Paper Cat Litter review

Paper Cat Litter – How Do They Compare

There are different types of Cat Litter products that you can pick from.

The different types come with their own pros and cons.

The material used to make the litter is a serious consideration especially because of the products and ability to harm the cat.

Consequently, it’s very likely to take some trial and errors to shop for the best cat litter for your kitten.

This is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best Paper Cat litters that you can buy today.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are certainly important factors to analyze before picking a paper Cat Litter.

This is exactly what we’ll talk about at the end of the brief.


Hartz Multi-Cat Lightweight Recycled Clumping Paper Cat Litter

This cat Litter might not be the best overall but it’s not just an ordinary cat Litter.

The product is made from 80% recycled paper.

The manufacturer aims to reduce the kitty’s ecological paw print.

Besides that, the product is 99.9% dust Free and delivers the exact functionality that you’ve been looking for.

It delivers odor trapping power and clumping power that the best Paper Litters deliver.

What this means for users is that it produces fewer strains.

The soiled Paper Pellets will turn Blue when nature calls which make it easy for you to know the places to clean up.

If ingested by cats or humans, you should seek immediate help from a professional.

You should equally change the litter in a well-ventilated location to avoid inhalation.

When changing, always make sure you avoid eye contacts with the water or fluids.

Immediately after changing, wash the hands thoroughly.


  • You can scoop the paper litter
  • It’s very light
  • It forms tight clumps to trap and absorb odor
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Made of 80% recycled paper.


  • It’s relatively expensive.

Tidy Cats Naturally Strong Litter

This is the top best Paper cat litter praised for its ability to absorb clay-based litter.

It’s one of the best paper litter that does a superior job when it comes to odor and at the same time, it produces little dust.

It has a grainy, sandy texture which is preferred by many cat owners mainly because it produced little dust that can irritate the cat’s lungs especially those with sensitive respiratory systems.

It contains bits of activated charcoal which is very important in controlling odor.

Over time, this product has been tested and confirmed to naturally absorb liquid quickly.

It formed a tight clump which is easy to remove in a single piece.

Upon testing, we confirmed that this litter left moistened clay stuck to the interior.

The biggest selling point is the fact that the product is very effective in preventing foul odors.

Moving on, the product is reasonably priced.

The price actually averages 16 cents more pound than what many users would pay for a 20-Pound box.

Unfortunately, the litter was found to track a fair amount around the box but less than what we found with other versions.

Currently, Chewy and Target are offering exclusive deals on these products.


  • It contains activated charcoal that controls odors
  • Forms tight
  • It’s very easy to clean
  • It doesn’t contain Fragrances or even dyes
  • It’s lightweight
  • Unlike other versions, it produces minimal dust
  • It has a texture that many cats prefer
  • It’s relatively cheaper.


  • There’s a fair amount of Litter tracks outside the Box.

Final verdict

Besides the fact that there’s a fair amount of litter tracks outside the box, this litter has a couple of benefits.

It’s the top pick for veterinarians and cat owners.

It is reasonably priced and contains charcoal to control odor.

It’s equally easy to clean and produces minimal dust.

Exquisicat Naturals Paper Cat Litter-Natural Fragrance-Free

When it comes to all-natural Paper cat litters, the Exquisicat is one of the best on the list today. The cat is likely to meow with appreciation after bringing this gift.

The paper litter has been praised because it’s highly absorbent and has a natural odor control property.

It contains baking soda and zeolite which is very effective in controlling odor.

It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.

Another benefit is the 99% dust-free formula which prevents tracking and issues with the Respiratory system.

It’s lightweight and post-consumer recycled paper material which simplifies the use.

Its main features are the 99% dust-free formula which minimizes tracking.

It’s also highly absorbent which soaks up moisture.

Many people praise the litter because its lightweight and have a nonallergic design.

Furthermore, it’s made using post-consumer recycled paper which is environmentally friendly.

The product has attracted more than 109 5 star reviews on PetSmart meaning that more than 90% of the previous users are contented with the product and its functionality.

One of the reviewers claims that the search for the best litter is over.

He continues to explain that he has tested many litters over time and most of them had issues.

He has really wanted to find the best dust free and highly absorbent litter for his and the cat’s health.

The user says that he loves the litter because he cannot even notice dust; it’s also easy to use, lightweight and is effective in controlling smell.

No products found.


  • Ease of use
  • 99% dust-free formula
  • It’s lightweight
  • Natural odor control
  • Nonallergic design
  • Highly absorbent
  • Good reviews from previous users
  • Maintain a clean smelling home


  • Its relatively expensive

Final verdict

If you have been in the market searching for the most reviewed, adored and effective paper Litter, stop the search.

The Exquisicat Naturals Paper Cat Litter is rated as one of the most effective and functional paper Liter for all uses.

It is an all-natural product made from environmentally friendly materials.

Okocat’s Non-clumping paper Pellet Litter

This is the most absorbent and all-natural paper Litter that you’ll find in the market in 2021.

