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Luuup Litter Box Review – Disruptive Litter System

Without mincing words, cleaning and refilling your cat’s litter comes with a lot of headaches, and for many pet owners, the subject alone sounds repulsive, so they don’t talk about it very much.

However, if you are an avid pet lover, we are sure you’ll go all out to get a suitable litter box, your fluffy pal will love.

While some pet owners would prefer an automatic and self-cleaning cat litter box, others seem to like gel litter, litter pellets, flushable litter, or standard scoop-able granules.

But regardless of what works for you, always keep in mind that the actual litter box plays a significant role in your pet’s toilet habit.

Note: The perfect litter box should be able to minimize odor, prevent spills as well as look good and inviting enough for your fur friend.

In addition to this, the perfect cat litter should also be easy to use and clean.

That said, today’s review will focus on the new Luuup litter box.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this cat Litter box.

What is the Luuup litter box?

If you’re looking for a litter box that makes cleaning easy while improving your cat’s toilet habit, you’ll be impressed with the new Luuup litter box.

This unique litter box is a 3-part litter box and works on a lift-and-shift basis.

This makes cleaning super easy.

So, instead of scooping clumps from the box every day, you simply lift the top tray to allow the clumps from the unused litter sift down.

This will leave you with clean and unused cat litter that you can easily reuse.

Once the sifting has been done, you can do away with the clumps and put together all three litter trays as they should be.

Whether you have a small or medium cat breed, rest assured that the new Luuup litter box will work perfectly for your feline friends.

This litter box comes with a specially designed spill-proof guard to prevent spills, which can be carefully placed over the top tray.

Top 4 features and benefits of Luuup litter tray

Although the Luuup litter box sports a minimalistic design, it doesn’t affect its functionality and overall usability.

That said, here are some fantastic benefits of this product that makes it a must-have:

3-tray sifting system

If you’re tired of litter boxes that make cleaning a chore, now is the perfect time to get something that makes your job easy.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far, as the new Luuup litter box will make a perfect fit for pet owners.

What we have come to love about this litter box is its 3-tray sifting system.

With this design, you can kiss goodbye to using scoopers or liners when cleaning.

Also, the litter box features a unique lift and sift mechanism that makes cleaning super easy.

Spill guard

Nobody likes to deal with the mess from litter boxes, but unfortunately, if you have a cat with a nasty toilet habit, this is something you have to deal with daily.

Thankfully, this should be a thing of the past with the new Luuup litter box.

And that’s because this box features a spill guard that’s specially designed to catch litter particles your cat may kick out while leaving the box.

While it may not be very effective in this regard, it reduces the number of particles you have to deal with daily.

Non-stick design

Cleaning is one of the biggest issues pet owners have to deal with.

And if you own a shoddy litter box, you’d have to deal with a sticky litter that makes cleaning even more stressful.

Amazingly, the Luuup litter box solves all of that problem as it features a non-stick coating.

With this design, you wouldn’t have to clean the litter tray after every use.

More so, you wouldn’t have to deal with too many residues as this litter box comes with a 3 tray design that gets rid of all the waste, including liquid clumps.

Anti-microbial design

Are you looking to keep your family safe from disease-causing microorganisms that can spring up from your cat’s litter?

Then you’ll not be disappointed to give Luuup litter box a try as it sports an anti-bacterial surface which prevents the growth of microorganism.

The only sad part is this cat litter box isn’t very great at odor control.

While it does well to minimize the odor from your cat’s litter, its fully open design means you have to be warry a bit.

Cleaning and maintenance

It’s one thing to find a great litter box and another to keep the litter box in great condition.

Thankfully, with the new Luuup litter box, you don’t have to do so much as the box is fairly easy to clean and maintain.

All you have to do is ensure that you sift the box at least once a day for impressive results.

If you want to clean the box thoroughly after sifting, you can use a tissue or cloth to wipe the surface gently.

And unlike other litter boxes, cleaning the Luuup litter box should take you only a few seconds.

Plus, you wouldn’t have to apply too much energy to scrub.

Also, try to clean the tray more meticulously once in a while.

You can even use a mild soap or detergent to give the tray a more detailed clean.

Luuup litter design and dimension

Luuup litter box ranks as one of the best pet-friendly litter boxes out there, and if you look at the design, you’ll not agree any less.

We love the fact that it comes with an open-top as well as a lift and sift mechanism that makes cleaning the litter box easy.

The icing on the cake is that this litter box features 3 sifting trays, which are all stacked together.

Not just that, it also comes with a detachable spill guard that prevents litter from been kicked out of the box.

In terms of customization, this litter box doesn’t offer so much as it only comes in one color scheme.

