Natures Miracle Litter Box Review

Welcome back with another cat litter box review, today I will be doing a review of the Natures Miracle Litter BoxI will be reviewing all the units features such as, pros, cons, useful tips and tricks and how this particular unit stands out from the rest.

This cat box review is not to pitch you a sale, but to educate you to pick the right unit for your pets needs. I rate according to my experience with each unit and I take into consideration the important factors such as, odor control, functionality, is it a non-scooping solution? and I provide you with my review to aid your decision making on what is the best unit for you, with out having to break your budget.

Natures Miracle Litter Box Information:

The Nature’s Miracle is actually an exact copy of the Litter Maid: To read the LitterMaid review please: Click Here

The  unitis exactly the same design and functionality for the price in comparison to the LitterMaid LM980, there is not much differences between the two units, and with this is mind this will be a short review as you will find out as you read through.

One of the visual differences between the Natures Miracle and LitterMaid, is that the LitterMaid has a stainless steel rake and the Natures Miracle has a plastic rake, which has be reported to bend and break quite easy.
Another difference is that the unit has a 20 minute delay time and the Litter Maid has a 10 minute delay before each of the periodic self cleaning processes.
If you are familiar with the litter maid litter box both units take the exactly the same waste receptacles however the natures miracle has its own re-branded version which are completely the same.

See here:

Another obvious difference between the two units is that the LitterMaid is Grey and the Natures Miracle litter box is black, most consumers have reported to be getting confused between the two boxes for obvious reasons.

Natures Miracle litter boxThere has been reports that the two units perform differently and even though they are the same design, It has been reported that the Nature Miracle’s motor is notorious to break down after half of a year of use. The LitterMaid on the other hand has a more durable motor which outperforms the Natures Miracle significantly and makes far less noise.

It came to my attention during a side-by-side test with the LitterMaid LM980 and Natures Miracle, The unit is a lot more noisier in comparison to the LitterMaid automatic litter trey, It has been noted by me that the Natures Miracle uses a cheaper and what seems to be a weaker motor.

Controversy: Is Natures Miracle the same company as the LitterMaid?

This has been the main question on most peoples lips who are confused between the Litter Maid and the Natures Miracle litter boxes.
There is speculation that the two units are from the same entity but just named differently, These rumors have been proven untrue, the two companies are completely different according to my research and my email inquiries to the separate companies.


Final words

If you see the units side by side they look exactly the same however the functionality of the LitterMaid runs a lot smoother in comparison to the Natures Miracle cat pan.

To read the LitterMaid review please: Click Here

Do I recommend the Natures Miracle Litter Box?

I do not recommend the Natures Miracle litter tray just because the performance was clearly not up to par with the LitterMaid, the motor is very noisy and seems to struggle with simple cleaning tasks. T
I strongly suggest you to check out the LitterMaid electric Litter box as it is a higher quality unit.

I was specifically harsh on this unit because I found that the unit had quite a troublesome time in the cleaning process, on the other hand it be the case of a badly produced unit and I managed to review the worst one that had come of the production line, however I spoke to many people who bought this unit and I heard only disappointing comments.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions i would certainly would like to help you out.


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  1. does the little maid have the same way to get rid of the waste? it container under looked like a container under the box with a lid when it was to be emptied.

  2. Great review and I can understand the concern of a company that is basically replicating another product but I guess that is the industry these days.

    That said I have my own nature’s miracle self cleaning litter box waste receptacle and I think its pretty good for the money spent on this unit. It does occasionally jam and requires some cleaning and unjamming. But it works ok for the everyday use of things


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