LitterMaid Multi-Cat Automatic Cat Box Review

The Litter Maid Multi-Car Litter box is an efficient cat waste management system that will rake the accumulated waste of your cats dirty business.

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The waste will be transferred to a compartment once your cats used the box.

After the cats have completed using the box, the sensor will detect the movement, and after 10 minutes, the system will automatically clean the area. The main feature of this unit is the responsive rake that will collect the clump of waste and will push the waste to the compartment. Once the dirt has been collected, the system will then close and seal the compartment.

This unit works on a low voltage and will operate using 8 AA batteries (which are not included in the box) or through an AC adapter.

LitterMaid LM-86579 Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box Self-Cleaning Scoop with Ramp, 24"
  • Automatic litter box makes...
  • Self-cleaning litter box...
  • Rakes the waste into a disposable...
  • Ideal for large cats and multi-cat...
  • 27 inches long. Multi-Cat Over 15...

LitterMaid Multi-Cat Litter Box Features

  • This system will automatically start the cleanup process 10 minutes after the cats have exited the box
  • An improved version holds 50 percent more waste
  • Quiet but powerful motor
  • The new model is LM-86579
  • Comes with another 10 minutes delay in case cats re-enter the box
  • Rake made from plastic
  • Can work with larger cats
  • Works best in households where multiple cats are present
  • Measures 24.8 inches L by 17.7 inches width by 9.8 inches in height

The box will include the following:

  • Main unit with ramp
  • AC Adapter
  • 1 scoop and rake cleaner
  • 8 waste receptacles
  • 8 charcoal cleaners

How The LitterMaid Works

This unit works as soon as your pet cats will leave the box. The clean-up mechanism is activated by the sensor and will work after 10 minutes window time. The rake of the unit will then push the lump of waste to a compartment. As soon as the waste has been pushed towards the compartment, the rake will then move back to position, and the compartment will be sealed.

The unit will come with a charcoal filter to keep the smell down. If in case your pet decides to re-enter the unit, the system will re-start the 10 minute countdown as soon as the cat will leave the area.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • This unit comes with a large capacity pan which can work for two small-sized or medium-sized cars, or one large-sized cats
  • The unit will automatically clean the area 10 minutes after the cats have exited the area
  • Litter tracking is avoided thanks to the use of a ramp
  • The system will reset the count down when a cat has re-entered a unit
  • Quiet but powerful motor in use
  • Features a carbon filter that will manage the smell
  • The unit can be disassembled easily when disposing the dirty filters


  • The rake will not scrape the bottom, thus there’s a chance that some waste may remain at the bottom
  • There’s a chance that the unit will stop operating when cats accidentally stepped on the power switch
  • Litter level is low, so you need to check the unit regularly
  • No sleep timer
  • Some customers complain about the rake that gets stuck
  • Construction Is fragile and weak in some places due to its plastic

Tips When Using the Litter Maid Multi-Cat Automatic Litter Box

  • If you want to avoid the waste from sticking out, you can apply the bottom of the pan with ‘Rust-Oleum Never Wet’. You can easily detach the pan when you need it.
  • If you want a stress-free way of using this unit, then you can spray the pan with 3M silicon spray, especially on the rake and rails.
  • You can also apply the 3M silicone spray on rake tines and rails using s soft cloth.
  • The plastic waste compartment of the unit can be replaced with PERMA-lid, which will allow you to use an ordinary plastic bag. Also, you can try using a Litter Works Litter Disposal System which will help you save on receptacle cost.
  • Look for hard-clumping litter to ensure a great service. If you don’t use this kind of product, say Nature’s Miracle, then the waste will break into small parts, and there’s a chance that the rake will not be able to collect all the waste.
  • It is highly recommended to clean the unit on a regular basis.
  • Follow the instructions in using the unit, especially in putting the right amount of litter.
    Keep in mind that regular maintenance of the unit can help keep the motor in great condition, and will not put too much stress on the mechanism of the unit.

This is highly recommended for:

  • Small and medium-sized cats
  • Individuals who will follow the instructions
  • Pet owners who will follow and implement the tips
  • Pet owners who are willing to track its condition every day

This product is not recommended for:

  • Large cats, and households with multiple pets
  • Cats that are known to urinate frequently since this may affect the performance of the box
  • Pet owners who do not want to adjust or tweak the performance or the settings of the unit for it to work like a charm
  • Pet owners who do not have the time or the patience to physically check the condition of the unit, or don’t have the time to take out the litter from the box

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LitterMaid LM-86579 Automatic Multi-Cat Litter Box Self-Cleaning Scoop with Ramp, 24"
  • Automatic litter box makes...
  • Self-cleaning litter box...
  • Rakes the waste into a disposable...
  • Ideal for large cats and multi-cat...
  • 27 inches long. Multi-Cat Over 15...


My Final Thoughts Conclusion

If you are looking for a smarter cat litter box, then the LitterMaid Multi-Cat automatic litter box is a great choice. If you choose and use this unit, it is highly recommended that you follow the instructions and recommendations when using the unit. Keep in mind that this unit needs your attention, and you should constantly monitor it for it to perform the right way.

Another trick that you can do is to keep the product clean at all times, and following the tips as listed in this review can help extend the life of the product. Monitor the condition of the box daily, but if you have at least two cats in the household, then it is better to clear the litter once every 3 days. But if you have just one cat, weekly maintenance is more than enough.
Based on reviews 67 in 10 customers are satisfied with this unit.

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