Modkat Litter Box Review – Is it worth it?

Design-wise, the Modkat cat litter box is one of the more aesthetically pleasing products available in the market.

The enclosed and durable design gives privacy to your pets, and also protects the litter from being uncovered by the most creative diggers.

The unit has a rooftop access where the pet can enter.

It also offers a grating lid design that will ensure that the cats will get out of the box free from dirt or litter.

The design also makes use of the rip-resistant liner constructed from tough tarpaulin that will not require constant replacement.

And thanks to the modern design of Modkat, this can easily complement any home decor.


  • Modern construction and design
  • Enclosed design that gives privacy and helps in the reduction of litter
  • Presence of grating lid that screens remaining dirt
  • Easy-to-use scoop, with storage on both sides
  • Reusable and tough liner secured by a wire frame
  • Available in three colors- black, red and white

MODKAT Measurements

Unit dimensions: 16′ width x 16’diameter x 15?height
Entry point: 8.8-inch at the smallest point

Can you use this unit for larger cats?

This unit can handle cats of different weights with some owners of the unit saying that they have used the unit for felines that weigh 11lbs to 4lbs.

Cats can easily adapt in their environment, and they can surely adapt here as well.

With this unit, they can complete their deed in two steps of going in and going out that’s free from dirt.

Can it work for many cats at the same time?

If kept in order, then this unit can definitely work with a number of cats that want to use the unit at the same time.

If possible, you can use this modern unit inside your home, and keep another more traditional unit inside your home as a back up.

How the Modkat works?

There’s a small hole in the unit where the cat can enter.

There’s a durable liner that fits snugly inside the box, secured by a metal band.

Thanks to its secure use and installation, the liner will not move down.

It measures 10-inches in height and comes with a convenient handle for fast removal.

After completing their deed, the cat can easily exit the box, pass through the grating top, and take out the remaining dirt.

In case there is some excess dirt that has been caught by the lid, this can be returned back to the box.

Cleanup and Maintenance


There are tabs on both sides of the unit which can be pushed to release the unit’s lid and open it up to 90 degrees, just enough for scooping.

This lid can be completely removed, if necessary.

You can put the collected clumps in the thrash, or simply use the Litter Genie to manage the clumps.

How to change litter:

The litter can be changed every 2 or three weeks, and changing it is easy and stress-free.

To remove the liner, simply use the handle to lift and pour the litter into the thrash bag or any container.

With these handles, there’s no need to worry about your hands getting in contact with litter.

Cleaning the liner and unit:

The liners can be taken out and washed with soap and water.

It can be brushed and washed with a mild bleach as well.

The box can be hosed as well to remove dirt.

Make sure that you have a back-up liner.

Lifespan of the Liner

No products found.

The liner is made with durability and with proper use, it can work for the unit for roughly 24 months.


  • Great and modern design that can complement the property’s decor
  • Durable and high-quality unit
  • Promotes cleaner surroundings
  • The liner helps contain the dirt and facilitate the easy removal and transfer of litter
  • Features the grating top
  • Enclosed design that gives privacy and protects the litter
  • Litter is away from view
  • Easy to maintain, and litter is easy to scoop and replace
  • Scooper is found on the side of the box
  • Features a depth of 16 inches
  • Can help reduce the amount of litter in the area by as much as 95 per cent compared to the traditional unit
  • Help contain the smell that’s associated with the ordinary box


  • Expensive
  • The unit finds it hard to cover all waste or completely remove the smell
  • Plastic material will start to smell after years of use
  • Metal component wears after constant use
  • Finds it hard to prevent litter from touching the floor
  • Not recommended for larger-sized cats
  • Some pets may develop allergic reactions to tarpaulin material
  • Pets may be ‘trained’ not to cover their waste when using Modkat
  • Some cats may not want to use the top-entry point


  • Invest in an extra liner
  • Don’t fill the unit’s liner
  • Use some of the recommended litters like World’s Best Cat Litter, Scoop Away and Arm and hammer Clump litter
  • Invest in litter mats or pine pellets

Best price to get the Modcat litter box


Modkat is an interesting product to use in the market that’s easy to use, and can definitely help reduce the amount of litter that will go into the floor.

But to make it really efficient, you need to pay attention to a number of details.

this will work for pet owners who need a litter box in the living room to contain the waste so that guests will not see the ugly waste.

Modkat is beautiful to look at, thus best in the living room

  • This is not 100-per cent effective but can help minimize the dirt
  • Test first the unit

Bottom Line

This unit should work for pet owners who live in condos and small apartments where the unit can be used easily.

We recommend this unit for:

  • Large kittens to small-sized cats
  • Male felines that will not squat just to urinate
  • Pet owners who want to limit the waste around the box

We don’t recommend the unit for:

  • Disabled and overweight cats
  • Larger-sized cats

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