and motor, and remove the dust when necessary
  • When a large amount of waste will get stuck in the machine, there’s a chance that it will get blocked and will affect the performance of the unit

Tips in Using theĀ Littermaid

  • You will need to order a ramp separately.
  • The choice of the best litter can affect the overall performance of the unit, and according to many reviews out online, the best ones are the ‘World’s Best Cat Litter’, Ever Clean’ and the ‘Ultra Precious Cat Premium’.
  • If you want to save, you can choose an ordinary plastic bag, instead of using the recommended replacements.
  • Make sure that you don’t fill the box to the brim as this will put pressure on the motor. To ensure the smooth operations of the unit, you need to be careful when adding litter, and be aware of the litter line.
  • Pay attention to the area where you will place the unit. If you place this near the wall, then there’s a chance that the cats will urinate on the wall.
  • You can also purchase the ‘Permanent Lid’ attachment or the ‘Perma-Lid Guard Combo’ to address the problem of the lid falling off.
  • You can also spray the bottom of the pan with silicone. This will help prevent the sticking of the waste.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for backup power.
    Reminders When Using thisĀ litter box
    The box states that you will need to use 8 D batteries, but in reality, you will need 8 AA batteries. These batteries are drained immediately, thus these should be used as a backup source of power. In short, the unit should be plugged in. Compared to other models available in the market, the Litter Maid comes with a plastic rake, which will effectively clear the waste.

Resetting this LitterMaid Model

There are two reset buttons available which can be found on both sides. You will need to push both to reset the operations of the unit.
Based on these details and information:

This LitterMaid model is recommended for:

  • Average-size cat that produces a firm stool
  • Pet owners who is willing to purchase a premium clumping litter
  • Pet owners who will be away for a few hours
  • Individuals looking for help in scooping out the dirt

This product is not recommended for:

  • Households with multiple cats
  • Cats that normally use just one corner
  • Pet owners who will leave their cats for a few days
  • Individuals looking for a maintenance-free unit
  • Cats known as diggers that put too much waste over the urine and feces
  • Pet owners and individuals who do not want to invest in a premium clumping cat litter

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LitterMaid LM580 Classic Series Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Single-Cat (LM580)
  • Strong, durable drive mechanism
  • High side wall design. Refer the...
  • Removable automatic rake for easy...
  • Safety bar to stop rake in case of...
  • Designed for single cat households...


While it is a straightforward litter box, it does not mean that you can leave this for a few days without monitoring. This can easily work with soft stools, and there are times when you need to adjust the unit. Here are some recommended adjustments you need to make on this LitterMaid unit:

  • Replace the cat litter on a regular basis. You need to be selective when it comes to the litter that you will use. Always look for premium brands, like the ‘World’s Best Cat Litter’.
  • Rake should be sprayed with silicone. This step will ensure that waste will not cling to the rake.
  • Litter pan should be filled at the right level. Over-filling the pan will only put too much pressure on the motor, which can undermine its operations.
  • Use a ‘permanent lid’, or just tape the unit’s receptacle to the lid. This will keep the lid in its place.
  • Scoop the waste manually. There are some instances that not all wastes are collected. If this is the case, you need to physically scoop the waste out.
    These adjustments will take some work, but it’s all worth it. This unit is reliable, but in terms of the quality of materials used, this pales in comparison with the classic version of the LitterMaid. But when compared with other models under the LitterMaid brand, the LitterMaid LM580 is a great choice.

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