And there are no customizable accessories from the Luuup store you can use to give your cat’s litter box a unique look.

But if you’re hell-bent on customization, you can get creative and see what you can come up with.

We also love the fact that this brilliant litter box is made from quality and pet safe materials.

Its non-stick coating means you wouldn’t spend hours cleaning your cat’s litter.

When it comes to sizing, the Luuup litter box comes in one size and will accommodate most cat breeds, except for larger breeds like the Maine Coon.

is luuup worth it

Luuup litter box pricing and returns

If you’re looking for a cheap litter box for your fur friend, you’ll have to consider other litter boxes on the market as the Luuup litter box is a bit pricey.

For a start, this litter box costs $60.

And if you purchase just one litter box, you’ll not enjoy the free shipping the company offers.

Not just that, the cost of handling may vary, especially depending on your location.

For people with two cats, you’ll end up with a better deal.

And even though you end up paying $120 for two litter boxes, you get free shipping included, which isn’t something you’ll enjoy if you opted for just one litter box.

More so, if you decide to get three Luuup litter boxes at once, get set to unlock a 20% discount that will drive down the price of the three litter boxes to $144 instead of the original $180.

And just like other deals, you also get free shipping included.

In terms of returns, the company has a fair policy every customer will love.

And that’s because the company offers a 30-days warranty for its product.

This warranty covers any defects after 30 days.

This means you can return the box and get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Should you decide to return the box, please keep in mind that the company doesn’t offer a refund for handling and shipping costs.

Plus, there is a 15% restocking fee, which kicks in if the product has been used.

Pros and cons of the Luuup litter box

The Luuup litter box has a lot of amazing things going for it.

Plus, it features impressive specs that make your job easy.

That said, this product has some disadvantages you should know.

So before getting one, check out some pros and cons of the Luuup litter box.


  • Made from durable and pet safe materials
  • Comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee
  • 3-tray sifting design, which makes cleaning less of a chore
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Spill guard to prevent litter mess


  • Some customers have complained that the litter leaks from the bottom.
  • Not very big on odor control, so you’ll have to ensure you change the litter often
  • Its compact design doesn’t make it suitable for multiple pets.

Does this litter box live up to expectations?

There are many things to love about the new Luuup litter box.

While the box sports an attractive design, we love the fact that it makes cleaning easy.

Thanks to the box’s sift and lift mechanism, you’ll no longer have to scoop the litter every time you want to give it a clean.

That said, some users have complained that the litter’s non-sticking design doesn’t seem to hold up.

This means they had to clean the tray even after sifting.

The good thing is, if the litter clumps properly, you wouldn’t have to do a thorough clean as you only need a clean rag or tissue to wipe the tray clean.

Some users have also pointed out that the slits that come with the trays tend to cause clogging.

While this is true, it doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the litter box, but more with the type of litter you’re using.

The truth is, if you opt for low-quality litter, you’ll have to deal with poor clumping, which will make your cleaning job even harder.

Not just that, you may also have to deal with leaks.

The best thing to do in such a case is to maintain the recommended litter depth and opt for a high-quality litter.

Besides these complaints, which frankly can be easily solved, the Luuup litter box has lived up to the hype.

And should you adhere strictly to the product use instructions, you shouldn’t have any problem with this litter box.

Frequently asked questions

Should I use litter box liners?

For many pet owners who want to prevent leaking, getting litter box liners may sound like a pretty good idea.

But guess what, they aren’t such a good thing to use, and that’s because litter box liners can trap urine in between the folds of the liners.

Should that be the case, you may put your cat at risk of irritations.

Also, as a rule of thumb, never place your cat’s litter box close to food or water sources.

Is the Luuup litter box expensive?

Compared to other litter boxes on the market, the Luuup litter box doesn’t come cheap.

To start with, this litter box cost $60.

But while this may look a little pricey, you’ll agree that nothing is too much to gift your feline friend.

Can I flush my cat’s litter?

Well, it depends on the type of litter you’re using.

While some litters can be flushed down the toilet, others can’t.

So, before flushing any used litter, make sure you figure out if it can be flushed or not.

Trust us when we say you don’t want to end up clogging your toilet.


Luuup litter box may not be the cheapest cat litter boxes on the market, but guess what?

It gets the job done.

It features a sift and lift mechanism that makes cleaning your cat’s litter, less of a chore.

Also, its 3-sifting tray design comes with a non-stick surface, which further makes cleaning easy.

In terms of materials, the Luuup litter box is made from durable and pet safe materials that do not pose any risk to your cat’s health.

While the Luuup litter box isn’t an alternative solution to automatic litter boxes, we like the fact that it makes cleaning a lot easier.

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