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If you are looking for the best manual litter box reviews then you have come to the right place to learn more about them.

You may not know, but there are a few different types that will be covered in this article…

We will be reviewing the main shapes and build qualities of these various types of cat boxes as they play a part in different applications and environments for example, there are litter boxes well suited for smaller apartments vs cat trays that are well suited to cats that live in a house where they have the option to go outside to do a pee/poop on the grass.


Open litter boxOpen ended:

This is usually your typical type cat box which comes in all sizes.
These litter receptacles are not high walled and do not offer privacy for your cat, in some cases some branded products offer attachments, such as hooded and ramp add-on’s.


Hooded litter box


Hooded litter containers look more like a travel pet enclosure for pets, these are generally entered from one side of the sand box containing a door entry or ramp to avoid litter trailing.
Hooded waste boxes offer more privacy and generally holds the bad odor in, preventing the surrounding ares from smelling like a receptacle box.
Different price ranges offer more features such as trailing mats and carbon filters.

top entry litter box

Top entry:

For more adventurous cats top entry litter receptacles are very similar to the hooded/closed cat waste container types, they offer privacy and odor control.
These cat boxes also combat litter kicking cats better than any other cat boxes on the market.


High walled:

High sided cat litter boxHigh walled cat waste boxes are nothing more but a typical open cat box with much higher sides, these kitty sandboxes are made to prevent litter kicking cats which are prone to kick litter out of the sand box.
High sided boxes can also add more privacy for your cat and usually come with hooded attachments.


Corner Cat Boxes:

corner cat litter boxCorner cat boxes are made for houses with less space, these sandboxes utilise corners more effectively, typically the same as high sided pet boxes which also come with one point of entry and combats litter kicking cats.
There are some hooded and closed litter boxes that feature doors and ramps for easier access.


Disposable litter boxes:

Disposable cat boxes are basically a throw-away litter pan alternative, they are generally made out of hardened cardboard and some come with pallets pre-packed and others you have to provide your own litter.
These types of litter receptacles generally last for about a week or two depending on ow many cats and how regularly your cats are using the cat box.


Tips and tricks to help changing the sandbox an easy process and things you should consider before buying a new cat waste container
Choosing a big enough pet pans to cater to your entire cat family or invest in multiple litter pans and place them around in different areas.

  • Do you have one or multiple cats?
  • Do you have dogs that may rummage through your cats sand box in order to clean it?
  • If so, its best to choose a closed/hooded cat box.
  • Always keep your old cat box just in case, don’t throw it out until your cat is comfortable with their new sandbox.
  • If you are thinking of relocating your new litter pan to a new spot in the area, I advise leaving the old receptacle box in the old spot for about 1 – 2 weeks max.
  • Allow time for your cat to make the transitional process from the old to new litter pan, pushing new things too fast will result in a negative effect on your cat, I recommend in being patient at possible.
  • If you have made some major changes in your household recently, consider delaying your cats new waste receptacle until everything has settled down and your cat has reclaimed their environment.


The Litter Box Review Chart

If you can’t still decide on a brand of automatic cat litter box to get to get for your furry friend then I would suggest that you consider the following product comparison chart featured below where you will find a reviewed list of the leading self cleaning litter boxes on the market. By checking our comparison chart, you will discover and explore the following information:

  • Key differences between the top brands
  • Certain Brands and models that can work for certain types of cats
  • Best practices on how to use the products
  • Cost to maintenance
  • Potential problems like system jams and other related mechanical issues along with and basic troubleshooting requirements

If the system doesn’t appeal to your household due to motor issues and other concerns, then there are also reviews for manual and the self-cleaning litter boxes that are fun to maintain when compared to traditional options.

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