This Paper Litter is on the list today because it produces virtually no dust.

Paper Litters comes in small and firm pellets and they can be a good substrate solution for people that don’t like dust from Litters.

The Okocat’s Paper Pellet Litter performed better in the market.

It’s known for its ability to absorb liquid quickly.

Some tests claim that these paper pellets didn’t immediately fall apart.

Furthermore, the Okocat’s non-clumping paper pellet litter is the softest and smallest on the list.

It’s approximately 0.5 to 1 inch in length.

This is what makes this paper litter the best for natural scratching, for the cats with digging and burying behaviour.

The other selling point is the fact that this litter doesn’t clump and it just absorbs the liquid before falling apart.

Okocat has a high ability to control odor and holds up for longer.

Unfortunately, the weight and shape of this litter make the pellets high tracking compared to other smaller-grained clay and natural varieties.

Furthermore, the Okocat Paper Pellet Litter is not dust-free but it’s close.

It’s also environmentally friendly because it’s biodegradable and doesn’t have any scent.

Most users claim that this Paper Litter is about 40% more expensive than most paper brands that we have tested and reviewed here.

The manufacturer uses sustainably sourced dye and white paper that is Free from chemicals.

This is comparatively less environmentally friendly but it’s perfect for sensitive cats.

Pros and cons


  • The Product is Free of dye and chemicals
  • It produces very little dust
  • Pellets are soft and less than an inch long
  • It’s unscented
  • Made of sustainably sourced paper pellets


  • It’s not 100% dust-free
  • It’s relatively expensive

Yesterday’s News Odor Control, Lightweight, unscented Paper Cat Litter

Paper Litter is good for users that are searching for economically friendly cat litters.

One of the best that I have tried is Yesterday’s News made from recycled paper.

The main selling point is the idea of a cat litter that is made from recycled paper.

The performance of this paper Litter was not a big disappointment.

Many reviews from Petsmart.com including owners of guinea pigs and rabbits shows that this Paper cat Litter is a good option.

Yesterday’s News is a trusted alternative to clay and natural cat litters since 1987.

The product is trusted for being a good alternative to their cats and the homes.

Its praised because of its environmental benefits because it’s made from recycled paper.

The recycled paper is also very friendly and gentle to the little paws.

It minimizes tracking around the outside or inside of the Litter Box.

Furthermore, there are no fine particles to make a mess, and it has soft paper creating a virtually dust-free environment for the cat and the cat owner.

The manufacturer presents two versions of this Litter.

The two, clumping and non-clumping formula contains no harmful chemicals or dye.

This means that it’s safe for adult cats and Kittens.

As stated earlier, these products are made from recycled paper and for that reason; they come with recyclable packaging.


  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Unscented Original Texture cat Litter
  • It absorbs three times the moisture by volume
  • It’s designed for low tracking
  • It will keep the floor free from paw prints and messes
  • Its 99.9% dust Free
  • Its formulated with safe and non-toxic substances


  • It’s relatively expensive

Final verdict

Yesterday’s news is a Veterinarian-recommended odor control option that has been praised for the affordability and the ability to absorb three times the moisture by Volume.

When compared to clay-based litter, this one is three times more effective in absorbing moisture.

The manufacturer has designed this paper litter for low tracking.

The Paper Litter will actually help keep the floors free from trails from messes and paw prints.

Moving on, it’s 99.9% dust Free meaning that there are little chances of dust clouds when you are changing the cat’s litter.

It’s recommended by many veterinarians because it’s formulated without any dye, chemicals or other harmful substances.

It’s now safe and a non-toxic litter for your feline friends.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented

If you have wanted to have the most effective odor-neutralizing Cat Litter, then this one is the best for you.

It has an odor control system with three agents.

The three agents include activated charcoal, the antimicrobial and plant-based extras to eliminate feces odor, ammonia, stop bacteria growth and eliminate residual odors.

The Ever Clean Litter has a 4/5 star rating from many reviews conducted.

The product was praised for its ability to control odor and clumping hard.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer claims that the litter is unscented but we found out that it has a significant scent.


  • The Product offers excellent odor control features
  • It produces relatively low dust
  • It creates hard and easy to scoop clumps
  • Its relatively cheap


  • The Boxes of Litter might be hard to handle

Final Verdict

The fact that people have reported little scent means that the cat Litter is not ideal for cats with a sensitive nose.

However, the Litter is perfect for controlling odor without the use of artificial fragrances.

It’s praised by users for its highly absorbent features and hard clumps that are easy to scoop.

This is exactly what keeps the litter box fresh and clean.

The manufacturers have fortified the extra-strength formula with an ammonia shield which is effective in destroying litter Box odors.

It equally features advanced moisture-locking technology for maximum absorption.

Cat Litter Buying Guide

The American Veterinary Medical Association has recommended some factors that cat owners should consider when purchasing any type of Cat Litter.

