Littermaid LM980 Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

Littermaid LM980 Mega Cat Litter Box Review

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I will be doing an in-depth user review of the LitterMaid LM980 Mega litter box, I will be covering all the main features, how it works, The Pros and Cons about the unit as well as some useful tips and tricks along with my final conclusion and recommendations.

ūüėć ¬†I found the cheapest price for the Littermaid LM980 litter box here

What you get with the Litter Maid?

The Littermaid automated litter box is one of the most popular entry-level cat boxes on the market today, most new customers of these appliances tend to purchase the Litter Maid, based on its affordable price tag, good user reviews and the ability to cater to multiple cats quite easily.

This¬†unit¬†is very simple to use and its incredibly easy for your cat to make the transition from a manual litter box to an automated system. This is generally due to the Littermaid LM980’s simplistic classic waste box design, which helps cats that are not used to big transitions, especially when it comes to their litter pans.
The unit works on the basis of sensor technology which is fitted with motion detectors to detect your cats use of the cat trey.
Once your cat is don with their business, The litter pan engages the units cleaning cycle after a time delay.

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: When used as...
  • ODOR CONTROL: Once the rake removes...

The waste receptacle container is very spacious and easily caters for multiple cats with in the house hold, however the unit wouldn’t be complete with out the waste container being sealed along with a carbon filter to stop any cat odors releasing in your house, so if you are not fond of cat odor making your home smelling like a cat sand pan, this unit is the answer to your prayers of an odor free home.

The Design of the LM980 Mega

The LitterMaid features an innovative high wall design to prevent all litter kicking cats from ever kicking litter out of the litter box and onto the floor ever again, which is a common issue with most household cats.
This waste box also comes with an anti litter trailing ramp to further prevent litter to stick to the paws of the cat, resulting in your cat leaving a trail of litter around the house for you to clean up.
There is no question about the consideration that the unit has in regards to making a clean free design which is capable of preventing annoying litter trailing and litter kicking cats.

The advanced motion sensors is what drives the automatic self-cleaning design, the sensors are activated once the cat has entered the waste receptacle to do his/her’s business,¬† once the cat leaves the litter receptacle a delay of 10 minutes is then engaged before the cleaning cycle proceeds to clean your cats waste.

LitterMaid Features

  • High wall design
  • Automated rake scooping design
  • Anti Litter Trailing paw cleaning Ramp
  • Safety Bar
  • Dual setup capabilities in Automatic and Manual modes
  • Spacious waste container that can hold 60% more litter than other cat boxes.
  • 4x Waste receptacles
  • 4x Carbon Filters
  • Caters to multiple cats
  • Uses clumping clay litter for easy automated cleaning


How does the litter Littermaid work?

The LitterMaid works a lot like all other other rake driven cat trey on the market the only thing that separates The litter maid LM980 from the others is the affordable price tag, however, we will go in-depth on how the self-cleaning process of the unit works.Littermaid Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

This self-cleaning waste receptacle runs on a series of sensors which are activated before the cleaning cycle, just after the cat has finished his/hers business and leaves the litter container.
Once the cat has successfully left the litter box the Litter maids on-board program engages a 10 minute timed delay period before the self-cleaning process is activated.

The delay process enables the litter to clump any feces and urine as well as giving your cat enough time to finish his/her’s business, leading your cat away from re-entering the litter container¬†during the litter cleaning cycle.
If your cat does re-enter the litter pan at any given moment during the delay or cleaning process the machine will reset itself for another 10 minutes before the cleaning cycle is reactivated.

After the 10 minute delay period the rake is then engaged for the self-cleaning cycle, the rake combs through the litter and catches all the waste clumps in its tracks.
Once the rake has reached the other end of the cat pan the waste receptacle opens and the waste is disposed accordingly, leaving no traces of dirty litter and waste in the waste box, keeping everything clean for the next use.

The litterMaid LM980 is a fully automatic self-cleaning litter pan suite, however, there is also a manual mode on this unit, a push button process which enables you to clean the litter box manually by pressing a button, and the unit skips all the delay processes and gets to work for you.

Note: With all rake driven cat treys there is always a chance of litter being caught in the rake, however the LitterMaid team has made it easy to clean with a push-button rake release button that releases the rake module for really easy cleaning.

Demonstration Video


Tips and Tricks and best practices

  • It is recommended that you do not over fill the litter tray as this can cause the rake to jam and would require manual assistance, best to keep the litter below the red line to be safe.
  • If there is a power outage and the power is reconnected the unit¬†will remain off until the unit is switched back on again.
  • It is recommended to never get the sensor wet as this can damage the functionality of the unit.

