How to Make Your Cat Purr

Every cat owner loves to hear their pet purr.

Whenever they do, they know that their cat is happy and is enjoying being with his owner.

If you are a cat owner and you would like to hear your cat purr, here are a few tips on how you can make your cat purr.

Why do cats purr?

First things first, let’s determine the reason why a cat purrs.

For years, scientists have been frustratingly trying to understand the exact mechanism behind a cat’s purr.

The reason behind this is that there is no obvious anatomical feature in a cat that makes it responsible for doing so.

A good hypothesis obtained through electromyographic studies is that the purring noise is produced by cats due to the swift twitching of muscles in their larynx.

When this occurs, the glottis rapidly dilates and constricts, leading to vibrations in the air when they are breathing in and out.

Together with a cat’s steady breathing, a purring noise is produced.

Cats purr as a way of communicating to other felines and humans.

Since the purring sound happens when other ‘sociable’ signals have been made, many believe that the purr is a sign that the cat is ready to be sociable.

For humans, however, a cat’s purr is often interpreted as an expression of a positive feeling some say a cat purr indicates of a cat being “Content” and can also indicate stress and/or negative feelings.

So how do you make a cat purr?

If you enjoy hearing your cat purr and you wish to hear it again, here are some useful tips on how you can do it right:

  • Let your cat choose his environment
    . You have to remember that your cat should be comfortable wherever he wants to be. Even if you are ready to give your pet his daily rub-down, you have to let him pick a spot where he is most comfortable.
  • Bring his favorite toys. When dealing with your cat, you have to make him feel most comfortable. You can’t demand him to do what you want. Instead, you have to wait until he is ready to play with you. Once your cat has settled down, you can give him his toys. He’ll most likely warm up to you after this.
  • Start rubbing him. If you were successfully able to approach your cat without him preparing to run away, you can start rubbing/scratching your cat. Depending on how your car prefers to be rubbed, you can stroke his lower neck to the base of his tail. Then scratch your pet’s head. You’ll know that your cat is enjoying it if he flattens his ears to the sides. But if he flattens his ears backwards, you are annoying him so you have to be careful.
  • Find and Rub his secret spot. If you’ve had your cat for quite some time, you probably already know where his secret spot is. If you still don’t know where this is, you’ll have to check with his body language. It could be the top of his head, chin, neck, belly, lower stomach, and the base of his tail. You have to be careful though because you might hit an area he does not like being touched.

Once your cat is happy with how he is being scratched, you should start hearing him purring.

Many believe that a cat’s purr means that there is a special bond between you and him, especially if he purrs more loudly with you compared to other people.

The different types of cats purr

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