To reduce the hustle for you; I’ll now present the different factors for a determined decision-maker.

The Material

The market is flocking with litters that are made from recycled paper, inexpensive bentonite clay and few other materials.

The litter can produce solid clumps which make it easier to scoop.

The few alternatives to clay-based Litters are wheat, corn, paper, tofu and gel crystals.

It’s always important to consider choosing the Paper cat litters or those without clay or silica dust.

All-natural alternatives such as wheat, corn, paper and pine materials have the biggest advantages because they contain less dust for allergic owners and their feline friends.

They offer less tracking around the box and they are flushable.

Odor control

You will find some litter with activated charcoal or baking soda to control the smell from urine and feces.

When choosing, remember that these odour-blocking substances can be a turn off to your cats.

Since we have cats with different preferences, trial and error will absolutely work for you.

Clumping ability

Clumping ability is very important in minimizing messes and paw prints on the floor.

It also makes it easier for the caregiver to scoop and clean mainly because it’s mixed with bentonite.

However, Non-clumping cat litter is the cheapest and most people usually pick it.

But you should remember that it’s the hardest to scoop and clean.

Dust Levels

Most paper litters have more than 80% dust control.

This is actually very important because it helps keep the floors and the furniture dust-free.

The clumping cat litters are worst because they produce more dust.

But still, there are many alternatives in the market a reason why you should do trial and error.


The main reason why you would want to invest in a paper Litter is for the cat litter to remain in the Box and not be scattered around the house.

You should remember that clay litters track more than paper, wheat, pine and any other material.

The larger particles will actually track less than the small ones.

When buying, have that in your head.


Absorbency is the ability of the cat litter to hold urine and other litter.

The crystal litter offers the highest absorbency mainly because it’s made of sodium silicate sand.

The result of this substance is a bead-like crystal that has tiny pores to allow more water and urine to sink in.

This is a paramount consideration especially if you don’t want to change the litter often.

Is Clumping litter safe for Kittens?

I’ve heard horror stories of cats eating clumping litter with most of them reporting serious complications.

According to veterinarians, this is not something that most cat owners should worry about.

If the cat is eating the litter, there are obviously some reasons for it and so you should take it to the vet.

This is actually a sign of pica or anemia.

Furthermore, sodium bentonite isn’t a very fatal substance when consumed in small quantities.

As a matter of fact, this substance is an ingredient in some pet foods.

Most owners are worried about this probably because cats are more curious and they have small stomachs.

For that reason, some manufacturers and veterinarians recommend the use of non-clumping litter for the first four months.

There’s little information about Sodium bentonite causing any harm to the cat.

However, you shouldn’t just allow the cat to eat the products.


What is the highest Rated Cat Litter?

The best on the list is Dr Elsey’s Ultra.

The product is selected for its affordability, ease of cleaning, and ability to control odors.

It might be relatively expensive but the fact remains that the cat litter doesn’t leave gunky messes on the box.

It has been tested and approved as the best cat Litter for small homes.

Is Paper Litter good for cats?

Yes, paper litter is good for cats because it’s highly absorbent and dust-free.

It’s safe for kittens and post-surgical cats.

If you’ve wanted to invest in a paper litter, this is the best chance for you.

What is the healthiest Cat litter to use?

There are a couple of Cat Litter products in the market today.

However, few of them have passed the test and been approved as the healthiest cat litters to use.

The healthiest should have the ability to stop odor, be lightweight and safe for kittens and post-surgical cats.

What is the World’s Best Cat Litter made of?

The worlds best can Litter is made of all-natural whole-kernel corn.

It’s produced by Kent Nutrition Group, In-Pet division.

This is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kent Corporation located in Lowa.

The product is made using environmentally safe products.

What Cat Litter do vets recommend?

Different vets might recommend different pet litters.

However, most of them agree that the unscented clumping litter is the best.

One of them, Jim D.

Carlson recommends Unscented Cat Litter mainly because the litter is designed for humans and not cats.

Is Cat Litter bad for your lungs?

The dust from the litters can coat the cat’s lungs which might eventually lead to respiratory issues.

However, some manufacturers make products that are healthy and safe for both the cat and humans.


After satisfying your cat’s needs, the nest thing to consider is your own needs.

You definitely need a comfortable home free of odor and dust.

For that reason, you must look for litter that produces little to no odor and dust.

In an ideal setting, the best cat litters are the ones that will work for you and your cat.


The best cat litter is a litter that your cat wants to use.

If you look at it from your cat’s perspective, you will realize that every cat is unique and might prefer certain products, designs, substances, smells and tastes.

For that reason, you should pick the cat litter that feels good under the cat’s paws.

You shouldn’t get the one that will allow dust to fill the hood of the box and make the cat uncomfortable.

The list above covers the top six cat litters that you can get today.

Depending on your cat’s needs, the budget and recommendations from your vet, you can pick the one that works perfectly fine for your feline friend.

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