litter robot III review

Where to Purchase the Litter Robot 3 for the Cheapest Price Online

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Welcome, you have come to the right place! 🙂

The awesome people over at Litter Robot have given me exclusive access to give out a generous $25 OFF on a Litter Robot to my readers (you).

For those serious cat lovers who are considering purchasing either one of the LRII or LRIII products and don’t want cough up the crazy retail prices on AMAZON and etc, Then DON’T. Get $150 – $230 OFF from paying the crazy retail prices 


Click Below to go to the Litter Robot website and get your additional $25 OFF today


  • Free Shipping
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Plus an Extra $25 OFF

This limited offer ends

litter robot special offer


This $25 OFF will work with the purchase of both Litter Robots 2 models which include the Bubble and Classic versions which are virtually the same unit and the brand new upgraded release of the Litter Robot 3.

If you have read my LR reviews or have read the reviews on or even watched the review videos on youtube then you probably know that that Litter Robot far exceeds any other automatic litter box products on the market. If you haven’t read what all the fuss is about with these cat litter boxes then I would like to invite you to read my full review on both of the Litter Robot models and see what you think.

I can sum up both LRII and LRIII modals in a few dot points to make it easier to understand – But if you would like to read the full reviews on the 2 units then click the links to the reviews above — I also did a little box side-by-side comparison between the ScoopFree, Cat Genie and Litter Robot systems which can be viewed here.

exclusive $25 off deal on the litter robot 2 and 3

The Benefits of owning a Litter Robot

Your cat’s litter box maintenance is 85% automated – basically, in the cleaning process, the Litter Robot will automatically start cleaning itself by separating the soiled litter from the unsoiled litter and disposing of the waste litter along with any feces and used litter clumps into its waste receptacle without touching a thing. Uses Regular clumping clay litter = No special litter needed for this unit

The only time this litter box will need to be tended to is when the waste receptacle is full and needs replacing with a new bag. You can use any regular plastic grocery shopping bag or some standard sized home trash bags. No Proprietary bags needed and takes less than 20 seconds to change out the full bag and in with a new one.

Is it practical? – Cats and cat owners like you and me love this litter box because it constantly keeps itself clean and alleviates the need to manually scoop your cats litter box. Your cat will have a completely clean litter box on each visit and for plenty of reuses to come throughout the week without any risk of your cat venturing off into the rest of your living space and doing their business where they shouldn’t.

No expensive supplies – As mentioned above the Litter Robot is cost effective option for any cat owner, no special or proprietary supplies are required to run this litter box. It takes regular clumping clay litter and uses regular kitchen garbage bags or plastic grocery bags from your local supermarket.

Sally using her litter robot 2 Product support – Litter Robot have a proven track record to be very helpful if problems do occur with any of their products. Their email and phone support is great and if there are any major issues they look after you in trying to troubleshoot or replace the product.
With my litter robot 25 off that I am sharing with you today, it includes a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee along with free shipping all included into their already highly discounted price from the normal retail and Amazon website.

User Reviews – The Litter Robot products have been one of the most popular self-cleaning litter box products on to date based on its sheer amount of benefits and features that leaves many other competing products to be desired. If you are not convinced then I would like to invite you to read the reviews anywhere on the net. – Its only a simple google search away.

American designed and made – I am all about the USA made products. However, I am not biased on where its made. All products I review are based on their functionality and how practical they are for us cat owners to use. So happens the litter robot takes the best litter box cake.

If you would like to find out more about both of these litter boxes and you have not read my reviews click below to check out my reviews.

Read Litter Robot 2 Review
Read Litter Robot 3 Review

Where to Purchase the Litter Robot 3 for the Cheapest Price Online
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Where to Purchase the Litter Robot 3 for the Cheapest Price Online
Looking to purchase the litter robot? you have come to the right place! :) Litter Robot has given us exclusive access to a $25 OFF...
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