Important information:

The unit needs replacement waste containers and they are very easy to purchase and they are not expensive, however, some users of the unit have figured out a way to reuse the waste containers so there is minimal waste of the disposable containers.

Tip: The best way to reuse these containers is to get a normal shopping bag (Plastic bag) wrap the garbage bag around the container and place it in the waste receptacle.
This will allow you to use these containers many times over and over again with out having to regularly buy new containers every few weeks.


  • Automatic rake scooping functionality.
  • Non-scooping design
  • Easy removing of rake for easy cleaning.
  • Proven advancements from the last LitterMaid self cleaning litter box.
  • 10 minute delay time before cleaning cycle.
  • Comes with litter ramp to clean the paws of the cat leaving the cat box¬†to prevent litter trailing.
  • This Litter maid LM980 is a bigger design to cater to larger cats.
  • Collects waste quicker with no fuss.
  • Tightly sealed waste receptacle and carbon filters to eliminate odor in its tracks


  • Waste can get jammed in the rake which would require manual assistance.
  • The LitterMaid LM980 Mega¬†needs premium clay clumping litter or it dosnt handle soft feces well.
  • The waste storage container is a little small so it requires daily cleaning for more than 2 cats.
  • litter container¬†depth is not enough to put the recommended 2-3 inches of litter.
  • The mechanism noise is pretty loud.
  • Additional purchases of waste receptacles

I recommend the unit to:

  • Cats owners who are interested in purchases their first self cleaning¬†litter pans
  • Owners looking for a solution that keeps up with constant maintenance of their cats litter box with no much hassle.
  • Owners who own multiple cats.
  • Looking for an affordable solution.
  • Owners bothered by cat odor.waste box

I do not recommend the unit to:


Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: When used as...
  • ODOR CONTROL: Once the rake removes...

My Final conclusion on the Litter Maid

My thoughts on the LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box is as follows, I find the unit is a well made and easy to use, it eliminates odor as promised and makes life a little easier to manage a cat pan.
Its perhaps not a completely hands-free, non-scooping solution however it performs very well for the affordable price it starts at.
The only issues I had with the litter pan is the manuals, they are not as clear as what you may expect and the unit is a little hard to set up if you don’t have the instructional video as the unit comes with a lot of pieces to assemble.

All in all, I think the unit performs well for the price range, that being said its certainly not the best automatic cat receptacle on the market however it is a bang for your buck.

The High-Capacity litter disposal system for Litter Maid

If you are concerned about the waste containers becoming a hassle for restocking I found the very helpful and innovative attachment which will enables more waste and easier bagging process as well as still cutting down any odor.

High-Capacity litter disposal system for Littermaid. Compatible with LM980 and all Elite models.
  • Eliminates need for Littermaid...
  • Permanent chute funnels waste into...
  • Extra large capacity lasts for...
  • Compatible with ALL Littermaid...
  • Versions for Scoopfree available

Disposal Features

Littermaid review

    • Eliminates need for waste receptacles
    • Permanent chute funnels waste into a large bag underneath
    • Extra-large capacity lasts for weeks, impossible to overflow!
    • Compatible with ALL Littermaid litter boxes, including Elite models

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4 thoughts on “Littermaid LM980 Mega Cat Litter Box Review”

  1. This my second Litter Maid unit. My first one lasted 7 years & NEVER got clogged. I used premium clumping litter (Ever Clean) with no problems. When it stopped working I purchased a new one with higher sides to reduce the amount of litter kicked out on the floor. I saw no difference, still had a great deal outside the unit. The new unit stops frequently….like 2-3 times a day. With my original unit I could be gone on vacation a week & the unit never clogged. I was told I was using the incorrect litter, so I compared litter & went to Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat litter. I saw NO difference. As a matter of fact, this litter was worse. I have one cat & will be going to a manual litter box. This litter box IS not worth the money!!

  2. I LOVE this litter box. I purchased one in January for my 3 cat household and I quickly bought a second one to replace all of the boxes in the house. The cats love it as much as I do because now their box is always clean. Sometimes I think they get in there just for fun because I hear it cleaning a lot! It is noisy but I have grown used to it; even the one in my master bathroom. It does require some manual scooping but obviously nothing compared to the old box that wasn’t self cleaning. With 3 cats I do have to empty the collection bins a couple of times a week but I use the plastic grocery bags so all I have to do is pull them out and throw away.

    1. I agree! What did they do to the new unit? We had our first one for 10 years with no problems until the motor started to weaken & then it wasn’t able to lift large clumps in. The new one is giving me nothing but grief. The lid is open every morning, isn’t able to put large clumps in either. I didn’t change litter to Littermaid brand. Can’t find that in this part of Canada!!

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